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How I earned a 109% return... and how you can, refinancing (mortgage, prepayment penalties, transaction costs)
When you need real estate tax advice, call one of these guys (Baldassari, Campbell, DeJong, Gabrielson, Justman, Lageschulte, Merritt, Nitti, vonGal)
Freddie Mac will now do second mortgages (FHLMC, Law of Supply and Demand)
No sale of FHA after all
Standard & Poor's now rates office and apartment buildings (interest rates)
Computer generated classified ads (Harold Douthit, NewsAd)
Section 8 rent increases allowed due to insurance hikes (HUD)
"Revenue neutrality" gives way to tax raise talk (Gramm-Rudman deficit reduction bill, National Association of Manufacturers)
What the switch to "claims made" liability insurance may mean to you (Greg Crouch)
MacInTax looks good (Form 1040)
NAR membership barometer up
Decline in interest rates has raised property values (single-family residences, breakeven cash flow)
When rapid amortization makes sense (prepayments)
Positive cash flow practically impossible in rental houses (loan-to-value ratio)
Try canceling your mortgage insurance (escrow shortage)
Industrial property "most promising" says Roulac (Roulac's Strategic Real Estate)
ARMs at lowest market share since April '83 (NAR, ARM)
Seller financing hits new low (NAR)


Should you use the "vulture" strategy? (distress, negative cash flow, deferred maintenance)
Big changes asked for VA and FHA loans (insurance premium)
Switch to screw-in fluorescent bulbs to cut expenses and increase income property value (Maintenance Wartehouse catalog)
Why you should try to get sunset clauses in mortgages, Part I (Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
IRS releases 19-year ACRS tables
FNMA loosens rules...slightly
You may be entitled to a check from FHA (HUD)
Claiming depreciation does not kill 2-year reinvestment option (Stephen & Valerie Bolaris, Ninth Circuit Court fo Appeals)
January 1, 1987 may be tax law date
Taxpayer wins home office deduction; "focal point" concept rejected (Meiers, 57 AFTR 2d 86-642)
Don't split up small properties
"Affordability" index breaks 100 first time in 7 years (institutional loan)
Rent control upheld by Supreme Court again (Fisher v. Berkeley, equal protection)


There's gold in them thar settlement statements (fire insurance, guaranteed replacement cost)
Check your annual loan statements, too (mortgage lender)
Being on 60 Minutes (nothing down, Norman Gorin, Bob Allen, Real Estate Investing Letter)
A 60 Minutes "outtake" (nothing down, Joe Land, William Nickerson)
Why you should try to get sunset clauses in mortgages, Part II (sunset clauses, lien)
Don't credit lease payments toward option price (fair market rent)
A Packwood in a China shop (tax reform, income averaging, blind-side economics)
4.5% real estate commissions on home sales? (Donald Senterfitt)
VA rescued; now FHA may run out
This newsletter will be fully indexed
What if no inflation?
Spur-of-the-moment nothing down deals may be wired in advance
Radon gas...what next? (Boyertown, PA)


How you should think about overbuilding problems
Alert! Packwood's plan would hurt you
What free-and-clear, zero-bracket examples reveal (amortization)
The never sell or exchange strategy
Packwood plan attacks real estate investors (Tax Reform Act of 1986, investment tax credit)
The Kassuba of '86 is EPIC/B of A/Hall/Technical Equities/Balcor/Etc. (overbuilding)
Average 27% increase in flood insurance premiums (Federal Insurance Administration)
Interesting alternative to litigation (mediation, mock trial, EnDispute)
Ponzi Syndrome may be more dangerous than Ponzi Scheme (syndication)
FHA may require credit check on assumptions
Current "sellers' market" in some areas is really a buyers' market
One phone call reduces apartment owners annual gas bill by $72.45 per unit (Charles Meier, gas)


How the Packwood tax bill would affect you (Tax Reform Act of 1986) 6 pages (Accelerated Cost Recovery System, Senate FinanceCommittee Report, income averaging, Scott Slesinger)
IRS says you must amortize refinancing points
Magic! How an incentive plan cut my vacant unit electric bills $15/month
We can't all be contrarians (U.S. Housing Markets)
Longer holding periods, fewer condo conversions (Cain & Scott Apartment Market Study)
Real Estate Crash authors kill their newsletter (Sound Advice)
Making money in MA


How to make money by splitting off excess land (double lot, variance, adjacvent property owner)
Report from the Southwestern Front (overbuilding, tax reform)
Should you walk away from a building if Packwood's bill becomes law? (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Tufts 51 U.S.L.W. 4518, lenders, personal liability, sunk cost)
Post-Tax Reform Act of 1986 investment strategy (cash flow guarantee)
Why you can't find an 8-unit apartment building (William Nickerson)
Refinancing may increase your alternative minimum tax (refinanced mortgages)
Supreme Court buzzes inverse condemnation for the fourth time (Agins v. Tiburon; San Diego Electric; Williamson County v. Hamilton Bank; MacDonald, Sumner, and Frates v. Yolo County)
How's about a Landlord Aid concert?
How Tax Reform has affected the market so far (Mike Scott, Accelerated Cost Recovery System)
Grannie Mae and Daddy Mac quit because of tax reform (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Beware of insurance binders(Greg Crouch)
California landlords may now go out of the landlord business (Santa Monica)


Pride of ownership and your strategy (CCIM, appreciation rates, liquidity)
Small silver lining in the tax reform/overbuilding cloud (property tax assessment, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
More details about how the new tax law affects you (Tax Reform Act of 1986, loan-to-value ratio, Tax Reform Act of 1984)
Get a prepayment bonus in below-market seller loans)
Should you invest in one-industry areas? (military base closings, oil, small towns)
Asbestos, PCBs, and other toxics in real estate (How To Buy An Office Building)
Balkanization of the real estate market
More evidence of dispersement (International Coucil of Shopping Centers, 800 numbers)
Smaller tax deductions unless you buy quickly
Newsletter on commercial leasing (Leasing Professional)
Book review: Smart Trust Deed Investing by George Coats (California)
Book review: Regions of Opportunity by Jack Lessinger
Buying real estate for 60 cents on the dollar (syndicator, current market value)


How to escape the new tax law's passive loss limits (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Complaint about loan policy gets $218 refund and $200 annual savings (guaranteed replacement cost insurance)
A possible loophole in the new tax law (Tax Reform Act of 1986, limited partnership)
Mobile home parks as investments
Sellers who must sell only decent market (REO, Tax Reform Act of 1986, lenders)
Why rush to get 20% capital gains rate? (exchange)
The investing lamp is now lit
Surprise in rent control study
Are parking lots the answer? (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Research convinces judge to up awards to landlords (apartment cleaning costs)
190,000 tenants switched to home ownership
It's all in her mind (New York City rent control)
Exchanging more popular with maximum rate 28%
Top real estate agent earned $854,351 in '85 (Nicholas Barsan)
Howard Jarvis dies (property tax assessment)
Used partnerships for sale (limited partnerships, syndication)


Can you assume inflation when deflation is so widespread? (Consumer Price Index, appreciation)
Are S corporations the answer to the new tax law? (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
For the investor who has everything: a new goal (quality of life)
Case study: title problem = profit (John Beck)
Trash compacting may save you thousands
Are you aware of your investment assumptions?(higher after-tax return, cash flow)
August 17th was cutoff for refinancing home interest deductibility
The "silent crash" in office building market values (Anthony Downs, National Real Estate Investor)
Mobile home park booklet (Mobile-Home Parks Park Development and Operations)
Book review: How to profit on the real estate roller coaster by Marvin T. Levin
"Quality" apartment prices down 7%
Tax calculations: back of envelope out, computer in (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Automatic inflation adjustment makes overinsurance worse
Manufacturer claims panels save electric (Myron Kahn, Polarized Intertnational)
High unemployment in your area? Maybe time to hire (applicant pool)
Max tax fax lax...real estate investors get ax (Tax Reform Act of 1986)


Everybody's a #%&@! contrarian (overbuilding, strategy, Real Estate Research Corporation)
Packwood out as Senate Finance chairman (election, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Forget end-of-an-era tax tactics (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Exchange warning
Rental houses revisited (positive cash flow, loan-to-value ratio, transaction costs, home owners)
$1,000 expenditure cuts insurance $11,205 (Willard Hammonds)
The zero-coupon bond or single-premium life insurance policy acquisition techniques (financing, savings bond)
Free apartment in return for work?
Oct. 22 was "date of enactment" (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
PC tax software claims new tax law included (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Where lenders fear to tread (redlining)
FSLIC is a time bomb
It ain't all that complicated, Wall Street Journal (financing, Robert Guenther)
Supreme Court says tax benefits not income (Randall v. Loftsgaarden, limited partnership)
Tony Hoffman's National Superstar, Inc. bankrupt (guru, National Superstar Inc)
Credit check required for FHA assumptions starting Dec. 1 (HUD, NAR)
New book: How to Increase the Value of Real Estate by John T. Reed (renovation, zoning, title)


Should you use the deep pockets strategy? (loan-to-value ratio)
Easy money from vending machines (Thomas Sudyk)
Should you close your pool? (Ro Freeman, National Apartment Association)
It takes a big PIG to use up a PAL (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Clauses for when you sell property (warranities)
Consolidate rental houses
Canada did tax reform in '71 (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Kenneth Rosen)
Highest and lowest appreciation rates
Rates of return on real estate about half of '84 levels
Nickerson's new book: No Risk Way to Real Estate Fortune
Second home interest deductible only if...
Utility may pay for burned-out motor (air-conditioning)
1,250% increase in laundry income (embezzlement)
The herd switches to retail (Roulac's Strategic Real Estate
Tax reform's effect on values, rents (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Salomon Brothers)
Apartment vacancies up almost everywhere (overbuilding, U.S. Housing Markets)


"All you need are the right people" (management, landlord)
The ham slice method of PIG use (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Separate meters and submeters (How To Manage Apartments for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value)
A self-postponing prophecy (cycle)
What you need to know about aluminum wiring (U.S. Consumer Product Safety)
Cost cutting (compensation, FICA, employee)
Your hostile takeovers (employees)
The National Association of Formerly Wealthy Persons
The Best Lawyers in America (book)
Big rush to close deals at end of '86 (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Bay Area)
Asbestos info
What real estate investors bought
You read it here first (home improvements)
Government loan proposals would lower house values (Office of Management and Budget, FHA, VA, GNMA)
Former Nothing Down Club president gets prison term (Jim Southard)
Now it's better to flunk the 14-day test on your vacation home (Tax Reform Act of 1986)


Comfort levels and real estate investing (Alan Parisse, Consolidated Capital)
The borrowing buyer who always sells (Bill Manley, loan-to-value ratio, equity buildup)
Are you spending too much on outside contractors: Plumbers? (management)
Investor saves $280 per year for life on water bill (plumbing)
Report from the front (overbuilding, heat lamps, drapes, vacancy rate, drapes)
Where appreciation comes from (income stream, speculative mania, Consumer Price Index, Economic Recovery Tax Act)
Real estate investment books/cassettes for rent
Bentsen on passive loss limits: "Manana is soon enough for me" (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Apt. starts finally down
10% is the new vacancy assumption (Anthony Downs)
How to cut your workers compensation premium (insurance)
Bill would exempt non-dealers from new installment sale rules (Tax Reform Act of 1986) (Ed Jenkins)
Is lease-option seller an active participant? (Tax Reform Act of 1986, equity)
How to make $10,000 an hour...briefly (financing, Sig Anderman, APR)
You may be entitled to involuntary conversion benefits (destruction, condemnation)
Newsletter on distress properties (John Beck)


Investment dangers and opportunities in homeowners associations (juries, common area maintainence)
How to report your refinancing (tax return, unamortized fees)
Beware of pretty faces and gamblers (pride of ownership, speculation, William Nickerson, pride-of-ownership properties)
Which is cheaper: service contract or pay as needed? (maintenance, HVAC)
What if the escrow company steals your money? Part I (unsecured loan, Tom Nitti)
Commercial rent control thrown out in Bezerkeley
Illegal alien law and you (employee, Immigration Control and Legalization Amendments Act of 1986)
Poetic justice: former controlled tenants become landlords (rent control, mobilehomes)
Subscribe, she wrote (Jane Bryant Quinn)
Manager call pads (management)
"Nothing wrong" bills (maintenance, heat, air-conditioning)
Lead in your water
Home equity loan binge will backfire (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Wright wants to raise your taxes
Why even 2,500? (overbuilding)


The selective leper strategy (Tax Reform Act of 1986, carrying costs, Bill Manley, contrarian)
What if the escrow company steals your money?, Part II
First, break out the personal property; then, divide land and improvements
Interest rate increase means drop in property values
Tax changes I'd like to see (dealer, improvement ratio)
Senate also has installment sale bill now (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
IRS's prorate-home-improvement-points theory now in writing
Omission in new tax law allows rehab tax credit on non-historic residential property (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Hard to refinance with cash out on non-owner-occupied houses
Asbestos could be salvation of new office building owners; ruin of other owners
"Distress bargain" too much of a bargain for court (IRS auction)
New transaction-reporting rules may affect you


Small rent decrease raises income dramatically
Inflation affects real estate differently today (interest rates)
Upstairs/downstairs rent differential (management)
Thoughts on real estate investment strategy 1987
Second water meter may pay
Protectionism, the dollar, and real estate
Go after your deadbeats
Commercial mortgage market dead
Strongest S&Ls become banks; It's cheaper
Deregulation and FSLIC mismanagement, not tax shelter, may explain overbuilding
Moody's now issuing market/property type ratings
You should wire loan payoffs
Texas condos to be deliberately burned (overbuilding)
Should you try to sell your building to the Japanese?
De minimus separate meters may pay
NJ makes lenders pay for toxic wastes


