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I endorse Carson

The West Point pillow fight that resulted in serious injuries

Looking at our recent wars with 20-20 hindsight and a willingness to reject the way it was always done

Anchor babies

The three Americans who subdued the terrorist on the French Train

Trump the businessman

Using the Army’s Ranger School as yet another exercise in political correctness

Crossing the Yellow River in Army Ranger School

Life as seen through four portrait photos taken over a span of 52 years

Checklists for getting a vehicle service or washed

John T. Reed comments on the books The Silencing by Kirsten Powers and By the People by Charles Murray

Any Latin American criminal who stays in Latin America is an idiot; America offers an irrestible deal to them

We may be approaching the time to buy junk silver

Currency conversions in Europe 2015

Review of Gary Danko restaurant in San Francisco (number one rated in The City)

Trump comments about McCain

Uruguay residence permit

Zweig calls gold a ‘pet rock’

China’s financial troubles are a bigger story than Greece’s

How to find my old Word Press articles

Told you so. Greece is giving you a much-needed, real-time lesson in what could happen here.

Bill O’Reilly’s Lone Ranger TV show

JP Morgan Chase ban on cash in safe deposit boxes

Do NOT try to conceal legal transactions above $10,000 to avoid disclosure. It’s a felony.

Stop freaking out about IS

Memorial Day and the cheapening of the word ‘hero’

Filling out the FinCEN Form 114 to report your foreign financial acounts in 2015

Charles Murray’s book By the People

Harvard discriminates against the Tiger Moms’ children

The problem isn’t racism against blacks. It’s ‘black values’ since the ‘black power’ movement in the 1960s.

Baltimore parents and cops

Baltimore riots

San Francisco on the way to becoming majority white

Digital currency grown-ups

How to convert your anunities, which are the worst possible asset during hyperinflaion, into leveraged hard assets, which are the best

Charges against Bergdahl

Cruz was born in Canada; may not be eligible to be U.S. president

Choose Congress from the phone book

What you think about nuclear war is mostly wrong

The arithmetic of finding an opposite-gender spouse as analyzed by the Wall Street Journal and John T. Reed

Boots on the ground

2015 Super Bowl comments

Free the A-10 Warthog!

Comments on the movie American Sniper

Is bitcoin ready for prime time?

Comments on Scott Beauchamp’s ‘Abolish West Point’ article in the Washington Post

John T. Reed’s comments on the book Killing Patton

Will the Chinese yuan become the world’s reserve currency?

ECB, CAD, JPY all trying to inflate their currencies; DKK unpegging from EUR

Fire Packers Coach McCarthy for incompetetent clock management in NFC championip game

Swiss franc allowed to trade at market exchange rates

Football playoffs comments

James Fallows’ Atlantic article ‘The Tragedy of the American Military’

Radical Islam is more Nazism, than religion

So arm the cartoonists

Should you yell at players or be a football whisperer to teach and motivate players?

Another huge advantage of being American: speaking English

John T. Reed comments on The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier

Citizenship in Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Belgium

Innovation, the seven pillars of prosperity, geography, and demography

Our new Bank of Montreal, Canada banker

When one of my football coach book readers loses a game

Comments on the movie When the Game Stands Tall

Comments on attending the first Niners football game at Levi’s Stadium

The 2014 verison of my head tax proposal

My Unelected President’s bomber jacket name badge

Freedom Fest 2014

Coast Starlight Amtrak trip to my NEXUS interview in Vancouver, Canada

The meaning of the Fourth of July to me

AMEX is no longer a BMO biller (capital-control-avoidance issue)

How to complain, at least initially

Finally, after 50 years, I see the West Point recruiting film that got me into trouble before I arrived there

Overly generous pay and benefits for Army lifers

Hyperinflation and smuggling

My Facebook posts on Bowe Bergdahl

My Facebook posts on Shinseki and the VA

Thoughts on attending my 50th high school reunion

Even though it was not covered by anyone other than Fox News, the BLM-Nevada rancher confrontation and surrender by the federal government, could turn out to be a watershed moment in U.S. history

Living La Vida 90-Dia Turista to escape USD hyperinflation

John T. Reed articles and posts about opening and using Australian bank accounts

These days, West Point seems more interested in defeating Princeton in college rankings than the Taliban in the war on terror

Reader’s comments on my military web articles generally

Baseball defensive coordinators

Checklist for taking refuge from USD hyperinflation outside the U.S.

