Who reads it

Real Estate Investor's Monthly is aimed at individual real estate investors who acquire, own, and manage or flip (resell quickly) their properties themselves. Readers buy all kinds of property including rental houses, apartment buildings, shopping centers, mobilehome parks, industrial buildings, and raw land. Here's the breakdown:

This adds up to more than 100% because many investors own more than one type of property. Some subscribers also own other types of properties which were not listed in the poll questionnaire, like miniwarehouses, mobilehomes, and rooming houses.

Active, not passive, investors

Real Estate Investor's Monthly is not for passive investors who buy shares in real estate investment trusts or limited partnerships. And it is not for corporate or institutional investors who are involved in multimillion-dollar buildings with equity owned by large groups of shareholders or partners.

The newsletter for successful investors

Most real-estate-investment information is aimed at beginners. That's because beginners are the biggest group. They are also the dumbest. They can't tell when the guru writing what they purchase knows what he's talking about. Real Estate Investor's Monthly is not aimed at beginners, although they would benefit from reading it.

According to polls, Real Estate Investor's Monthly subscribers:

I have a fairly difficult task. I have to tell experienced, successful investors information which is useful to them, but which they do not already know. Since they already know a great deal, it's tough. I have been doing that in Real Estate Investor's Monthly since 1986. For the ten years before that, I was the main writer for another, similar real-estate-investment newsletter.