High court: Government must pay property owners when regulation goes too far
Yes, you lower existing tenants' rents
Profits in view liberation
New IRS forms forebode Tax Reform Act of 1986 pain
Texas marketing in the Northeast market?
Which is better: Owner or concession-run laundry?
Liberation of federally-subsidized buildings (financing)
Real estate guru bankruptcy of the month (Al Lowry)
Bankruptcy judge requires foreclosure seller to seek fair value
Oversupply "perpetual" (overbuilding)
MLP income may be declared non-passive (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
$100 storage boxes rent for $25 per month (management)
Tenants turned landlords rebuffed on rent increases (rent control)
Old depreciation rules do not apply in exchanges (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Self-help asbestos clean-up can kill


Properties, properties everywhere but not a deal worth doing
We need low interest seller financing
Can't make mortgage payments
Which first in exchange: Find buyer or new property?
Adjoining property run down
Good news and bad news from Supreme Court (access, inverse condemnation, Nollan, First English Lutheran Church)
You should get more co-signers
Real estate guru bankruptcies of the month (Wade Cook, David Glubetich)
No exchange of pure vacation home
Will AIDS affect real estate?
Early warning of the bankruptcies
More tax reform coming...and it ain't good (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Antichurning rules still apply to pre-'81 basis (Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981)


Do you really need positive cash flow? (Tax Reform Act of 1986, leverage, tax benefits)
On paying down rental property mortgages
A look at your future with the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Lowering rents does not hurt the industry
Prepare the deed yourself
IRS says interest expense must be allocated by use of loan proceeds
Good guys win again on excess loans over basis (Stonecrest, Hunt, United Pacific Corp., Professional Equities, Inc.)
Will the FSLIC depress the market by forcing S&Ls to sell foreclosed properties?
Recession is overdue
"...and the taxes have already been paid" (installment sale)
Prepayment mortgage bonus requires purchase price adjustment
Appreciation rates vary widely


Institutional financing for rental property
More than fifty miles from Provo (Robert Allen, nothing down)
Make tenants pay for drain stoppages they cause
Tax reform may have doubled your marginal after-tax income and expenses (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Should you get zero coupon financing?
Does it makes sense to cut your laundry to 25 cents?
Bill would allow deduction of cash losses
Another lender accepts guaranteed replacement cost insurance
Investor gets $18,167 refund from sewer utility
Mortgage rate increases make ARMs more popular
Best real estate computer program may not have "real estate" in its name (MacInTax)
A legitimate, profitable nothing down deal
Survey shows surprisingly high down payments


Less is more under the Tax Reform Act of 1986
Sellers who are likely to sell cheap
Prorate the second month's rent, not the first
The stock market plunge and real estate
Why you should use cap rates to analyze small properties
Back-door vulture strategy
New CA and MA laws prohibit commercial rent control and overinsurance
Congressional study: Tax Reform Act of 1986 did not cause rent increases
Book review: Great Depression of 1990 (Ravi Batra)
"Off a cliff" in 2010? (demographics)
Walk away gain is passive income (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Congress: Limit home mortgage interest deductions
A clearer explanation of post-TRA '86 capital expenditures (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Landlording book software


Vultures, you are cleared for takeoff
If you have rental losses, the AMT will probably getcha (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
The best of both worlds: a hedged ARM, Part I (financing, interest rate futures, margin, line of credit)
Real estate in the Depression
Retail not overbuilt everywhere
Another reason to be nice to your tenants
Study shows homeowner associations have lots of litigation
Conflict of interest?
House bill would limit tax-free exchanges to $100,000 of gain per year
Insurance crisis over; shopping can save 25% to 50%
Employee screening tests
Commercial sales down 50%


Lease-options: what you need to know
March to the sound of the guns
'86 Installment sale rules repealed; no to exchange limit (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
The best of both world: A hedged ARM, Part II (financing, interest rate futures, margin, line of credit)
Book review: Donald Trump's Art of the Deal
Renegotiating your mortgage
FASB: "tell the truth" Lenders: "Are you crazy?"
FNMA/FHLMC raise mortgage limits 10%
Phase-in delays zero bracket status for most (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Less is 55% more (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
The Bronx is up and the Beanery's down (appreciation rates)
A consultant is born
Money in leave-behinds (property management)


Tax Reform Act of 1986 exchange depreciation rules
Installment sales are back (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Lease options: What you need to know, Part II
Why you should study your vacancies in minute detail
New home mortgage rules (Revenue Act of 1987)
Home ownership draining off mucho tenants
MacInTax soon available fro IBM, Apple IIGS, NY State
Do you need a computer in real estate?
Some will be forced to install sprinklers
New fixed-rate mortgage with cheap refinancing
Task force would eliminate hedged ARMs (financing)
Book review: Managing Residential Real Estate
Joint venture may be way to get at S&Ls' horde of distressed property
California companies tell delinquent tenants how to delay evictions


Case history: Positive cash flow rental house
Did you unknowingly pay part of the previous owner's property taxes?
Huge regional differences in returns
The future of exchanges
Workout (renegotiation, bankruptcy, cram down)
How to keep CA evictions secret
IRS to follow pro-taxpayer home office decision on pre-'87 returns
New FHA assumption rules
New VA mortgage rules
Hotels, motels, and the passive loss limits
No documents, no exchange
Due-on-sale not relevant to exchange with lender
Book review: Real estate after tax reform
Institutional investors suddenly interested in apartments
...Appearing in a theater near you?


IRS issues retroactive regs on passive losses
Are you an evener? (sunk cost)
Get a real estate license
How real estate investing really works
Supreme Court: Hardship rent control provision does not violate due process or equal protection (takings, Pennell v. City of San Jose)
Utility deadbeat market segment (separate meters, master meters)
Lease option can mean bigger vandalism
VA resumes selling its foreclosed houses on zero-down basis
"The social unrest is falling! The social unrest is falling!" (rent control, FHA, financing)
This Old House renovation $350,000 over budget
50 Tax preparers get 50 different answers for 50 different fees
Recourse renegotiation
Keep rental house water in your name
Cash flow, pride, and absentee investors in Seattle
No vote for IBM MacInTax


Niche, niche, who's got a niche? (waiting lists, rent control)
Buddy, can you spare an affordable housing unit?
Do high-priced properties appreciate faster?
A corporation and its real estate are soon parted
Can your trash containers kill?
You should use direct mail
Promising anti-rent control weapon
What tenants say they'll pay for various amenities
Check list of possible buyers for your property
Use one of my exchange attorneys
The syndicators blinked
He's not meathead
Did you double-count depreciation in your alternative minimum tax?
Amortization deduction


Condo investment return well behind houses
Real estate investing: How hard? How to?
The shared appreciation reverse annuity mortgage
The Tax Reform Act of 1986: Now we know
Should you use a tax preparer?
Can you deflation-proof your real estate with zero coupon bonds?
Rent control fights in Michigan, California
Transfer taxes may spread
Fast, cheap credit checks through your modem
You must report mortgage interest you receive to IRS
More on direct mail
Payoff of federal apartment mortgages could trigger nationwide rent control battles
Mobilehome buyout declared unconstitutional (rent control)
Liability insurance may cover some rent control litigation


How to avoid taxes on property deeded back to lender by exchanging
Alcoholic and drug addict sellers (foreclosure, guardianship, conservatorship, John Beck)
Profit opportunities in bad foundations (Robert Wade Brown)
Beware the pretenders (credit check)
Rent hikes and decreases
Fixed-rate income property mortgages
IRS rejects rent control tenant's over-55 gain exclusion claim
Conversion from co-op to condo is like-kind exchange for investor
Foreign tenants
Book review: How to Buy Used and Bruised Houses for Fast Profits!
Marc Goodfriend dies
Probably no tax improvement this year
Drug addicts off handicapped list
Lower insurance rates, tighter requirements
Follow-up: Condo appreciation rates


Eleven percent cap rates really are obtainable (Mike Scott, Seattle)
Places Rated for investment
Deals that makes sense: One-bedroom houses
Subscriber hit by fraudulent trust deed
Dallas landlords neglecting properties
IRS issues home mortgage deduction rules
Five minute call saves 15% on hazard insurance
Is the worst over? (Ro Freeman)
San Francisco is HOT!
Book review: Barron's Real Estate Handbook
You owe depositors $500
Fair Housing passes house (Fair Housing Amendments Act)
Tax extension poll results


How to buy for half price and nothing down (moving building)
14 who outperformed their market (foreclosures)
Do real estate agents steal the best listings?
Don't fudge identification in a delayed exchange
Book review: Managing single-family houses
Transfers (security deposit)
Rent-control escapees double property values (Ellis Act, tenants in common, Santa Monica v. Yarmark)
How to minimize your workers comp premiums
California's bell-shaped cap rate curve
Can part-time investors get decent returns?


What if values don't always go up?
Big profits...and big losses... from toxics panic (asbestos)
Credits at closing
Deals that make sense: Investing by flashlight (FHA repo's)
If you have an ARM, you're an insurance company
More on building moving (George Rohmeyer, Jr.)
Eleven percent cap rate investor heard from
Drug dealers may be "good pay" but...
Fair Housing Amendments Act signed
Higher minimum wage
Value added by improvements
Use after-credits price
New 800-Number


The siren song of speculation
Deals that pencil out: Rooming houses
The Nickerson formula lives
Double-digit cap rate sightings
45-day rule leads to overpaying (exchange)
Loophole in HUD assumption document
Better treatment from lenders
FNMA/FHLMC down payment now 30%


Positive cash flow: The Thomas System (pre-foreclosure)
Long-term investment is a contradiction in terms
How to find deals that make sense: Property wanted ads
The election results and real estate investors
Book review: Showdown at Gucci Gulch (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Taxpayer loses exchange case (Maxwell)
Sit back and wait?
Tax reform drop 13% (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Chamber of Commerce speech of the decade
"Insisting on breakeven"
IRS gives up on Stonecrest (installment sales, excess loans over basis, Professional Equities)


How to get positive cash flow: Buy two, get one for 2/3 off
Reverse Starker exchanges
Autopsy of a disaster (renegotiation, deed in lieu of foreclosure, overbuilding, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Rooming houses
Election day
$25,000 a month
Delayed exchange
Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988
S&L execs say restore tax breaks
Take the money...and the houses, too (moving buildings)
Buy to asbestos profits
More exchange attorneys


Deals that make sense: Probate property bargains
Delayed exchanges cost too much
The wisdom of making less per deal
Reverse Starkers: Part II (exchange)
Where real contrarians invest (Anchorage)
FHA has first loss ever
I'm the whole "company"
Book review: Twenty Proven Ways to Profit from Real Estate
3- & 4-plex rules tighter
"Single-family fascisti" invade College Park, MD
One-bedroom houses revisited
Mr. Fixer says six-on-a-lot better (Jay P. DeCima)
Replace par flood lights


Deals that make sense: Partial interests, Part I (tenant in common, Dwain Sachs, Mike Scott, partition lawsuit)
Ranger real estate investing (bargain purchase, upgrading, How to Increase the Value of Real Estate)
The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 rises again (Pacific Legal Foundation, Bateson v. Geisse, due process, Fourteenth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, taking, First English Evangelical Church of Glendale, Nollan, Hall v. Santa Barbara, Pennell v. City of San Jose)
OK to use home for investment debt (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Audit poll results
Anchorage follow up
Why prices soar
The Comstock verses (Michael Aronstein)
HUD prepay class-action (FHA mortgage, Thetford Properties IV Ltd. and Baker Street Assoc. v. HUD, rent control)


Making a million in one year
Deals that make sense: Partial interests, Part II (tenant in common, Ron Starr, Stephen Kapit, partition lawsuit)
What's your problem?
Reading, writing, and the Golden Rule (personal liability, nonrecourse, assignment of insurance)
What PLAM's would mean (price level adjusted mortgage)
Bush wants lower long-term capital gains rate...but not for you
Greenmail for real estate investors (rent control)
Do higher-priced homes appreciate faster?
Another new mortgage: Prepayment at market
More building materials that can cost you money (fire-retardant plywood, Sarabond)


AMT lessons learned (Tax Reform Act of 1986, alternative minimum tax, Bob Baldassari)
What your problem? (exchange, sale leasebacks, passive income
WSJ article says fixers rarely profitable
Table-top fusion
More on partial interests
House price control proposed in Bezerkeley
Margin calls for home loans
No good office buildings (recently) (Sam Zell)
31% error rate in one ARM survey


The way we were
Is option money s-till not taxed until the option is exercised or expires? (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Barney Zick, Dill Company, Pickard, Gerald Robinson)
How to avoid renting to children
Lease-option defaults, walk aways, etc. (Richard Gardiner, John Schaub, Bill Manley, Dan Kinter)
Last months blank spreadsheets (AMT)
Kaplan: "Too much risk"
Info for mortgage buyers (George Coats, Jimmy Napier)
Toxic contamination is involuntary conversion
What fills office buildings?
Timeshares stink
Many rumors of exchange restrictions (Gary Rosenberg, Stephen Roulac, Starker, Brauer, Biggs, New order processor


The Thomas System, Part II (Ted Thomas, pre-foreclosure)
Protection against uninsurable catastrophes (Peter Huber, Fair Housing Amendments, punitive damages, toxic contamination, corporation, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, Rivers and Harbors Appropriations Act of 1899, Jay W. Mitton, trusts)
What's your problem? (passive losses, dealer, Proposition 13, appreciation)
The investor who went out in the cold (VA repo, Larry Kaplan)
Just say yes to pay phones
Capital gains rumors
No-child-in-one-bedroom policy costs apartment owner $33,000 (Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988)
Oklahoma City bargains


Deals that make sense: Judgment investing (Lloyd Walters, bankruptcy)
Break out land improvements (depreciation)
The Donald & Leona Tax Reform Act of 89 (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
How to lock interest rates even when the lender refuses (hedge, GNMA, mortgage-backed option)
Underground tanks (Joyce Rizzo, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)
Subscriber gets $8,000 from article advice (alternative minimum tax)
Fraudulent trust deed II (Sus Niimi)
Capital gains tax cut appears dead
We've got a pulse! (office buildings)
FHA reverse equity loans
The meaning of Houston (overbuilding)