John T. Reed’s articles about opening and using Canadian bank accounts

Another reader experience opening a bank account in Canada as I recommend

Young vets have higher unemployment rates—giving lie to all the recruiters who said your military training and experience would be valued by civilian employers

You now can get the Medal of Honor for being a “minority” whose votes Obama wants to turn out in an election year

Getting a NEXUS interview appointment

If Crimea has to go back to Russia, doesn’t South Sakhalin Island have to go back to Japan?

The Battle of Gettysburg

Reader’s report on a month-long stay in high-inflation Argentina

College as a spouse-hunting ground

The new, favorite inspirational songs of those who play well with others

Marines having wet dreams about being able to roll their sleeves up

Comments on the book What You’re Really Meant To Do

Stop calling it bitcoin

Another reader experience going to Canada to open bank accounts

The new A11FL pro football league

More renouncing U.S. citizenship

Thoughts on a new flag for New Zealand

WSJ headline: ‘Military Makes Ethics a Priority’—Yeah, right

What life is really like on U.S. nuclear submarines

How to stay in the U.S. and still avoid many onerous regulations and taxes

Comments on the Lone Survivor movie

Buy nickels while you still can

Comments on the new TV docuseries Friday Night Tykes

West Point recruiting film from when I was a cadet surfaces on YouTube—with me in it

My comments about the BCS title game from Facebook with some additions

Steve Forbes on the chances of hyperinflation

Using a pedometer to get 10,000 steps a day

Niners clock-management screw-up in final game of the regular season

The WASPs were a better ruling class than today’s so-called ‘meritocracy’

More problems with bitcoins

Does 3rd quarter GDP growth of 4.1% mean we’re out of the woods?

Democrats don’t know it but their policies are replacing workers with robots and other labor-savings machines

Obama has lost a lot more than his mojo

On cutting COLAs for military retirees under age 62

2013 Army-Navy Game

The World War II Navajo code was extremely easy to break; notwithstanding the Japanese failing to

Argentinian police striking because of high inflation—leading to riots and looting

The TV documentary Marching On: 1963 Army-Navy

Comments on Wessel article ‘Why Dollar Is King Despite U.S. Woes’

The coming attempt to grab your net worth

Amazon’s delivery drone

World Bank ‘control of corruption’ rankings

Review of the documentary Into Harm’s Way, the Story of the West Point Class of 1967

A reader’s account of his marathon visits to all my foreign banks and some others in one trip

Monitoring my New Zealand bank accounts and making a change

Changes to contact info on my recommended Australia and Canadian bankers

Understanding your personality type—INTJ as an example

Democrats doubling down on Obamacare is probably suicidal

One way in which 21st century hyperinflation will be different

USAA ‘subscriber account’ successfully closed

Hazing in football and other organizations

John T. Reed comments on Wall Street Journal article on mass killings

Review of the Pirate Alley book

Captain Phillips movie

Argentina’s dolar blue market for USD

The Chase letter about international wire transfers and transactions beyond $50,000 per month

Obama is accelerating toward the hyperinflation cliff

The never-ending whining and demands of blacks and American Indians

Do Americans really love freedom?

I do not wish my life were more like any of the Forbes 400

Defunding Obamacare

‘Best by’ dates are not food went bad dates; it’s probably still good

Taking our 3-year old granddaughter to Disneyland

Captain Swenson finally gets his Medal of Honor

The clock mess at the end of the ASU-WI game on 9/14/13

NFL Week 1 contrarianism and football clock management mistake

Sam Zell on real estate investment now in light of ‘Quantitative Easing’

Venezuelan capital controls force people there to buy real estate

Paying your routine bills out of a USD account in Canada

Comments on the book The Collectors: Canadian Customs history

Comments on the 1956-7 West Point TV series now available ot DVD

Comments on Derek Lundy’s book Borderlands about the Canadian border

Predicting the US-Canadian border situation during US hyperinflation

Observations on Canada 2013

U.S. military no longer knows how to wear a hat

Will US-Canada border towns be adequate refuges during US hyperinflation?