Proposed exchange limits (Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1989, similar use, Richard Goodman, Brandt Nicholson)
The holy graph (appreciation)
Roommates pay more than tenants
Hazardous substances in 1- to 4-family (FNMA)
Lender "owners"
Book review: Trammell Crow, Master Builder
Where punitive damages are insurable
Mobilehome landlord wins taking case (rent control)
Ted Thomas Expose (pre-foreclosure, Howard Ruff)
Harvard asbestos study
Apartment asbestos bill
File an amended return (Larry Kaplan, Bob Baldassari)


Capital gain tax cut (exchange)
Contractor estimates
Sellers who welsh (option, specific performance)
Environmental audits (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, Joyce Rizzo, Mark Bennett)
Depreciate twice?
Anti-landlord drug law
Double-digit cap rates in Memphis
More on Oklahoma City (Ron Starr)
Texas bill to limit deficiency judgments
Vacancy problems in Boston area
CFC ban on the way (chlorofluorocarbons)
Low-income Housing Preservation of 1987 Act upheld (FHA mortgage, prepayment, rent control)
Lenders finally taking a hit on OREO's
Reader poll: Environmental audits


Buyers who overpay (value in use, landlocked land, assembly)
Environmental audits, Part II (toxic contamination, Mark Bennett, serial deeding, exchange, Jack Campbell)
Earthquakes and real estate investors (A.M. Best, Peter Yanev)
The $90,000 stone's throw (immigration)
Book review: Two books on the S&L crisis (Inside Job, How to Profit From the S&L Crisis, FSLIC, FADA, RTC)
Drug seizures of property (Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984)
How to reduce your workers comp (Greg Crouch)
Call it an appreciation gains tax cut (recapture, Tax Reform Act of 1986)


Buyers who overpay, II (John Beck, Ron Starr, Western Land Bank, Peter Bogart)
Formulas that stop working
Reader feedback on toxics (gas station, asbestos, underground tanks)
How to bet on real estate races after the race is over (options, right of redemption)
New MacInTax programs
Evict dealers or else
Why depreciate?
Asbestos bill: $100 to $200 billion
Senate rejects most exchange changes
Second edition of Tappans exchange book now out (Tax Reform Act of 1984)
Minimum wage increased
RTC bargains
Punitive damages OK (Fourteenth Amendment, due process, Combined Insurance Co. v. Ainsworth, Clardy v. Sanders, Vintage Enterprises v. Jay)
Liberal exchange regs expected


Deals that make sense: OREO's, Part I (foreclosure, Ernie Kessler, Larry Kaplan)
The new exchange law (related parties, IRC § 267B, foreign real estate)
More rights of redemption (sheriff's sale, John Beck)
Rights of redemption by state (George Coats, John Beck)
Software for investors (MacInTax, Quicken, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Turbo tax, Real Data, Leigh Robinson, Landlording)
Deficiency judgments California-style (anti-deficiency judgment statute, purchase money mortgage, refinancing, subordination, earthquake)
New edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is out
Why depreciate? II (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Signs of nationwide decline in house values (FNMA, FHLMC, FHFB, NAR)
Master-metered buildings' rents disproportionately higher than utilities (NAA)


The real estate B.S. artist detection checklist (Bill Tappan, Leigh Robinson)
Deals that make sense: OREO's, Part II (John Beck, Ron Starr, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Cost accounting in real estate
A mom and pop operation
More computers
Why not bankruptcy? (deficiency judgment)
Why depreciate? III
Campeau bankrupt
Investors in a time warp
Rent skimming


New mortgage rules hurt (FHA, assumption, due-on-sale, Wellenkamp v. Bank of America, de la Cuesta, lease option, land contract, foreclosure, VA, FHLMC)
Real estate investors and pension plans (Bob Baldassari, Jim McIlrath, SEP)
Calculated risks, Part I
Capital gains again
The election to treat properties separately
Focal point test dies a little (home office, Cristo, Meiers, Soliman)
Housing starts at '82 levels
RTC inches forward... or is it backward?
More FHLMC restrictions
Contamination in 20% of properties
The '80s and real estate investing (Mike Scott)
Few finance books left


Trial (Crowell v. Housing Authority of the City of Dallas)
Calculated risks, Part II
New exchange regs (Adam Handler)
Existing options (toxic contamination, Richard Gardiner)
Bill to allow current loss deductions for some (real estate professional)
No deductions for excess nonrecourse debt above fair market value (Pleasant Summit Land Corp., Estate of Franklin, Odend'hal)
More B.S. (John Schaub, Papersource, Bill Mencarow)
Book review: Ted Thomas's Your Compete Guide to Foreclosure Profits (preforeclosures)


Exchanging into equity sharing
Trial, Part II (Stowers Furniture Company v. American Indemnity Company)
Existing options, Part II (In re James Moore, Kendall v. Ernest Pestana)
Anchorage revisited
CA, NW, TX lead apartment price appreciation
Lenders retreating on mobilehomes (Hall v. City of Santa Barbara)
Earthquake value effects tied to major elevated roadways
The two-step mortgage (FNMA)
RTC lightens up
As the prepayment turns
New 800-number


The Stephenson System (raw land)
Exchanging into equity sharing, Part II (shared appreciation mortgage, tenant in common)
What's your problem?
How Trump lost a billion?
Another mobilehome rent control victory (Pinewood Estates of Michigan v. Barnegat Township Leveling Board)
All passengers get wet when you perforate the bottom of the boat (Inmar Assoc. v Borough of Carlstadt, Tax Reform Act of 1986, rent control, RTC)
MAIs quit NAR
1099s to be required on most deals
Revenue Ruling approves direct deeding (exchange)
All out of Apartment Investing Check Lists


Proposed exchange regs finally out (direct deeding, embezzlement, Starker, reverse Starker)
Dwain Sachs' probate system (direct mail)
Battle of the asbestos studies
What's your problem? (Al Lowry, Exchange, RTC)
The ultimate vulture strategy (life estate, remainder estate)
RTC price cuts: less than meets the eye
Environmental liability
Summary of Fair Housing Law Amendments
Many appraisers see no toxics, hear no toxics... (environmental liability)
High default rate on private mortgages (Jane Garvey, Bill Mencarow, PaperSource)
Low-wattage sodium lights available


Deals that make sense: How to buy profitably at foreclosure auctions (Paul Thompson)
New exchange regs, II
The ultimate vulture strategy, Part II (life estate, remainder estate, hedging)
What's your problem? (property manager, exchange, refinance, Bill Tappan, FundAmerica)
Court says refinance points deductible on home (JR Huntsman)
Lender liable for toxics (U.S. v. Fleet Factors Corp., Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980)
Delayed exchange facilitators unregulated
Please, no more FundAmerica pitches
Recession signs
More rent-control victories


Deals that make sense: Unfit for human occupancy (Bob Bruss)
A way to get out of real estate tax-free (charitable remainder trust, life estate, remainder estate)
Deals that make sense: Two bargain houses (lease option)
FundAmerica implodes
$5,000 seminars (Howard Ruff, Ted Thomas, guru)
425,000/day PCB fines
Median house $45,100 in Youngstown, OH
Legal or laundering? (substitution of collateral)
FNMA looking for liars


Deals that make sense: Foreclosure auction case history (Paul Thompson, delayed exchange)
Deals that make sense: Gary DiGrazia's greatest hit (probate)
There is no boilerplate
Option taxation revisited
Book review: A Practical Guide to Winning Land Use Approvals
Realtor® guilty of fraud in creative FHA deals
52% have lead paint
Landlord may be liable for hole in fence
Exchange after conversion of partnership to tenancy in common disallowed (Chase)
Clauses to get in your environmental audit contract
Lenders futilely seek exemption from toxic liabilities (Fleet Factors, RTC)


Deals that make sense: Discount lien releases (Ted Thomas, John Beck)
Property management lessons learned
The Chase decision (tenant in common, exchange)
Deals that make sense: 40% to 80% discounts (landlocked land, life estate, George Rohmeyer)
CA taxpayers overlook state tax credit on apartment/farm capital gain
Higher taxes, lower deductions
Ellis Act upheld again
Movie review: Pacific Heights
RTC fighting rent control
NYC cracks down on heartless landlord (Mother Theresa)
More exchange regs
States that preempt rent control
New edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is out
Congress considering RTC income tax credit


How to deal with today's market: Are you a member of real estate's Black Watch? (bankruptcy)
Deals that makes sense: Discount lien release, II (homestead, Ted Thomas, George Coats)
Refinancing "In anticipation of an exchange" (Frederick W. Behrens)
Deals that make sense: John Schaub's fsbo system
Higher taxes
1990 election results (rent control)
Tenant dumps roaches in court
Earthquake warnings
Lack of real estate credit (refinance)
Office building value drops
Manolakas responds (option)
Sick building suits costly (sick building syndrome, George Bourassa)
RTC bargain sighted (Joseph Smith)


Deals that make sense: Bankruptcy property (Eileen Thompson)
Black Watch, Part II (bankruptcy, home equity, Craig Hall, Ted Thomas, divorce, child abuse)
Deals that make sense: Execution sale superbargain (60 Minutes, redemption period, homeowners dues, eviction, Bank of Seoul & Trust Co. v. Marcione)
Book review: Bionomics (Michael Rothschild)
The homeless city planner
The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Act of 1940 (Balconi v. Dvascas)
Rape case inspires statewide form changes
Underground tank costs (Joyce Rizzo, toxic contamination)
California, Hawaii buyers withhold income tax from out-of-state sellers
Joint-signature accounts for delayed exchanges (Richard Goodman)
"Reverse Starker" exchanges (Richard Goodman)
Correction to Aggressive Tax Avoidance exchange gain worksheet
New book by John T. Reed: Residential Property Acquisition Handbook


Deals that make sense: Profits from loopholes (rent control, Jon Vicars, Kim Marienthal, Adler v. Elphick, community apartment project, tenant in common, Ruth Baskanauskas v. Nancy Urdan, refinancing, condo conversion, Ocean House Corp. v. Permanent Rent Control Board, Tom Nitti, anti-retaliation law, John O'Reilly, Santa Monica, Berkeley, Ellis Act, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Special report on lease options (exchange, due-on-sale clause, Wellenkamp, de la Cuesta, Fred Crane, Richard Gardiner, installment sale)
Deals that make sense: Execution sale superbargain, Part II (60 Minutes, Charles Morrone, John Beck, Ron Starr, judgments, homestead, Lloyd Walters, execution lien, embezzlement, publicity)
Craig Hall's Pyrrhic victory (bankruptcy)
New CA law require cancel PMI at 75% of value
Damned affordability! (Harley Rouda)
Morality and California home prices (put option)
Landlord loses Fair Housing case for insisting drug addicts fill out rental applications
Child labor fines increased to $10,000 (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990, Fair Labor Standards Act, Harry Weisbrod)
BYO electricity (Larry Kaplan)
Power lines
900-number for insurance-company ratings (A.M. Best)
Last chance to renew at $99


More judgment investing (Lloyd Walters, foreclosure, microfiche)
New IRS exchange form (Form 8824)
Watch what you say (discrimination)
OSHA rules on asbestos exposure
...problem of the first magnitude (asbestos)
Due diligence standards (ASTM, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980)
The value of perfect information (Bob Baldassari, dealer)
HUD comes after me (discrimination)
2 common misconceptions (exchange, suspended losses, passive income, Bob Baldassari)
Big Rouda is watching (NAR)
Foreclosures up
Radon not so bad after all
California's drought
Correction of the correction (exchange)


Reverse Starker case history (exchange, Larry Nappe, option, serial deeding, embezzlement, Richard Goodman, insured closing letter, joint account, Brandt Nicholson)
The value of perfect information, Part II (lease options, Richard Gardiner)
Deals that make sense: IRS sales (John Beck, Steve Hinton, Mark Anthenien, right of redemption, agreement to bid, Ron Starr)
Treat notes like cash in exchange
Asbestos disaster say judges
Jump in activity on February 21st (Jane Garvey)
Price: $380 Clean-up cost: $600,000 or $25,000/day (Kenneth Groves)
Income standards for tenants OK (Unruh Civil Rights Act, discrimination, Harris v. Capital Growth)
Diplomatic immunity for activated reservists and national guards (Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act of 1940)
Subscription rate increase April 1st


Deals that make sense: Unknown owners (Jay Segel, genealogy, resort, law of descent)
Drug property seizures (Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, forfeiture, U.S. v. One Lincoln Mark IV, U.S. Marshal)
Audit (TCMP, Mary Sprouse, exchange)
Interest rates random
The last fax
NY Times against rent control
Berkeley bans tenant-in-common conversions (Kim Mariental, rent control)
Exchange instructions for IRS Form 4794
New minimum wage may not apply to you (Harry Weisbrod, Fair Labor Standards Act)
Air-conditioner repairs
RTC repudiates rent controlled leases
Tag-along auction
Beware assault exclusion in liability insurance (Stephen Drake Insurance Co. v. Levinson)


Deals that make sense: Owner unknown, Part II (Jay Segel, tenant in common, Mormon Church, genealogy, partition lawsuit, finders fee)
Audit, Part II TCMP
Final exchange regs (reverse Starker, direct deeding, intermediary, to-be-constructed property, letter of credit)
Can't finance income properties
School crises hurt home values
In anticipation of exchange regs dropped
Negligent hiring prevention
Judgment investing career stats (Lloyd Walters)
Two person per bedroom OK (Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, HUD)
Pension fund money
The drunk under the lamp post (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980, toxic contamination)


Deals that make sense: Delinquent tax sales (right of redemption, Ron Starr, raw land)
Deals that make sense: Owner unknown, Part III (Jay Segel, escaped land, adverse possession, trespass, John Beck, rent skimming, Al Lowry, Ted Thomas)
Common transactions
Can't refinance (renegotiation)
DiGrazia probate book out (Gary DiGrazia)
Cash equivalents
Macy's chickens out of Prop 13 challenge (property tax assessment)
2nd opinion on Bionomics (Michael Rothschild)
Kooks (haunted houses, AIDS, bad luck, toxic contamination)
San Francisco loses interim decontrol (rent control)
Latest Fair Housing money winners announced (Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, discrimination)
Fewest housing starts since WWII
But what does Gay think? (street name)


Equity sharing, Part I (appreciation, Black Lung Benefits Act, tenant in common, exchange)
Section 8 (George Kaplan, HUD, lead paint)
No more than four mortgages per person (FNMA, Paul Thompson)
What's your problem? (self storage, base closing)
Report cash payers of $10,000 per year rent
Welcome Real Estate Report Subscribers (Stephen Tytler)
Insured closing letters (Richard Goodman)
Book review: Managing Mobilehome Parks
Exchange facilitator and $1.5 million missing (Derek Reynolds, Exchange Channels, Inc.)
@*#%! sales tax
More delinquent tax sales (Ron Starr)
New lease option report (Dan Kinter, Bob Bruss, dealer)


Deals that make sense: Converting ones to twos (Jim Campbell, workers comp)
Equity sharing, Part II (Marilyn Sullivan, Bob Baldassari, disproportionate allocation, exchange)
How to use ARMs safely (Joseph Murphy, Jr.)
How to Use Leverage... found
More dispersion (Bill Mencarow)
New environmental rules
More RTC horror stories (Floyd Price, Gerry Stark)
Interest rate locking insurance
AMA says learn to live with asbestos
Vacancies - $25,000 fine (rent control, Cambridge)
Weisbrod glad he's spared (IREM)
New area code


Deals that make sense: Distressed builder auctions (Paul Thompson)
How to use ARMs safely, Part II (assumability)
Deals that make sense: Converting ones to twos, Part II (Jim Campbell, foreclosure, Paul Thompson, Title I, 203(k), basement apartment)
Working for the government
Chicken Little of the Year (Jack Lessinger, Penturbia, Ravi Batra, Comstock Report)
Clairvoyant of the Year (Maxwell Drever)
The second mortgage from hell (Bill Mencarow, Pacific Heights)
Raped tenant wins $17.1 million from landlord
Lead paint removal costs $3,000 to $15,000 a unit (George Kaplan, HUD)
Texas now even better for bankrupts
Best not good enough (A.M. Best, insurance, Jane Bryant Quinn, Moody's, Standard & Poor's)


Clarence Thomas and realty
Much ado about delayed exchange law (reverse Starker, intermediary, constructive receipt, embezzlement, installment sale, extortion)
Jon Richards' note system (John Beck, finders fees, direct mail)
Trapped (refinance, negative cash flow, negative equity, exchange, renegotiation)
Book review: Making the Most of Your Money (Jane Bryant Quinn)
67 tenant each sue landlord for $5,000 over drug dealers---and win (small claims court, Berkeley)
Lucrative apartment market coming
Discrimination insurance
Another asbestos study
Bankruptcy offer escape from environmental cleanup costs (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act of 1980)
Above-ground tanks may not be the answer
Prop 13 challenge could affect federal taxes
How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value 3rd ed. out
Firestorm (Berkeley, Oakland, rent control)


Deals that make sense: Smart trust deed investing (George Coats, Jon Richards, Michael Milken co-op, raw land, Bob Bruss, refinance)
Much ado about exchange law, Part II (intermediary)
Opportunities and hazards in wetlands (Clean Water Act of 1972, Corps of Engineers, taking)
Discrimination insurance details (Greg Crouch)
More re Clarence Thomas (Harry Weisbrod)
Mobilehome rent control headed for U.S. Supreme Court, loses in 9th Circuit (Nollan, First English Evangelical Church of Glendale)
Election results (rent control)
Another lead paint estimate
Establishing higher rents (annuity)


One investor's career (George Davidson, fixer, pre-foreclosure, probate, refinance, fire damage)
Deals that make sense: Pre-tax auction bargain (Ron Starr)
Deals that make sense: Smart Trust Deed Investing, Part II (George Coats)
Mortgage case history: a cautionary tale (Jane Garvey, racketeering, bankruptcy)
Wetlands handbook
Criminal penalties for pollution
Environmentalist willing to take less for wetlands
Homeless Christmas
Landlord sued for tenant's manslaughter
Another way to escape rent control (Berkeley, Ellis Act, Santa Monica Rent Control Board v. Bluvshtein)
Written injury-prevention program now required (OSHA)


One investor's career, Part II (George Davidson)
Mortgage case history: a cautionary tale, Part II (Jane Garvey)
Litigated to death
New 11th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors off the press
That which they greatly feared has come to pass (delayed exchange, intermediary, In re San Diego Realty Exchange, Donald Cook, constructive trust, Ponzi Scheme, commingling)
Get me on the phone (exchange)
They ARE making more of it (Soviet Union)
Arrest records off limits (Harry Weisbrod)


Bush's tax proposals (long-term capital gain, AMT, first home credit, passive loss limit)
Deals that make sense: Executive-suite sandwich leases
First-year expensing for residential property (Phillip Storrer, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990, Edwin Curphey, Hoopengarner)
Bad to worse (office vacancy)
Schedule C vs. Schedule E (MacInTax, self-employment income)
Regulators told to bet on the come
Asbestos hysteria may have killed Challenger astronauts
Building owners win one (discrimination)
ATLA litigation groups (homeowner warranty, automatic door, construction site accident, electromagnetic radiation, glazed-top flooring, lead paint, liquid propane gas, tap-water burn, asbestos)
Near-perfect landlord pays 41.2 million (rape, security)
41% of Phase I environmental audits inaccurate (Glen Sibley)


Deals that make sense: Converting a duplex back to a single-family house
New Form 8829 for home office
Deals that make sense: How one vulture made $1 million since 1988 (Anchorage, industrial property, office building, FDIC, asbestos)
Nonrecourse financing (put option, at-risk rule, stop-loss agreement)
Exchange attorney fees (Jack Campbell, Brooke Gabrielson)
Bush bill defeated 427-1 (Bill Orton, NYU)
Democrats' tax bill
'More carnage ahead' in hotel business
Apartment starts really low
Dumb accountant story #2,022 (lease option)
Environmentalist pollutes house with no-preservatives paint (Berkeley)
Home office leads to mileage deductions (Soliman)
Form 8829 continued (home office)
We 'property firsters' (Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council, ocean front, taking, Plessy v. Ferguson, Fifth Amendment)


Deals that make sense: Home-builder leftovers (construction-defects lawsuit, FNMA, Lewis Goodkin)
Profitable pre-sale fixup (William Nickerson, How I turned $1,000 into $1,000,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time in 1959)
Loss, $54,348.90; deductible loss, -0- (Accelerated Cost Recovery System, Tax Reform of 1986, Garn Act)
Agents outraged at Tobias column in Time
Foreclosing lender must disclose known defects at foreclosure auction (California Real Estate Law, George Karoutas, Karoutas v. HomFed Bank)
Number of rooms still OK
Do-gooder landlords bomb in Chicago
Supreme court upholds rent control again (Yee v. Escondido)
Craig Hall goes bankrupt (Craig Hall's "News of my death was greatly exaggerated")
Foreclosure v. deed in lieu (Distress Sales Report)
You may be overinsured
Debt reduction may not be income
Free lawsuits; but no jobs (Rand Institute)
Merrill Lynch 0-down deal (FNMA)


Divorce and real estate
Institutional lender renegotiation (FHLMC, discharge of indebtedness income)
Riots and real estate (Los Angeles riots)
Book review: Foreclosure Gold Mining (Your Illustrated guide to Foreclosure Gold Mining)
Financial Freedom Report stops publication (Mark O. Haroldsen, Richard Dewberry, Al Lowry)
U.S. Supreme Court says housing fees OK (low-income housing)
You'll pay for lead soon (Environmental Update)
Wetlands designation costs town $283,000 / year (East Rutherford, NJ)
Four $60,000 houses sell for $1.17 million (Ron Starr)
More presale preparation (Paul Andrews)
Management company? (investment tax credit)
Hand trucks are cheaper than refrigerators
Obscure hot spots
Husband-wife manager teams may have to be paid equally (Sandra S. Dean v. Limited Food Stores, Inc.)


Deals that make sense: Divorce and real estate, Part II (contingent balloon payment, Smart Trust Deed Investing in California, Dan Kinter)
Institutional lender renegotiation, Part II (FDIC v. Coleman)
New passive loss regs
Correction: Financial Freedom Report goes quarterly
Drug testing–damned if you do... (invasion of privacy, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress)
High Court upholds Prop 13
Freon rules effective July 1
Bankruptcy bargain not good enough
Lead paint litigation (Creative Investment Adviser)
20-year light bulb
What's your problem?


Deals that make sense: Three bargain purchases (Glen Whitfield)
Regulation that prohibits all 'economic use' requires compensation (Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council, Pennsylvania Coal Co. v. Mahon)
Real estate in the '90s (flipping)
Book review: Made in America
Most timeshares unsold after 4.4 years (Resort Property Owners Association)
Condo litigation too much for some businesses (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Arbitration may be solution to some litigation (Bank of America, Wells Fargo)
Passive loss limit relief passes House (Revenue Act of 1992, Large Landlords Relief Act)
Hoist on their own petard (fourteenth amendment)
'Sophisticated national financial systems' (Jones Lang Wooton)


Deals that make sense: Phoenix VA repos (Distress Sales Report, Government National Mortgage Association, John Beck, EPIC)
Fighting city hall (Sandy Rothschild, PATH)
Money and the '90s
Fair Housing Amendments burning slow learners (Timus v. William J. Davis, Inc.)
Pending lead paint law (Lead Exposure Reduction Act of 1992)
Environmental liability insurance a must for loan
OK to discriminate against multiple adults?
Checking out insurers (The Insurance Forum, S & P)
Home owner ordered to pay neighbors $155,000 by small claims court
Book review: Hidden Profits by Zick (equity-sharing option)


The rental property credit crunch, Part I
Can you exchange into to-be-constructed buildings? (Bloomington Coca-Cola Bottling Company vs. Commissioner, Coastal Terminals, Inc. v. U.S.)
What's Your Problem?
Church victim of downzoning
Option taxation (Lucas vs. North Texas Lumber Company)
We may lose the word 'investment'
Number of persons per bedroom (Briseno vs. City of Santa Ana, Fair Housing Amendments Act)
VA repos in San Antonio


The rental property credit crunch, Part II (Crittenden Finance Directory, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Commercial mortgage securitization (Securities and Exchange Commission)
Deals that make sense: Used mobilehomes (Leigh Robinson)
The mom-and-popization of real estate
Accommodating agents
Closed recorders offices (Brandt Nicholson)
Bills to tax CA exchanges (Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Association v. de la Cuesta)
$15 million apartment playground injury award (Handbook for Playground Safety)
FDIC backs down on real estate loan rules
FHA rules eased
Living in a locker


Fixed-rate, self-amortizing, conventional apartment mortgage
'Won't that affect your credit?' (Weyerhaeuser)
Lead paint bill signed
The presidential election and real estate (Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981)
Don't pay double escrow fees for delayed exchange
Abolition of 'fair market value?'
Real estate brokers to publish own newspapers
Bush vetoes tax bill
'Safe zones' for homeless
Lawyers' in-house delayed exchange facilitators
Study says power lines increase cancer risk
No more sales tax on this newsletter


The FNMA multifamily mortgage (self-amortizing mortgage)
Weekly resort-area rental houses
Rental property credit crunch, Part III
VA eligibility extended to reservists
Twelfth edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors
More delayed exchange charges
IL land trust like kind for exchange purposes
When do you report exchanges that span two calendar years?
Money due Sec. 8 owners
Good funds rules fouling up some deals
Your deduction, this year; my income, next year


HUD's 223(f) apartment building mortgage (debt-coverage ratio)
Supreme Court restricts home office deduction (Texas v. New Jersey)
Clinton appointments and real estate (Lloyd Bentsen, Ron Dellums)
It DOES matter where your customers get their money
Half-price title insurance
$1 billion per cancer
Book review: The Buy & Hold Real Estate Strategy (David Schumacher)
Banks balk at joint-signature account
New anti-rent control litigation tactics (Yee v. City of Escondido, Nollan v. California Coastal Commission)


It's the deficit, stupid (Warren Rudman)
Condo reconversion (OREOs)
Real estate and nursing home costs (income caps)
Clinton’s economic program and real estate
Home seller guilty of involuntary manslaughter
IRS says pre-1992 home office deductions safe
'Failure to maintain:' win one, lose one
Property and casualty rates are increasing because of '92 disasters (Greg Crouch)
Bar Association recommends reverse exchange regulation
If you smoke...