Living cheap, for extended periods, in an RV

My participation in Freedomfest 2013 July 10th to 13th, 2013

Is non-U.S. real estate a wise investment?

It’s better to be a year early than a minute late—in some situations, not all

SEC proposes restricting your ability to withdraw your money from money-market funds

Rebalance your foreign currency and other asset accounts when values change

Getting the ability to charge your customers in foreign currencies before the ’flation hits the fan and International Man recommendations on digital internationalization

The flexibility of having minimal possessions

Women in the U.S. military

The Inter-Agency Senior Pass

The Reed Theory Hyperinflation-Protection Fund

Comments on AUD, CAD, NZD, and Bitcoin from Facebook

How to keep your foreign money private and avoid reporting-error risk

After 10,560 hours of leadership training, P&G CEO from West Point is fired

The Charles Schwab Bank ATM card and foreign currency withdrawals—from Facebook

Goverrment is too vast for the president to know what’s going on—from Facebook

Cash management in anticipation of U.S. capital controls

Example of hedged protective transfer of money abroad

Can you safely hedge USD inflation risk with foreign currency in a IRA?

Fad of weakening their own currencies spreading among central bankers

Should you move routine-bill-paying USD abroad and pay bills out of USD accounts there?

The falling deficit, debt ceiling, and the ‘Pay China First Act’

Converting USD annuities into lump sums now

USD hyperinflation in countries where the USD is now the official or quasi-official currency

Currency conversion in Australia and New Zealand

Global Online Entry System for expedited air travel

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey’s proposal to have 360-degree evaluations of officers integrity—Yeah right

Democrats are repealing Obamacare brick by brick

Cyprus insured deposits scare

Collection of my Facebook posts from my trip to Australia and New Zealand

Turbotax screws up your Form TD F 90-22.1 and could get you fined $10,000—do NOT use Turbotax’s version

West Point’s top four grads were all born in the 1800s. What has the place done for America lately?

I’m back in business after being forced off the air by Yahoo Web host sfotware rules changes.

The benefits gold bugs ascribe to gold are more true of the U.S. nickel

The book A Nation of Deadbeats by Scott Reynolds Nelson

Zero Dark Thirty

The mounting evidence that we have become a doomed nation of takers

Why hasn’t inflation hit yet?

The ‘Food Bomb,’ another reason to store food

West Point Combating Terrorism Center denounces ‘far right’ in the U.S.

ANZ in Australia and New Zealand required one reader to make an in-person visit to open account; but not another

The Schengen Area as a refuge from U.S. hyperinflation

Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White

Are U.S. foreign exchange trading accounts an adequate way to hedge against U.S. dollar inflation

Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf

Costs of living my the countries whose currencies I recommend

Racism in today’s U.S. military

I am going to Australia and New Zealand

Semi-automatic guns and magazines

Am I a kook for warning against hyperinflation?

Well, that was interesting —hearing from some hyperinflation deniers

So let’s make $249,999

More evidence that Warren Buffet is an amateur demagogue and a hypocrite on taxes

Are Democrats planning to force you to put your 401(k), IRA, etc. into below-market-rate U.S. government bonds?

The American people are receiving the economics education they did not get in school via a 2x4

Please sign up as a ‘friend’ at one or both of my Facebook pages if you have not already done so

Australian and Canadian dollars now certified as reserve currencies by the IMF

Should you worry about the ‘fiscal cliff?’

Petraeus was a mediocre general

Death threat from a SEAL wife

Ralph Peters’ column on Petraeus’s hypocrisy

Is Petraeus a man of honor?

How to detect counterfeit currency in hyperinflation

Veterans Day

Petraeus resign CIA post because of extra-marital affair

Implementation of Obamacare means the end of the private sector of the health-care industry

Advantages of living near international borders within the U.S. in the event of hyperinflation

When do you flee the U.S.? Where do you go?