Deals that make sense: 10% cap rate net leases (Bob Beitz)
Real estate and nursing home costs, Part II (hospice care, Medicaid)
Hyperinflation and real estate (Harry Figgie Jr., indexed principal)
Supreme Court limits drug seizures of real estate (U.S. vs. 92 Buena Vista Avenue, Rumson, N.J. 97-781)
Base closings
Clinton's passive loss proposal
Note investors need to beware of securities laws
Baby boomers numerous but poor
'Abate' drug arrestees in two weeks or else
Handyman wins suit against landlord
Clinton plan to ease real estate credit crunch
Builders turning to pension funds for development money


Deals that make sense: Tax lien certificates
Loss, $45,241; deductible loss, $198,766 (Dispositions of Entire Interest in Passive Activity, MacInTax®)
Real estate and the information superhighway (Stephen Pizzo, Paul Muolo)
Book Review: Profiting from the Bank and Savings & Loan crisis
Realtors® mad at Good Morning America
Securitized commercial mortgages already here
Disabled access tax credit
Military people cannot lose property at tax sales (Conroy v. Aniskoff)
Underreported big story
All Korean company not discriminating
House forfeited for false statement on loan app (U.S. v. 403 1/2 Skyline Drive, La Habra Heights, CA)
Growth in Florida (Punta Gorda)


Adverse possession (Thompson v. Pacific Electric Railway Co.)
Real estate and the information superhighway, Part II
Get-rich-quick gurus in trouble
NAR president says Realtors will lose MLS (William Chee)
Lightning victim sues apartment owner
Elder law book address (How to Protect Your Life Savings From Catastrophic Illness and Nursing Homes by Harley Gordon)
NAR not happy with FASB
Lower price on volume back issue orders
Apartment starts down, down, down (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Information superhighway & Wall Street real estate
$500 billion in commercial balloons in next 3 years (Norman Flynn)
Testers get damages for emotional distress (U.S. v. Baliestrieri)
Clinton energy tax would increase office energy bills by 3.34% (Coopers & Lybrand)
Book Review: Owner Unknown: Secrets of the Game Workbook
Darrell and Kathy Gardner retired
Landlord defendant goes into plaintiff business


Deals that make sense: Profitable renovation (Pier Charter, Charlie Pick)
Adverse possession, Part II
More lease-option experience
Office tenants doubling up
Refinancing–again (FHLMC)
Farmland loses 90% of value in five years
Book review: Duty, Honor, Company (West Point, The Art of War, Sun Tzu)
Interlibrary loans
Maintenance worker asbestos risk very low
U.S. Supreme Court turns down mobilehome case (Sandpiper v. City of Carpinteria, Robert Jagiello)
June election results (Kay Hutchinson, Bob Krueger)
Ginsburg looks good
'Segregate" home office


Family limited partnership (The Apartment Owner, Charles Grobe, Chatten v. Martell)
Careers in the '90s
What's your problem?
New book: How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value
Senate version of tax bill
The testers are coming
Positive cash flow in Phoenix area
Two rent control victories (Mobilehome Relocation Assistance Act)
Great Society program provides some great deals (Housing and Urban Developing Act of 1968)
Cash news
No bankruptcy 1995


Clinton's tax law (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
More than four mortgages per person
Family limited partnerships, Part II
The sports franchise leading indicator
Landlords responsible for inside phone cables (Armando Rendon)
Givens on real estate
Family leave makes insurers of some
Lender is alleged owner
Evicted tenant kills landlord (Balbir Lally)


Family limited partnerships, Part III (Centurion vs. Crocker National Bank)
More than four mortgages per person, Part II (property tax lien certificate, proportionate release clause)
Book Review: Making Money With Mobile Homes by Lonnie Scruggs
Book Review: Handbook for the Financial Analysis of Real Estate Investments by Bill Tappan, Jr.
What's your problem?
Days to not close
Hillary's health plan
Medicaid changes
National Real Estate Investors Association (Nancy Bartz)
'Similar use' again
40% drop in commercial values since peak
No substantial effect on lending
Meters versus stamps


Deal that make sense: Assessment district sales
Can you spot hot markets in advance? (FNMA bonds)
To sell a house
More family limited partnership (Charles Grobe, Bob Baldassari)
Another delayed exchange accommodator goes under (California Escrow Systems)
Owner must have 'actual knowledge' to forfeit (U.S. v. One Single-Family Residence Located at 6960 Miraflores Ave.)
Scraping or sanding lead paint presumed dangerous by OSHA
The lead-paint police
Getting the property back is not the worst that can happen
Forfeit-minded cops kill innocent property owner over mistaken marijuana sighting (Donald Scott)


Deals that make sense: Assessment district sales, Part II (Improvement Act of 1911, Municipal Improvement Act of 1913)
Places Rated for Investment (Places Rated Almanac)
NAFTA and real estate
Waste of money
Less than 15 days second home rent may become taxable
OK to sue builder for emotional distress (Salka v. Dean Homes, CA Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate District, Division Four)
Appreciation in WA and FL
Fluorescent and HID bulbs are hazardous waste
Vet turned down for loan; bank liable
Election and real estate
Update of lease option article
Texans (Pennzoil v. Texaco)
Turncoat landlord loses most but settles at least one
That's three working days (Lamanna v. Vognar)
Innocent landlord + guilty manager = guilty landlord (Walker v. Crigler and Whitesell)
HUD judgments reduced for sloppiness
Subscriber gets loan as a result of article


Asset-protection trusts (Uniform Code of Military Justice)
'Close enough for government work'
Book review: Smart Trust Deed Investment in California and the Smart Trust Deed Investor's Forms book
Book review: The Arnold Encyclopedia of Real Estate
Another tax law (Tax Simplification and Technical Corrections Act of 1993)
Lead paint notification rules (Jose Luis Lugo v. City of NY, Preston Ferraro v. Leo Allard)
More family limited partnership info (Low Profile)
Small claims decision for $218,325 against landlord upheld
Asset-protection guide
Thumb print now required to notarize in LA
13th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors out


Motel development (Leigh Robinson, Angels Inn)
Vehicle navigation systems and real estate (Global Positioning System, TravTek
Book Review: The West Point Way of Leadership (Larry Donnithorne)
Natural disasters and real estate
More on asset protection trusts (F. Bentley Mooney, Jr.)
Minor miracle
Buying judgments (Lloyd Walters, Paper Source, Bill Mencarow)
FHLMC back in apartment mortgage market
On-line retail
Obesity may be disability (Harry Weisbrod)
Harder to sue landlords
Hedging against dropping property values (Kenneth Harney)


Upside-down sales (Bob Bruss, Paul Thompson)
Geographic information systems and real estate
How to find out what you need to know (The Rule of Thirds, How I Turned $1,000 into $1,000,000 in Real Estate in my Spare Time)
IRS interest sometimes deductible (Bob Baldassari)
GIS sources
Third refinancing (pay back period)
Rebate at closing
Lessons from Tonya
Refinancing does not invalidate exchange


Bargain lots at lenders' auctions (Dennis Fassuliotis, The Inve$tor, OREO, auction)
Upside-down mortgage sales, Part II
Schools and real estate (school district)
Primary sources
Insurance 'inflation' adjustments
Easier multifamily mortgages
Business notes
How to reduce your sentence for environmental crimes
Higher % of income mortgages
Landlord wins '70s lead-paint suit
Buying buildings to become managers
'20 Hottest white-collar counties' (dispersion)
Finding judgment debtors' bank accounts
More Geospan
Going Beserkeley


Sea change (history)
Important trends: RVs and real estate (residential property, recreational vehicles, Janet Carter, Workamper News, The Caretaker's Gazzette, Coyote camps, boondocking)
Tax lessons learned
Clinton's health plan at your door
Removal, capital expenditure; encapsulation, expense
Millions filing taxes electronically
Educational Kidware amazingly effective
Young leaving home later
Liberal says employees not worth the trouble
If a phone co. calls, hang up
More time to return security deposits
'25% of landlords distressed'
Seller-paid points now deductible by buyer
'Say the magic word, lose $10,000'
Transformation of apartment finance
Hillary's 'investment'


Nobody’s fool for a client
RVs and real estate, Part II
Judgment investing revisited
Tax computer program
First Pension bankrupt
Condo prices flat
Boom amidst bust
More lead paint regs
Two-persons-per-bedroom standard may be changed
HUD rules for 55-and-older housing seem veiled effort to abolish it
Unreasonable fear compensable in NY
Cashless, checkless society
Security deposit update


Nobody’s fool for a client, Part II
RVs and real estate, Part III
GIS in Business Conference
New lease-option report
Book review: How to Nail Down Your Home Improvement Project Without Getting Screwed by Allen Gorin
Book review: Enough by James Schwartz
More TaxCut vs MacInTax
"No irreparable damage"
What's your problem?
More forbidden ad words
No pay for 'on call' time
Mixed marriages fuzzing minority status


We never close
Property management laws
First Pension Corp. bankruptcy
Citizen's arrest
O.J. for a client
Why liquidate?
Legal Research Network
Seastrand wins; but the opportunity probably ends
No-$-limit homestead exemptions may end


Finding the best places to invest
Citizen's arrest, Part II
What's your problem?
Supreme Court requires 'rough proportionality'
Landlord liability for assaults
Section 8 landlord may be sued for discriminating against Section 8 tenants
Better tell OSHA, fast!
To the artist belongs the landlord
Fewer outside property manager needed
Apartment cap rates
Prudential 'straight talk'
College by TV
Lawyer reader responds
Skip tracing


What's your problem?
Fuzzy logic and real estate
Are you sure you're covered by FDIC insurance?
Citizen's arrests in LA
Business valuation books available
Renovating tenant must remove asbestos
'End of the job'
Net worth dropped–home prices
The Compleat Prince William County
'Small-scale, short-duration' asbestos work no longer exempt
No more 40-watt fluorescent tubes
Holding landlords responsible for drug dealers
Some toxic clean-up cost deductible
Better than APR comparison
Gerulaitis death points up need for CO detectors
HUD wants 85.2% to own
Lease co-signers instead of security deposits


Two probate bargains
Financing check list
Nonconforming uses
PV cells and satellite dishes
GPS allows bad weather flights at rural airports
Utility auditors
Radon disclosure may be required
No-points loans widespread
Fault: 95%, landlord; 5% criminal?
More Mac vs. IBM
Hi-tech, non-Realtor databases arriving
Big RTC profits reported
Can't discriminate against men


Political revolution
New products
Bad neighbors
Voters end MA rent control
AZ voters reject Fifth Amendment
'Home equity' line for rental properties offered by Bank of America
Time for gift subscriptions
14th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors available
Solar stuff
Lead disclosure form required in leases and sales agreements
Home ownership rate varies among states
Rural growth
SEC complaint against second mortgage guru
Factory outlet centers
Real estate on the Net?


Deals that make sense: Two OREO bargains
Caretakers may help you
CD-ROMs for real estate investors
Should you be on the Internet?
Orange County lessons
GATT signed into law
Commission likely to recommend limit interest deduction on homes
Lower ag subsidies
CO detectors
$5,000/mo. rental houses
More foreclosures, fewer opportunities
Accountant-intermediary, $300,000 disappear
More election results
'94 deduction; '95 income


Turning point in the war against rent control
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Rental property finance
Should you be on the Internet?, Part II
Can't ask about work injuries or health
Occupant-landlord forfeits marijuana property
More real estate CD-ROMs
John T. Reed, Intermediary
I am now on line
Getting on line
Netcom's NetCruiser
4th edition of How to Manage Residential Property... out
Book review: High Rise
Kobe's lack of retrofitting


Deals that make sense: OREO bargain
Interest rate hikes in the ARM era
If God wanted us to have bookkeepers, He wouldn't have created Quicken
Book Review: The 16% Solution by Joel S. Moskowitz
High-tech ways to do your taxes
Surprises in rental ownership
FHLMC requires earthquake insurance on some condos
Unauthorized use of my name and article
Landlord allowed to comply with federal law
Would flat tax cut home values
Contract With America tax proposals
Fannie Mae to accept homes modified for business
HUD OKs many politically incorrect ad words
State environmental rules
Gilder on dispersion
You can't get good help anymore


Limited liability companies (tax, concealment, LLC)
Deals that make sense: Portable/modular buildings
Deals that make sense: Distressed owner bargains (OJIN, probate, eviction, divorce, sewer liens)
Appraisers, the new Luddites
Processing my own orders (Darrell Gardner)
MacInTax Quicken errors
Security on the Internet
Abortion shooting victim family sues landlord (Lee Ann Nichols, Eva Lee Maltagliati)
Government on-line should devastate West


Deals that make sense: Delinquent subdivision mortgages (Daniel Schwartz, line of credit)
Deals that make sense: Portable building, Part II (Leigh Robinson)
Gangs and real estate (graffiti)
Book review: Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte
Employer insurance
CA legislature moves toward vacancy decontrol
Child lead poisoning exaggerated
Thumbprint, notice work
CD-ROM brochure for million dollar properties (JBS & Associates)
Over-55 housing may be simplified
New asbestos standards
Malibu ordered to pay $600,000 in rent control dispute (Paradise Cove)
Capital gains tax reduction (National Multi Housing Council)
Multifamily stats directory
Apartment mortgages under $1,000,000 (GMAC Commercial Mortgage)
Good property manager sighted (Vicki Ozburn)
Environmental site assessment insurance
Appraisers diversifying


Supreme Court overturns ban on unrelated persons living together (rooming house, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Political violence and your real estate (mylar)
Finding financing: More on GMAC's small apartment building mortgage (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Real budget reform and real estate (Roger Brinner)
Escaping laundry concession leases
Community centers top retail property (Ellen Sinreich, freestanding big box stores, retail)
Keep in touch after the auction
Fix your keyboard (Dvorak)
Quickbooks® vs Quicken® and Filemaker® Pro (wholesale distributor)
Mobile offices (recreational vehicles, Dayna Beal)
TX maximum-persons-per-bedroom policy on newborns
Obsolete professional degrees
Satellite phones
Lower priced areas catching up (appreciation rate)


Senate communications bill should change the world (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Where have all the gurus gone? (Bill Nickerson, Al Lowry, Bill Greene, guru, John Beck, Dave Glubetich, Sonny Bloch, Dave DelDotto, Carleton Sheets, Paul Simon, Tony Hoffman)
Guru spawning grounds
New insurance crisis affecting real estate deals
'Capital-driven' markets–again
High tech taking amazing numbers and variety of jobs (MacInTax)
Japanese as real estate investors
Disaster mortgage insurance (CIGNA)
Rent control for the rich
FHA apartment loans and Section 8 would be cut
Quicken Family Lawyer
Disabled and home office (owner occupants)