Hurricane Sandy shows the importance of having a Plan B

The mirror image of ‘The Greatest Trade Ever’

Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau threatens us with black riots if we vote for Romney

The final pitch of the 2012 World Series

Encouraging poll numbers are not enough

Way to go Pablo Sandoval, but you did NOT match Reggie Jackson

Article about 30- to 90-day stays abroad

Cross-country trip

Shipping of …Hyperinflation & Depression and other titles a bit behind schedule due to overwhelming number of orders

Improvements made to the new 2nd edition of How to Protect Your Life Savings from Hyperinflation & Depression

Good column on debt by David Wessel—as far as it goes

Romney-Obama debate 10/3/12

Will Romney lose the debate by pressing?

Consequences of a second Obama term

Quit farting around on food storage. It’s only a couple of thou. Just do it.

Three of the top five economic entities are simultaneously ‘printing’ too much money

Campaigns are both about rearranging the deck chairs, not the only issue that matters: debt-to-GDP ratio

Leaving the country when you own immobile hard assets in the U.S.

Inability of American government officials to understand the meaning of freedom of speech and religion

Quantitative Easing III

Mormon food storage approach

Quit obsessing about the presidential election polls

Romney has money in Australia and Canada

What my recent routine car repair says about Amercians, free enterprise, and Obama’s government-is-always-best propaganda

Fasten your seat belts. The Euro Zone says it will ‘print’ euros to save its deadbeat members

Ignore all the political discussions on your TV, Internet, and radio. They are just distractions.

Would the U.S. going back onto a gold standard make gold worth $10,000 an ounce?

Hyperinflation advice for young adults

How writing lets you spend your life communicating with the three or four people in every community who would have been your best friends if you lived there rather than trying to get popular with people like those who were not your friends in high school

Wall Street Journal’s gold standard article

Romney fired Bernanke; will Bernanke now ‘campaign’ for Obama?

For Chrisake, if you are an American and do not have a current U.S. passport, get one!

Gary North’s ‘Hyperinflation is not inevitable’ article is wrong

Australia’s banks now more valuable than Europe’s Atlantic article

Paul Ryan draws power from the ‘Third Rail of American Politics’

Facebook, Groupon, and Amazon still do not have business models that make sense

‘Use a dollar; go to prison:’ Zambia’s new capital controls

The Ryan VP choice

The day the hyperinflation dies

Why do people swear that bad things are good?

Preview of your future in Iran

When do you flee the U.S.? Where do you go?

Hyperinflation insights from Stefan Zweig’s autobiography

Surprising lessons learned from 1931 hyperinflation book

U.K., EZ, U.S. all ‘printing’ too much money

Aurora, CO incident

Stephanie Pomboy’s interview about the End of Fiat Money

2012 campaign

Review of How to Retire Overseas

Amazon competes with its own merchants

Don’t learn Mandarin

New rules for criticizing my currency recommendations

Told you so on Obamacare back in May 2011

Swiss francs in a safe-deposit box

More hyperinflation red lights (Updated 10/8/12)

A readers shares contact info with a New Zealand bank that allows you to open an account there without visiting in person

My Australian bank says okay to identify them

Reader experience with Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand banks

A Canadian bank that may not require you to come in person to open an account

Why are US bond yields so low in the face of federal government going off a cliff?

Cost of cross-border Canada-US travel

David Walker’s Comeback America Initiative

Scott Walker’s victory in Wisconsin

A reader provides another Canadian banker contact

Amazon, Facebook, and Groupon revisited

Get your money out of the U.S. the way the Europeans are getting their money out of Greece

If you had one or more foreign financial accounts in 2011, make sure you file Form TD F 90-22.1 by June 30th.

The Sierra Club was in favor of natural gas before they were against it

Observations of a U.S. businessmen from recent travels to hyperinflated countries

Questions from border officials when crossing international borders

Switzerland National Bank is considering capital controls on franc to prevent from increasing in value.

Romney owns Australian and Canadian dollar-denominated assets

You read it here first: Europeans moving their money out of the shaky countries. The U.S. is also a shaky country.

What passport(s) should U.S. citizens renounce or seek?

Fortune’s 5/12 slobbering love affair with young vets 2.0

I am going to avoid the euro and any currency associated with it

The Return of the Drachma: Greece’s demonstration of our future

You do not have to report foreign currency in a foreign safe deposit box to IRS

Stocking up on milk as hyperinflation preparation

HSBC seems the ideal foreign currency bank—except for one little problem

I’m trying to find the best way to own Swiss francs

Review of Mark Steyn’s book After America

Elections in France and Greece offer a view of our future

Get Google Alerts on foreign currencies in which you invest

Her husband is hooked on John T. Reed’s ‘opinions’ on hyperinflation but her gut is screaming NO

Hyperinflation is more complex than mere higher prices

Is lying, cheating, and stealing a proper hyperinflation plan?

How Switzerland does it and why we should do the same

Austerity versus growth is a false choice

Euro politicians’ choices: Print, cut, or resign

You want a united America? Move government power to the local level.

Astonishment at video of Army Spring fooball game at Fort Benning

To see our future, look at the modern history of Argentina

Response to Ezra Klein’s ‘deficit goes away on its own’ column

I was a stay-at-home dad. It was not hard work.

Who buys gold?

What having foreign creditors meant to Britain in 1956

Keith Olbermann Syndrome

You living here while your cash is over there

No mention of gold in the books or movie about hyperinflation

Pending death of the two major parties in Greece

George Zimmerman versus Trayvon Martin

Okay, I saw the Act of Valor SEAL movie

Anna Eisenmenger should have followed her banker’s advice

Comments on the book Grand Pursuit by Sylvia Nasar

What’s really important now is rarely on TV

Red lights that are telling you U.S. dollar hyperinflation is coming (updated frequently)

Rush Limbaugh and Sandra “pay for my birth control” Fluke

No representation without taxation

Government bonds now riskier than corporate bonds

The NY Times entitlements map

‘Wounded warriors’

Review of It Can’t Happen Here


Game-winning touchdown play in the Super Bowl—straight out of my book

Practical and legal problems with owning foreign currency as a hedge against U.S. dollar inflation

Comments on the Red Tails movie

Countries with the most financial freedom—U.S. ain’t in the top ten

The Somalia SEAL rescue

A financial Berlin Wall is going up and you are on the wrong side of it

It’s not ‘class’ warfare. It’s just plain old envy.

2012 NFC Championship game coaching lessons learned

Gingrich attack on CNN for asking about open-marriage allegation

How to Make Romney Pay the Same Tax As You

Confiscating all the income of the rich revisited

Gingrich and Perry align with Axelrod to stop Romney

U.S. Navy SEAL bloopers

No one will nickel and dime you anymore

What’s wrong with the defense cuts/strategy changes

Good intentions substitute for Constitutional authority

Coming soon to a theater near you; European troubles

The day the dollar dies

Separation of AF officers just before retirement

ESPN documentary: the Marinovich Project

Review of the movie Margin Call

Good intentions and occasional progress not enough

Americans are Marxists, but won’t admit it


Copy the Confederate Constitution: 1 subject per law

2011 Army-Navy Game

Take a look at Canadian and Australian currencies

Republican candidates 2011

Homeless in the Grand Canyon

Occupy Wall Street

Stop the presses—Herman Cain conjugated a verb

‘Anonymous sources’

Cruz’s error in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series

As Cain says, we’re focusing on the wrong problem

Herman Cain’s experience and 9-9-9 plan

Free trade in 2011: China, Korea, Colombia, and Panama

My NFL 2-minute warning timeout rule as wrong

John T. Reed on Steve Jobs

Comments on Army defeat of Tulane 10/1/11

U.S. military is pension/health program with occasional war

Comments on Army upset of Northwestern 9/17/11

The Right to Earn a Living by Timothy Sandefur

Brave Army Captain so far denied medal; criticized the brass

Amazon’s California sales tax fight and possible deal

Comparing 1983 and 2011 on entitlement reform

Did Bill Belichick copy my idea on NFL P.A.T.s?

Comments on all my articles disappeared

Hurricane Irene and the Boy who Cried Wolf

Jittery markets may signifiy tipping point near

Warren Buffet’s latest popularity stunt

Army Lt. Ehren Watada objecting to Iraq

God bless referendums. We need them at the national level

Anthony Weiner

Argentina seized private pensions; will it happen here?