The flat tax (Dick Armey, marriage penalty, dependent, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Iowa tax lien certificates
More gurus (Evelyn Wood)
More productivity gains
Booms in the rural West
Little HQ on the prairie (Exxon)
Mortgage approval in less than a half hour (Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter)
Bargains in stigmatized houses
Capital gains bill
Dramatic changes in office market (BSI Strategic Decisions)
Owning cheaper than renting in half of markets


Succeeding, Part II (Vic Zarrow)
The future of shopping and real estate
Does renting your home let you deduct a loss when you sell?
Sometimes you CAN get good help
More flat tax
Lloyd Walters located
Interim decontrol in CA (Elaine Herscher)
House approves telecommunications deregulation bill
Computer speech recognition has arrived
Tax CD-ROM on Mac
Thumbs down on Teleport Gold II fax modem
Annual 'What's your problem?' poll


Deals that make sense: Houses that smell (Eric Coelho, Bob Bruss)
What's your problem?
Finding financing: Go straight to the source (Bill Mencarow, George Coats)
Financing: New developments in mortgages (100%+ loans, adjustable rate mortgages)
Computer recommendations
Is technology being overhyped?
MacInTax much improved
Continuing bad advice on exchanges
CA Supreme Court ends landlords' strict liability (Becker v. IRM Corp., Peterson v. Riverside County Superior Court)
But strict liability in federal Superfund law (ABD Associates, L.P. v. The American Tobacco Co.)
Mortgages forgiven
Developer required to build replacement swamp
As of 10/1, you're in the asbestos business


Succeeding, Part III (Adult Children of Alcoholics)
'What's your problem?' (better capitalization rates)
Metropolitan areas versus small towns
O.J. verdict observations (Frank Serpico)
Personal property exchange rules different? (Rowan Companies v. U.S.)
Do you have polybutelene plumbing? (Constant Cox v. Shell Polybutelene Plumbing)
Tax cut for you rich guys (Bill Clinton)
Flat tax after '96 elections (National Multi Housing Council)
Rent cellular tower space (Tom Kerr)
Crime prevention brochure
Concealed weapons policy (Texas Apartment Association)


Deals that make sense: Foreclosure redemptions (Tom Basile, equity, secured creditors, lien holders, Jane Garvey)
Baby Boomer time bomb (reverse mortgages, pre-foreclosure,
What's your problem? (wraparounds, SIPC insurance, Smith Barney)
Telling panic (National Associations of Realtors, Bud Smith)
3,000 web sites and climbing (Realtor News)
Installment sales still OK (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Revenue Act of 1987)
Appreciation in Salt Lake
'Silent second' mortgage (Richard Barkett)
Wayne Phillips sued by FTC for $2.1 million
No more TCMP audits
Making millions in small towns
Higher 1st-year expensing
Invest in software areas? (Microsoft Word, George Gilder)
John T. Reed speech (Contra Costa Rental Housing Association)


Deals that make sense: Foreclosure redemptions, Part II (Tom Basile, Paul Henderson, judicial foreclosure, right of redemption,VA repo, media, libel)
What's your problem? (exchange, problem tenants, drug dealer, late charge, media)
Cheap home comps by phone (American Homeowners Foundation, United Homeowners Association, Consumer Reports)
Fortune says buy suburban office buildings (Robert Frank)
Buyer gets $1.5 million for botched toxics report
Givens to pay $377,000 (Charles Givens)
Netting of liabilities in exchanges almost lost (North Shore Bus Company, Wittig)
RTC closing shop (Resolution Trust Corporation, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982)
Bankruptcy 1995---not! (Harry Figgie, Jr., Paul Erdman, Ravi Batra)
Cheap data mapping (FirstMap, Wessex, MapInfo)
Current and future crime risk assessment (CAP Index. Inc.)
Entire retail industry reshaped
Two Realtors® murdered
Web sites everywhere (Mike Scott)
15th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors available
Renew now and deduct


Using CD-ROMs to pursue pre-foreclosures (Todd Ward, judicial foreclosure, Metroscan, appraisal, financing, line of credit)
Twenty years of writing on real estate investment (farm land, syndication, refinance, absentee ownership, Tax Reform Act of 1986, solar energy, Proposition 13, view liberation, usury, rent control, gurus, Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, due-an-sale clause, flip, exchange, dispersion, Sunbelt, rental houses)
Selling products for fractions of a cent (Millicent, Internet)
Remainder estate on real estate Methuselah (life estate)
Cashing a rubber check (Bill Gardner)
Rudimentary Web sites (Internet)
Streamlined wetlands procedure for small owners (Corps of Engineers)
On-line environmentals
'They're going to do it again'
1/2 of stores to disappear
Replace over 40 with 40 illegal (age discrimination, Harry Weisbrod)
NV intermediaries need license (delayed exchange)
Appraisal in three hours
Bill loosens over-55 housing rules
Use budget part of Quicken for vacancies
More Baby Boomer time bomb (Jane Bryant Quinn,15-year mortgage, Statistical Abstract)
Gurus in trouble (Jay Goldinger, Capital Insight, Financial News Network, Bill Griffeth)
MA tenants trying to reinstate rent control (Jim Schuele)
Damned if you do...window bars
1/3 gated communities
Miscellaneous (satellite dish, ARM, Tony Hoffman)


Built for $85 million, sold for $525,000 (Wang Towers)
Computer agents and real estate (Internet, CD-ROM, property tax appeal, MacInTax, TurboTax)
More foreclosures (step-transaction doctrine, substance-over-form doctrine, right of redemption, right of recision, judicial foreclosure, Tom Basile)
More real estate Web sites (Brad Inman, Brandt Nicholson)
Will used-car revolution spread to used houses?
Methuselah correction (Jeanne Calment, remainder estate, life estate, life insurance, annuity)
A year of doing it myself
DataMap feature in Excel
You are where you live (data mining, CACI Marketing Systems)
Lease-option decision (Ryan)
Telecom bill signed
TX utility cutoff changed (master meter)


Gearing up for the millennium (Internet, fiber optics, cable, ISDN, America OnLine, Earthlink, Webcrawler, Netscape, CD-ROM)
Financial markets show real estate's future
Floundering around the Net for real estate info (Internet, America OnLine, Earthlink, Infoseek, Alta Vista, Yahoo!, Lycos, Brad Inman, homescout)
'All hell is about to break loose...' (J.D. Power & Associates)
Whitewater felonies (James Stewart, Blood Sport, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)
Mobile offices (recreational vehicles, Mobile Office Vehicle, Inc.)
Model for '90s real estate investors (CD-ROM)
Mortgage pay-down (prepayment bonus)
Virginia lawyers trying to be required in real estate
Private water cheaper


Lead-based paint regulations (Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, National Lead Information Center)
What's your problem? (software, Word, Excel, Filemaker Pro, Quicken, MacInTax, Turbotax, CD-ROM, negative equity, deficiency judgment, amortization, property tax assessment, separate meters, duplex)
Winner-take-all society
Affordable housing exec killed in Brown plane (Donald Terner, Ron Brown)
Personal touch
Computer secretaries (Wildfire)
Scanners $300 (OCR) (Internet)
Phone directories on line (CD-ROM, bigbook, four11, nyip, switchboard, nowhere)
Wiring the quadriplegic (Internet)
CD-ROM repair guide (Readers Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual, Means Repair and Remodeling Cost Data)


Bruce Norris's bargain purchase system (sweat equity, property-wanted ads, , OREO, agent, fixer, foreclosure, probate, REDLOC, Daily Default Infoservice, Data Quick, TRW REDI, double escrow)
High-tech real estate information from Metroscan (Todd Ward, CD-ROM, maps, appraisal, Jim Gragg, OCR)
Some retirees choosing college towns
We never hang up (Internet)
PC alarm systems (CyberHouse)
People-to-people stock market
Even ATMs doomed
Real estate directories on the Net (CCIM, MAI)
Environmental reports
Military housing allowance distorts some markets
Computer agents available for stocks
Forecasting appreciation rates
Changes in job types
Consumer Reports comp service (appraisal)
Bank in a van


You should have your own Web site (Internet, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, virtual domain, PageMill,
Teach a real estate class (Ed Shumaker, Clarence Hillman, Bob Bruss, John Beck, William Nickerson, Al Lowry, Bill "Tycoon" Greene)
Business-to-business e-commerce first (Internet)
More direct public offerings (IPO)
Shopping center owner must hire security guards (Lisa P. v. Bingham)
28.8 modem
Small business law center on the Net (Court TV)
Insurance comparison already on the Net (Intuit, Quicken)
Real Estate Information Providers Association
AZ governor indicted on real estate (Fife Symington)
Cavalry to the rescue of malls (mounted security guards)
Crude, free 'credit check' available on-line (Internet)
Welcome changes in Section 8
FSBOs on line (Internet, for sale by owner)
20 properties not too many in exchange (delayed exchange, Raymond St. Laurent)
Building permits on-line (Texas A&M)
Underground tanks must be replaced by 12/22/98 (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)
Common-sense clean-up (American Society for Testing and Materials)
Home schools advanced
Correction (Weil, Gotschal, and Manges, lead abatement costs, insurance)
Discounts and call-backs


Turning points (Inflation Survival Letter, Leigh Robinson, Landlording, Dave Glubetich, Rule of Thirds)
Invest where information is available (FHA, VA, Real Estate Information Providers Association)
How they deal with lead in the lead capitol (Massachusetts, David Bloore, encapsulation)
Lead in miniblinds (Consumer Product Safety Commission, Window Covering Safety Council)
TRW REDI's database (CD-ROM, appraisal)
Beware of phony comps (Ron Starr, property tax appeal)
Environmental hazard data for home buyers (Marshall & Swift)
Internet tenant screening
'Beam up my sense of touch, Scotty' (SensAble Technologies)
California landlords protected from tenant water bills
Office leasing on-line
'King of Torts' dies (Proposition 13, Howard Jarvis, Melvin Belli)
Triplex owner loses $2 million judgment to visitor bitten by dog
Useful free Net stuff
Realty info on-line: MN, FL
Color maps that you can put into your word-processor files (Wessex, CD-ROM)
Nearness to job most important---now
Get judgment to seize future assets (Mr. Landlord)
Temps permanent
Former manager required to pass on property's criminal history (Old v. Lefmark)
Computer judges (SOLOMON, NYU, fuzzy logic)
GPS error eliminated (global positioning system)
Automated translation expands competition
Reducing the load factor


Taking the lying out of real estate (appraisal, TRW REDI, Metroscan, credit check, Internet,, vital statistics, resume commissions, perfect information)
Foreclosure auctions in 1996 (lease option, Paul Thompson, appraisal)
Robert Allen bankrupt (nothing down, win/win)
Realtors® Information Network flops (Richard Chee,
Street-map Web sites (yahoo, map quest, big book, CD-ROM)
Digital credit cards in early 1997---should revolutionize commerce (Visa, Verisign)
Given Organization bankrupt, too (Charles Given)
Design Center 3-D (CD-ROM)
Minimum wage increase
OREO Web site (bankreo)
Tax disk expanded (Tax Analysts, OneDisc)
Drug house owner ordered to pay $95,000 (City of Oakland v. McCullough)
Office building state of the industry (BOMA)
Residential rental market
Hidden costs of trash compacting (Mobilehome Parks Report, Tom Kerr, Leigh Robinson)
Home Depot versus Maintenance Warehouse (Pier-Angelli, Century Maintenance)
Free copies of CCIM directory
Addition to rental property OK as replacement residence (two-year rollover rule)
Free Internet listings (hometeam)
Sale of land under destroyed home is involuntary conversion
Latest OREO figures (Veribanc)
Download while you sleep (Free Loader, Internet)
Consumers rate businesses on the Web (Internet)
Sale of residence to own corp. OK for rollover (two-year rollover rule)


"Programmed trading' for real estate investors (Texas)
Reputation as an investment strategy (referrals, Dwain Sachs, Claude Ballard, Bob Pritchett, P-Trak)
MAIs confirm downsizing (appraisal, Brian Glanville, Appraisal Institute)
Insurance companies sharing information (National Insurance Crime Bureau)
One Clinton election giveaway would benefit homeowners (long-term capital gain)
Car vs. real estate transfers, what's the difference?
Interesting flood aftermath
Rent control on second homes (mobilehome, Mobilehome Parks Report, Mobilehome Residency Law, Tom Kerr)
Customized news on the Internet (Yahoo, infoseek)
Comprehensive databases (credit check)
'Only the paranoid survive' (Internet, Andy Grove, Intel)
Damned if you do, part 6,326 (sexual harassment, discrimination)
Huge drops in Southern California home values (appreciation)


Something's always working (William Nickerson)
Better returns through better matchmaking (divorce, discrimination)
If Michael Milken were 25, he'd go into real estate (junk bonds)
New parking crisis (office building, parking ratio)
Comps for $7.50 (appraisal, title search)
Automatic software updates
Changes in foreign asset protection trust law (Engel & Rudman)
Search clearinghouse
Exchange of partial interest for 100% interest OK (tenant in common)
TV good guy becomes landlord
Vote for someone other than Dole or Clinton
2nd edition of How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value released (Resolution Trust Corporation)
Kickbacks to financial gurus (Paper Source, Bill Mencarow, Sonny Bloch, Bob Bruss, Paul Thompson, Jim Gragg, Metroscan, TRW REDI)
More real estate-useful Web sites
Democrat real estate felon of the month (Dick Gephardt)
Tenant improvements can be deducted sooner (Small Business Job Protection Act)
Smarter search engine (EchoSearch)
Book review: Investing in Real Estate, 2nd ed.
Correction (rent control)


Financing an outlying income property (prepayment penalty, rehab, binder title policy, appraisal)
The San Francisco Realtors convention (digital cameras, Geospan, aerial photos, Dataquick, Metroscan, TRW REDI, Paul Thompson, National School Reporting Service)
Election analysis
Residential first-year expensing eliminated retroactively (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990, investment tax credit, lodging, Small Business Act of 1996)
Don't renew twice
Real estate internal revenue code sections (One Disc)
Branchless banks are real estateless businesses
Latest fraud: renting vacant foreclosure properties you don't own (adverse possession)
'Tis the season: gift subs
New tax laws (self-employed health insurance, first-year expensing)
Don't incorporate
Electricity shopping guide
No basis for EMF scare (power lines, Ralph Nader, National Research Council)
Sitcom characters live in apartments
Earthquake risk analysis on the Net
Discrimination obsolete?