Call it socialism, not ‘big government’

‘If you can keep it’

America is ordering from the left side of the menu

Disney versus SEALs trademark fight

HBO’s super ‘Too Big to Fail’ movie

More details on bin Laden killing

Constitutionality of Obamacare easy—call it a tax

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Update on the killing of bin Laden
My bin Laden article blocked at West Point?
On the killing of bin Laden
Bin Laden celebration article blocked by some computers
Celebrations at White House when bin Laden was killed
On marrying a commoner who later becomes queen
Fox Business’ David Asman
I’m tired of the Trump ‘candidacy’ already
Abolish the income tax
Democrats play chicken to ignore voter wishes
Comments on the movie Atlas Shrugged
Americans' ignorance dooms U.S. to bankruptcy
We face a rare save-America decision
Groupon, Facebook, etc.
Don’t vote to raise the debt ceiling
Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity plan
60 Minutes on forged mortgage assignments
Economic misconceptions I am tired of hearing
What government should do, and not do
NFL football kickoffs moved back to 35-yard line
U.S. Actions in Libya
Japan tsumani problem is a preview of hyperinflation
Free markets versus regulation
Is the subprime responsible for high unemployment?
Deficit deniers
Scaring business off the playing field
Other bubbles that are going to pop
Current union protests may be a major historic event
MIT’s Billion Prices Project
Anti-austerity tantrums in the U.S.
Egypt is now ???
We need a book burning bonfire
The National Anthem at sporting events
They’re rioting in Africa
John T. Reed comments on the movie Inside Job
On trying to hurt the feelings of public figures
What raising the debt ceiling means
State/Union speeches: Obama, Ryan, Bachmann, Stossel
Comments on the BCS national championship football game
Comments on the Army upset of SMU in Armed Forces Bowl
End of ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’
Comments on the 2010 Army-Navy Game
Shut up and vote
Kudos to Obama on Korean trade deal
Obama tax compromise
Hidden threats to your ability to pay your bills
Impeach John Boehner
Deficit-reduction proposals
Did whites steal Native American land?
Remember my secede from the U.S. article?
TSA enhanced pat-down, body scan policy
Reed’s cost-free, miracle jobs jobs, jobs program
Americans no longer know the definition of freedom
The mystery 'missile' off the CA coast in Nov. 2010
A modest proposal: red precincts secede from U.S.
Juan Williams
Comments on the Front Sight 4-day handgun defense course
Comments on the movie Social Network 10/18/10
Sebelius’ fascist attack on health insurers
Petraeus/Obama’s comments on the Koran-burning plan
Review of The Tillman Story movie
Profound example of decline of public education
Cold reception for Obama West Point graduation speech
Obama doomed himself and maybe us by overpromising
Wall Street Journal column on gold off base
Obama appears to be an atheist, not a Muslim
Why no one can figure out why Obama does what he does
Ground Zero Mosque derangement syndrome
Angelo’s Codevilla’s ‘Ruling Class’ article
The Wikileak Papers
Do media allow anti-gold interviews? 7/23/10
Can Israel wipe out Iran’s nuclear bomb program?
Paul Krugman’s pro-deficit columns
Review of the Vietnam novel Matterhorn
Hardly any assets are uncorrelated 7/19/10
Don’t forget $3.25 trillion debt we have to pay off this year
Did feds force opening safe deposit boxes in Depression?
Winner’s curse on Republicans in November 2010?
Why do we tolerate monstrous thefts on commission?
McChrystal firing
Dems in Congress plan to use lame ducks to raise deficit
Govt. austerity in Europe and Japan threatens U.S. bonds
Just throw up your hands about federal bankruptcy?
Did Obama learn any law at law school?
Reed tranlates Bernanke into Plain English 11/8/10
A miracle growth program that would cost nothing 6/6/10
BP oil spill
On losing weight 6/5/10
Review of Sebastian Junger’s book War
Are we still a democracy? Will we continue to be?
If hyperinflation, you’ll wish you had liquid hard assets
Federal default makes surprising sense 5/24/10
Update on financial doomsday books
Dubious claims in gold ads 4/28/10
Choose Congress from the phone book 6/22/10
Cost-of-living adjustments are woefully inadequate 4/26/10
Why gold is a lousy hedge against inflation 5/28/10
Decision to abandon Korengal Valley in Afghanistan
Quit rate is the correct guage 4/5/10
Obama et al. do not understand the meaning of the word IF
N-word, spitting, vandalism
ObamaCare new law 3/28/10
Energy independence is an idiotic goal
Third party
‘President’ John T. Reed’s health care fix
Is America now post-racial?
Human national treasures we do not value enough 5/25/10
Email death threat against John T. Reed & family
Wrong tactics and equipment in Afghanistan killing us
Obama has not ‘inherited’ anything 2/1/10
How Hitler might react to Brown’s victory in MA
One thing Obama’s doing right: drone use
Obama’s mojo 1/22/10
Poems about combat
‘Negro dialect’
Obama job creation
Iranian invasion of Iraq oil field
Greens are reds in disguise: Copenhagen
West Point punishes dozing cadets 12/16/09
Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize 12/14/09
Master sergeant, master blogger
Obama’s Afghanistan speech at West Point 12/4/09
Iran has unclenched its fist—or at least one finger of it
Barack Obama is no leader 11/29/09
Obama supporters criticize Obama on Rose Show
Fort Hood massacre 11/25/09
Military suicides
What the ObamaCare and Cap & Trade laws are really about
Evolution today 10/30/09
Bankruptcy of the U.S. and the alternatives 10/30/09
‘Do-nothing prevaricator obsessed with his image’
The Wal-Mart vs. Amazon book price war
McChrystal’s request for 40,000 more troops 10/26/09
Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan now
O’Reilly is a gasoline speculator/oil co. owner
Obamacare 1/6/10
The MBA Oath
The racist accusation doesn’t work anymore
He is incapable of telling the truth
Medicare is a medical Cash for Clunkers program 9/10/09
‘Lie!’ 9/10/09
Is Obama a good public speaker as most think? 1/22/10
The Barack behind the curtain exposed
Death panels
U.S. military's overemphasis on body building 12/17/09
Career U.S. military behave like radical leftists
Cash for Clunkers ‘success’
Obama, Gates, and Crowley
Obama’s birth certificate
Why preventive Obamacare raises, not lowers, costs
Banning smoking in the U.S. military?
General Petraeus’ 7/9/09 speech in San Francisco
Financial numbers show U.S. headed off cliff 10/30/09
The death of newspapers
Global warming 6/28/09
The truth about many military medal awards
McChrystal’s civilian and specialization policies
Obama’s dangerous efforts to be loved by all countries
Review of the book I Love a Man in Uniform 6/10/09
Obama was doing fine—until he messed with people’s cars
Please help pick title/subtitle for inflation/deflation book
Affirmative action quota hire for Supreme Court 6/11/09
Barack Obama’s imaginary father
Do not bail out my home state of California
McChrystal promo. proves the U.S. Army is dishonest
On burdening our kids and grand kids with too much debt
Bailout or cover up?
Email from special ops guys about pirate rescue
Pirate rescue
Is the U.S. Army’s armor (tank) branch a fraud?
Daniel Hannan for president
Review of the book The Gamble about The Surge
Are you now or were you ever a Bob Barr supporter?
On what date has Obama scheduled his Kristallnacht?
Why are the CEOs who testify such unbelievable wimps?
Obama’s trade war with Mexico to kill $2 billion of U.S. exports
AIG bonuses
Obama is deliberately trying to cause a depression 3/16/09
'09 deficit triple violates European Union rules
Obama will increase tax cheating
FDR’s own Treasury Secretary said New Deal was a failure
Obama speech on the economy
Obama appointments
Obama’s foreclosure plan
Is Afghanistan Obama’s Vietnam?
Debt is the problem, not the solution
FDR and Obama on fear
Obama’s plan to end opposition updated 2/14/09
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He doesn’t need experience. He has advisers.
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My solution for Detroit
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Pro-Obama media bias
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Colin Powell is a racist
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Tell me again which candidate is for change

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Darfur, Kenya, wherever
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Virginia Tech massacre
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