Builder leftover lots (Bob Bruss, Wes Phillips, Dan Davis)
Clintons capital gains proposal (Tax Reform Act of 1986)
The coming deregulation of everything (rent control, recreational vehicles, Family Leave Act, minimum wage, Peter Huber)
Deduct in '96, pay in '97
Tiny Tim and tenant screening
All 50 state tax laws on one CD-ROM (One Disc)
Finally! My Web site is up
Changes in Congress's communications oversight
For example...
Fortune again votes for real estate (Michael Milken)
Page-2-of-the-letter trick (Mr. Landlord)
No people like show people
Open-book management
Whether to incorporate


Ya gotta love it
How to use the Web in your real estate program (Internet, email, chat rooms, bulletin boards, probate, foreclosures)
New, improved Web site (Internet)
Real estate investor Web sites (Internet)
Recapture proposal
Teflon Wade (Wade Cook)
Better background checks (CD-ROM)
Online automated shopping now available
MacInTax now has vacation schedule E (vacation home)


Deals that make sense: 20% Discount purchase (Wayne Carrington, foreclosure, divorce, mobilehome, assumable mortgage, Carleton Sheets)
Net shopping = catalogs (Internet)
Beware of buying incorporated real estate (due-on-sale clause, usury)
Cost accounting real estate people (one-man shop)
Overwhelmed by Money article
More Web suffixes (Internet, internic)
More directories (Internet, CD-ROM)
Yet another good guy landlord on TV
What's important?
Insurance covered lead injury (LeFrak Organization v. Chubb Custom Insurance Co., General Accident Insurance Co. v. Idbar Realty Corp.)
Net pushing prices down (Internet)
CA Supreme Court hearing new attack on rent control (Pacific Legal Foundation, California Apartment Association)
Net property managing (Internet)
Out-of-print books (Bill Tappan, exchange)


Extremely low-priced houses (Retirement Places Rated, Leigh Robinson)
Joint parent-child real estate deals (college, equity sharing, co-signer, elder law, Proposition 13)
The new scarcity (George Gilder)
Helping tenants, buyers, and sellers find you (Internet,,, Yahoo, search engine)
Offer your tenants a cheap T-1 line (ISDN, Mike Petras)
Supreme Court OKs suit for Endangered Species Act damage (Bennett v. Spear)
Estimating value for taxes (William Lewis, Kelley Blue Book)
An easy way to put maps into your Web site
Junk e-mail (Internet, AOL)
Deregulation of everything, II
Ease shower & toilet rules (Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1992)
Elevator waits are main tenant concern
Self-storage in RR lots
Big phone, travel savings (Internet, phonemiser)


Don't evaluate your investment performance 'on the curve' (financing, appreciation, notes)
Joint parent-child real estate deals, Part II (equity sharing, Bob Bruss, equity skimming)
Gary DiGrazia located (probate)
Big bug in MacInTax and maybe Turbo tax (Quicken, Intuit, amortization)
Greater scrutiny for some
Subscriber reports on AR
'You'll lose.' He did. (small claims court)
Net on the march (Internet)
Seminar and home-study rating Web-site (guru)
New products
Vehicle navigation systems in rental cars
Improved my Web site


Is the cycle dead? (computer, temps, fixed costs, variable costs, sellers' market, buyers' market)
Financing apartment buildings (Mike Scott, debt-coverage ratio)
'The worst thing was to pay retail' (middlemen)
Courts increasingly requiring landlords to provide security guards
Newsgroup adventure (Creative Real Estate Online, guru)
Book review: Find It, Buy It, Fix It (Robert Irwin)
Internet auction site may help you (ebay)
New York may decontrol luxury rentals (rent control)
Subscriber recommends ATX Excel tax templates
On/line building cost service (Marshall & Swift)
Rental inspection law declared unconstitutional
Tenants can no longer vote in some CA elections (assessment, Proposition 13)
Another reason to get rid of your employees (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability)
Kickback repelled (Drawbridge)
Something for nothing (George Coats, note brokerage)
Correction (Gary DiGrazia, probate)


How to increase your rents, and workload, 40% (rooming house, unrelated tenants, Doreen Bierbrier, Eviction Book for California)
Real estate clubs (Al Lowry, Bob Allen, coin-laundry concessionaires, embezzlement, Cincinnati Real Estate Investors Association, Jane Garvey, Bill Snipes, Creative Investors Association, Bay Area Investors Education Services, Paul Berning, National Real Estate Investors Association, Marc Goodfriend)
Lonnie Scruggs' whereabouts
Exchanges under attack again (like kind, similar use, Capitol Motor Car Co.)
Additional price cuts
You may be responsible to clean up lead in soil (Lead-Based Paint Hazard Abatement Act of 1992)
Generation X as tenants, employees, suppliers
Dell Computer shows the future
What college towns? (Peterson's Distance Learning Guide)
Financial Freedom Report accused of 83 counts of deceptive sales practices (Mark Haroldsen, Bob Allen, Marc Garrison)
McCorkle's Cash Flow, Inc. raided and shut down
Net middleman fails (World Avenue, Amazon)
Holy Graph supplanted (median prices, repeat sales index, appreciation)
Miscellaneous (Tom Kerr, Mobilehome Parks Report, Russia farm land)


Shop around (Internet, appraisal, data mining)
Portfolio management (portfolio effect, portfolio theory, diversification, passive losses, hedge, Tax Reform Act of 1986, interest-rate futures contracts, interest-rate futures put option, efficient market hypothesis)
Questionable infomercials (McCorkle, Ed Beckley, Charles J. Given, David Del Dotto, Financial Freedom Report)
The way title should be (Kelley Blue Book)
Do you know these gurus? (Claude Diamond, Kevin Myers)
Co-op prices going nowhere as usual (Brown, Harris, Stevens)
The ninth most costly catastrophe (hail, roof)
Another AMREX (Internet, search engine)
43-acre residence OK with Tax Court (two-year rollover, Schlicher)
New home trends (Tom Kerr, Mobilehome Parks Report, home office)
Free custom news searcher
Mortgages without loan officers (bad credit, inlandmortgage, countrywide, eastmortg)
NAHB resists utility deregulation


Analysis of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (homeowner exclusion, long-term capital gain, vacation home, environmental law, discrimination, exchange, two-year rollover, over-55 exclusion, home office, flipping, recapture, IRA)
How I made $10,000 in real estate in my spare time (post office assignment change, Beverly Hills, street names, business names, development names)
Changes in how to get in touch with me (AOL)
Web real estate companies going direct to consumers (Brad Inman, homescout, homeshark, eloan, movequest, dataquick)
Silicon Valley (dispersion, enclaves, Tom Peters)
Lawyers like offshore trusts (Barry Engel)
Beware of high-margin retailers (big box, Toys R Us, Office Depot, Home Depot, Crown Books, Costco, Wal-Mart, )
Commercial parking garages 'inherently dangerous' (Bob Bruss, Sharon P. v. Arman, Ltd.)
Win some (HUD, Fair Housing Act, HUD v. Ludwig)
Correction (Bob Baldassari, securities, capital gains)


Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, Part II (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Bill Mencarow, Paper Source, homeowner exclusion, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, alternative minimum tax, Bob Bruss, second home, divorce)
Buy real estate brokerage services at Costco? (Sears)
Video/seminar review: 'Mr. Landlord' (Jeffrey Taylor, turnover, Richard Powelson, Robert Allen, Leigh Robinson, John Beck, Bob Bruss, Ted Thomas, Bill 'Tycoon' Greene)
T-1 lines for apartment tenants (Toscana)
On-line real estate news service (Point Cast)
For sale by owner brings agent out of woodwork
Real estate shills on the Internet (Robert Allen, John Beck, Mark Riddle, Bill Mencarow,
Earthquake insurance (State Farm, USAA, Northridge, USGS, purchase-money mortgage, deficiency judgment, refinancing,,,,,
Success for 'purpose' argument in rent control case (Cotati, 152 Valparaiso Associates v. City of Cotati)
Robert Irwin is alive and well in Rancho Palos Verdes


Book review: The Millionaire Next Door (Thomas Stanley, William Danko, Del Dotto, Sheets, Mike and Irene Milin, adult children, William Nickerson, Robert Allen, nothing down, saving)
A clubless real estate club
High tech 'white flight (dispersion)
Installment sale payments will be taxed at new lower rates
Computer house appraisals now cheap, fast, accurate, accepted (cswonline, experian, homeshark)
More useful real estate Web sites (Brad Inman,,,,,, loanlocator,com,,,,,
New ZIP means higher insurance premium
Expired option money is capital gain under new tax law (Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, involuntary conversion, relative)
Expensive 'boot camps' and 'mentoring' services (Leigh Robinson, John Beck, Bob Bruss, George Coats, CCIM, William Nickerson, Victor Zaro, Irv Deutscher)
Articles and books by the page
Miscellaneous [TRI Financial , FHA, 223(f)]


XML (Internet, search engine)
Book review: Joe Kaiser's Ultimate Lease Option Strategy (Dave DelDotto, due-on-sale clause, CD-ROM, co-signer)
On-demand printing (Ingram Book Co.)
New law about using credit reports in hiring (Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act)
Don't try to compete with machines (appraisal)
Condo balloons bursting (balloon-reset mortgage, FNMA, FHLMC)
The coming downsizing of real estate (Brad Inman)
IL preempts rent control
Hazards in garage rentals (flammable material, sales tax, electricity)
Use video camera, not digital camera (Ira Serkes)
Satellite Net connection? (ISDN, T-1)
Miscellaneous (Joe Valley)


Reverse exchange approved in IRS audit (Brandt Nicholson, Bloomington Coca Cola Bottling Company, to-be-constructed property, condo, trust)
Real estate vintages (Al Seestrand, financing, FHA, VA, HUD, assumable mortgages, right of redemption, zoning, lead, aluminum wiring, balloon payment, mobilehome)
Foreclosure title searches (Al Seestrand, judicial foreclosure, toxic contamination, earthquake, subordination, microfiche, XML)
Time cover story: you read it here first (small towns)
Shopping for mortgage on the Net (financing, refinancing, Quicken)
More useful Web sites
Stock commissions down to $7.95, real estate next? (Internet, appraisal)
Highway visibility, local road access (motel, Leigh Robinson)
Lowest prices = highest appreciation rates (pride of ownership)
15% of apartments now advertised on Net (Internet, Brad Inman, XML)
Triple-digit loan-to-value-ratio loans not deductible (financing, FHA, VA, private mortgage insurance)


Real estate journalism (Robert Allen, nothing down, Los Angeles Times, Watergate, Bob Woodward, , kickbacks, union, Miami Herald, Wayne Markham, Internet, Jane Bryant Quinn, 60 Minutes, 20/20)
Middlemenless deals (, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, appraisal, Homeshark, Experian)
New edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors out (Small Business Act of 1996, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997)
High-tech recorders offices Kerr County, Maricopa County, John Beck, Bexar County, Calaveras County)
Speaking of Kerr County (Bill Mencarow, Paper Source)
Former CPA is serial intermediary embezzler (Jim Giddeon, delayed exchange)
Internet shopping for mortgages saves $300 per month (eloan, Homeshark,, keystrokenet, bankrate, homebuynet, loanguide)
The millennium problem
Two more rent-control victories (Valparaiso Associates v. City of Cotati, Pacific Legal Foundation, Berkeley, Jones v. Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, Santa Monica Beach Ltd. v. Superior Court, Massachusetts, New York, public purpose, Fifth Amendment)
Some Omega sprinklers defective
Real estate and zero inflation
Who's #1 in reverse exchanges? (Brandt Nicholson, Lou Weller)
Exchanger caught by IRS on back-dated ID (Dobrich)
A-c and real estate (air-conditioning)
Oops on Cisneros (HUD)


Risk (Against the Gods, Peter L. Bernstein, time value of money, probability, statistics, Law of Large Numbers, judgment, bell curve, risk preference, regression, decision theory, gambling)
Reverse annuity mortgage problems (Methuselah, declining-term life insurance, HUD, FNMA, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, hedge)
Income-property mortgages from conduits (FNMA, FHLMC, securitization, James Carville, single-asset entity, sole security, due-on-death clause)
Online check approval (Fair, Isaac)
Office buildings back
CBD back, too
Cotenant tenant ruling (partnership)
Zoning-change expenses must be capitalized (Hustead)
Shopping for a loan being used against you (Fair Isaac)
CPA seal of approval (Bob Baldassari, Internet)
General goods now selling on the Net
Details on $500,000 homeowner exclusion (long-term capital gain, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997)
Egghead eliminates real estate (Internet)
Shopping centers threatened (Real Estate Research Corporation)
Buying former military homes near closed military bases (Housing Assistance Program)
Resort growth and problems (Aspen, Big Sky)
Listservs (Internet, Brad Inman)
Miscellaneous (disability, Temporary injury, Halperin v. Abacus Technology Corp., Sanders v. Arneson Products, discrimination, Section 8, Franklin Tower One, LLC v. NM)


Deals that make sense: 14-unit, no-equity foreclosure bargain (Paul Thompson, title search, refinancing, Larry Kaplan, auction)
Risk, Part II (gambling, vigorish, actuarial data)
The spellcasters (guru, boot camp, Bob Bruss, John Schaub, Leigh Robinson, John Beck, George Coats)
Change my address, please
Appreciation since 1980
Dvorak keyboard revisited (computer, Qwerty)
Fierce resistance to e-commerce (Internet)
First-year expensing (Small Business Act of 1996, Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990)


Condo deal teaches many lessons (Leigh Robinson, builder auction, Yahoo, for sale by owner, appraisal, Homeshark, Norman Chan, Neil Gingold, open house)
Diagnosing problems (Kepner, Tregoe, New Rational Manager, leak)
More air-conditioning adventures (Bill Salzman)
Property management college degree (Virginia Tech, MIT, Wisconsin)
'...absolutely nothing to do with real estate' (Paper Source, Bill Mencarow, Robert Allen)
Fair, Isaac changing the world (probability)
Children can play in halls an live in balcony units (discrimination, Fair Housing Act, Fair Housing Congress v. Weber)
Only 22% of tenants have insurance
MacInTax and Quicken
$101,000 to settle, no wrongdoing (Mobilehome Parks Report, Tom Kerr)
Used-car evolution
Correction (war, riot insurance, exchange, trust)


Deals that make sense: Right of redemption bargain (Scott Gaffney, pre-foreclosure, FHA, judgment, Del Dotto)
Bringing your son or daughter into your real-estate-investment business
Hustlers (guru, Ponzi Scheme)
Real estate and college
Requiring tenants to have renters insurance (Bruce M. Foulk)
New fax
The New Rational Manager IS in print (Kepner, Tregoe)
Mac vs. Windows
'Purpose beyond profit' (Richard Lester, pride of ownership)
$500,000 homeowner exclusion and depreciation
Changing prices by the minute? (auction, rent)
Entity change in exchange OK'd (tenant in common, limited partnership, limited liability company)
Fair, Isaac not fair (financing)


Deals that make sense: Inner city fixers (OREO
Using your real estate to pay for college (long-term capital gain)
State-of-the-art risk analysis (prepayment, Fair Isaac, silent second, FICO score, nothing down, Carleton Sheets, data mining)
Technology creates new approach (bankruptcy, judgment, Lloyd Walters)
Apartments business most sued for inadequate security (litigation)
Offshore trusts revisited (asset protection, toxic contamination, Engel and Rudman, F. Bentley Mooney, Anthony Manarangi, Cook Islands)
Jane Bryant Quinn investigates Larry Pino (notes, annuity judgments, Carleton Sheets)
Correction on recapture of rental to home conversion sale (Jim Brenzel)
U.S. Code on line
Money's best places to live
Catch-up depreciation (long-term capital gains, Tax Analysts)
Lien released by death (Dennis Fassuliotis, criminal fine lien)


Partnership 'divorce' an no-charge lien releases (Dennis Fassuliotis, OREO's, drug dealer, criminal lien)
Real estate and college
Real estate B.S. artist detection check list, Part II (nothing down, lease option, partnership)
Miscellaneous guru news (William J. McCorkle, I.G. Williams, Michael Martin, Charles J. Given, Sonny Bloch)
School test scores affect property values
Massive, permanent layoffs because of the Net (Internet, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Egghead, Journal of Commerce)
Excellent book on creating your own Website (Non-Designer's Web Book)
Best and worst appreciation
Book review: Finding your Fortune in Repossessed Real Estate (HUD, David Schley)
'Power to the people' (Internet)
Carbon-monoxide poisoning covered by liability insurance (American States Insurance Co. v. Harvey Koloms)
On-line legal advice and databases (Internet)
Microsoft offers MLS and loan brokerage service (HomeAdvisor,, RealSelect, XML)
Book review: The Landlord's Handbook (Leigh Robinson, Landlording, Mr. Landlord)
'Panic' disorder + no-dog rule costs landlord $100K (discrimination, Fair Housing Act, Karlsrud v. Joseph and Eda Pell Revocable Trust)
Landlord can be sued by man who tripped on government-owned land


Clinton teach litigation
The value of gut feelings (intuition, Gary Klein)
Deals that make sense: Stigmatized properties (Randall Bell, appraisal, feng shui, street name, bridge)
Stock markets leading the way (Internet)
WA sues Del Dotto (guru, brokerage, misrepresentations, bankruptcy, IRS)
Physical occupancy not needed for homeowner exclusion (Gummer, over 55 exclusion, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997)
Timing is everything (Charles Keating, Robert Citron)
29% of rental house owners have negative cash flow (Census, property manager)
Watch out for "vibrant" neighborhoods (college)
A minority of me is a minority
Michael Martin update (guru)
Lower chance of audit
Gingrich proposes 15% capital gain rate and elimination of different recapture tax rate
'Overqualified' code word for too old (discrimination)
Lunch requirements may require compensation
Software to cut legal costs (litigation)


The real estate millionaire next door (Nickerson, fix-up, exchange, Mike Scott, Richard Epley, John Beck, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
Income tax savings tips (security deposit, dealer, leverage, loss-of-rent-income insurance)
More litigation lessons (James Carville, Bill Clinton, deposition)
When your tenant's security deposit is garnished
Starr Report is milestone (Internet)
Folding tables
Model risk (Metroscan)
Read your notices, assert yourself
McCorkle troubles (Cayman Islands)
New edition of How to Manage Residential printers
NYC rent control eroding
Economies of scale (Sam Zell, REIT)


• 'God willing and the creek don't rise' (leverage, flood, options, suitability, speed, Nothing Down, owner-occupied house, income property, 80% loan-to-value ratio, Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, liquidity, Tax Reform Act of 1986, Wildwood, NJ, Cape May, NJ, hurricane, Russian Riverequity, high water mark, Building Owners and Managers Association, Institute of Real Esatte Management, the Statistical Abstract, appreciation, suitability, limited partnership, Mike Scott)
• Two bargain purchases (Dennis Fassuliotis, discount lien release, forgiveness of debt, nothing down, condo, Kiawah)
• Putting real estate into a pension plan (IRA, SEP, fidelity risk, asset protection, qualified plan, unreasonable compensation, excess accumulation, appraisal, leverage, O.J. Simpson, Heisman Trophy, flexibility)
• Legal newspapers in danger (Internet, newspapers of record, Communications Decency Act, multiple listing service)
Court says title cos.' refusal to insure tax deeds may violate law (Western Land Bank, Quelimane Co. v. Stewart Title, unfair competition)
• Distress-sale auctions increasingly posted on the Internet (IRS, John Beck)
• Prohibition against recording sales pitches (Jane Bryant Quinn, copyright)
• Super search engines (Alta Vista, Yahoo)
• Energy Costs threat (greenhouse effect, Clinton, master meter, seperate meter, Oakland, CA)
• Forget the grace period (interest, late penalty)
• Favorable court decision (crime risk, Timberwalk v. Cain)
• Telecommuting is for real (International Data Corp., Jack Niles, Mangaing Telework, AT&T, child care)
• The home exit strategy (long-term capital gain, exchange, intent)


• An impressive round number (How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value, Carnival Cruise Lines, Kathy Lee Gifford, envy, scholarship, millionaire, goal, college, retirement, Jean Jacques Rousseau, John F. Kennedy, Joe Kennedy, Cheaper by the Dozen)
• Why Johnny can't invest (Fortune, easy-come, risk, inflation, hedge, principal, asymetric loss aversion, women, UC Davis, Meirr Statman, Santa Clara University, machismo, risk, 401k, Chamber of Commerce speech, overconfidence, boiler plate)
• Book review: Buy it, Fix It, Sell It, Profit! (Kevin Myers, rehab, renovation, William Nickerson, Robert Allen, nothing down, partnership, business plan, agent OREO, appraiser, Albuquerque, Sundance Consultants, Inc.)
• Improved Web site (Page Mill, table of contents, Netscape, Explorer)
• HUD repos too profitable
• College town retirement communities
• Built by Anhalt (architecture, Steve Lambert, Mike Scott, Gerald Hines, Frank Lloyd Wright, roof, Depression, pride of ownership)
• People move to escape friends/relatives (Complete How-to-Move Handbook)
• Replacement-cost insurance doesn't pay fully unless you rebuild (Myers v. Allstate Insurance Co.)
• At-home work increasing (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


• Deals that make sense: Using property-wanted ads to find bargains (Kevin O'Donnell, Cohoes, NY, Ron LeGrand, Jim Napier, OREO, Culley)
• Real estate investment as a full-time occupation (Passages, Gail Sheehy, partners, Ted Thomas, syndicator, brokerage, Al Seestrand, Scott Adams, Dilbert, capitalization rate, limited partnership, self-employment, William Nickerson, Tax Reform Act of 1986, flip, Paul Thompson, foreclosure, real estate bum, delayed compensation, Harvard MBA, teaching, line of credit)
• Purchasing (Internet, Office Depot, XML, Ricochet, PDA)
• McCorkle convicted (fraud, money laundering)
• Homeshark Internet closing-cost estimator
• Email dangers
• Another huge recent control victory (interim decontrol, single-family houses, student, Prop 13, California, evict, Berkeley, East Palo Alto, West Hollywood, Cotati, Santa Monica)
• $1.45 million inverse condemnation award (Del Monte Dunes at Monterey vs. City of Monterey)
• Independent contractors (Microsoft, employee, 401k, employee leasing, US West)
• More on partnerships (Larry Niemann, Texas Apartment Association, personal liability, joint and several liability)
• eBay troubles (auction, Auction Universe)
• Useful Web sites (knowx, eriis, experian)


• Lines of credit (financing, probate, foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, right of redemption, condemned property, nothing down, three Cs, Gary DiGrazia, oomph principle, Fleet, National Bank of Alaska, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, BSB Bank & Trust, Small Business Administration)
• Old investors and young investors (Mike Scott, eToys, MLS, John Schaub, renovation, partnerships)
• Buy directly from me (Amazon, Robert Haft,
• Contractor is employee (independent contractor, Rosas v. Dishong)
• New tax laws (long-term capital gain, mileage rate, small claims tax court)
• Rent control loss (Santa Monica Beach Ltd. v. Santa Monica Rent Control Board)
• Independent contractor vs. employee information (David Warren, Wage Slave No More)
• Landlord entitled to HUD testing reports (discrimination, National Multi Housing Council, U.S. v. Ernstoff)
• Computer mistakes to avoid (Power Mac, Performa, Qwerty keyboard, Dvorak keyboard, Netscape, PageMaker)
• More Clinton litigation lessons (George Gekas)
• LLC for every property (limited liability company, Tom Nitti)
• Convert to co-op to get to condo (Bob Bruss, Gerson Bakar, zoning)


• Deals that make sense: Gary DiGrazia rides again (probate, flip, John Beck, Kevin O'Donnell, Ron Starr, Foreclosure Super-Bargains)
• Limited liability companies revisited (asset protection, S corporation, single-member, offshore, limited partnership, Florida, Revenue Ruling 88-76, single-member LLC)
• A real estate investment 'one-hoss-shay' (Oliver Wendell Holmes, leak, air-conditioning, pool, flat roof, ceramic tile, French drain)
• No-tenant, no-employee real estate investing (flip, tenant in common, life estate, remainder estate, judgment)
• Have new tenant inspect old tenant (management)
• McCorkle's Cayman account defeats U.S. Attorney (guru, offshore trust)
• NAR nervous about demographic Web sites (Internet, census, discrimination)
• 1031 beats 1033 if only threat of condemnation (involuntary conversion, exchange, similar use, like kind, Johnson T.C. Memo 1998-448)
• Landlord of drug house has to pay $65,000 (Santa Rosa, CA)
• Worst rate applies first in installment sales (capital gain)
• Interest rates lower (Bank Rate Monitor)
• How much to pay your resident manager (Institute of Real Estate Management)


• One investor's 26-year career in apartments (John Toraason, Seattle, Tacoma, Mike Scott, Boeing, exchange, Tax Reform Act of 1986, refinancing, condo conversion)
• Reverse delayed exchanges (Starker, letter rulings, Brandt Nicholson, lease option)
• Succeeding, Part IV (Tax Reform Act of 1986, The Select, Howard Greene)
• 'One-hoss shay' conflicts with new tenant inspect? (carpet, cleaning, preventive maintenance, drapes)
• Top real estate tax newsletter
• Make sure you deduct all twelve months interest (Schedule C, E, Form 8829)
• The recent history of real estate investment
• NAR president threatens e-competitors (Harley Rouda, Jane Bryant Quinn, Sharon Millett, Inman News Features, XML)
• More LLC info (asset protection)
• Book review: Save a Fortune on Your Homeowners Property Tax!
• I have new interest in speaking, consulting (Jane Garvey, Creative Investors Association)
• Correction (Ralph White, replacement property, involuntary conversion, condemned property, corporation, disaster)


• Deals that make sense: Building two rental houses a year (employees, refinance, four mortgages per person, FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA, tax-exempt bonds, serial home seller, Social Security, Medicare)
• Can you get around due-on-sale clauses with living trusts? (high leverage, subject to, land contract, lease option, FNMA, FHLMC, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, living trust, William Bronchick, breach of contract, tortious interference)
• The property-wanted-ad acquisition strategy (John Schaub, Home Equity Sales Contracts, Bob Allen, Nothing Down)
• Be your own architect (Frank Lloyd Wright, American Institute of Architects, Fallingwater)
• The quick and the dead (rent control, recreational vehicle)
• CA earthquake maps released (Inman, Department of Conservation)
• Teenagers do $25,000 damage during party at for-sale house (Inman)
• Charity buy-back (substance over form, equity sharing)
• Vacation homes new Boomer status symbol (Christopher Cain, absentee owner)
• HUD loans better than conventional for big projects (Cambridge Realty Capital)
• Home sales no longer need be reported to IRS
• Home office now better for real estate investors (principal place of business test, Soliman, standard mileage rate)


Prenuptial agreements and real estate (post-nuptial agreement, Glenn Peterson, will, partnership, pension, gift, inheritance, How to Write Your Own Premarital Agreement, Edward A. Haman, estate planning, divorce, Barry Bonds, Sun Bonds)
• Book review: Fixin' Ugly Houses for Money (Jay DeCima, fixer, Redding, probate, eviction, foundation, computer, time value of money, internal rate of return, installment sale, partnership, How to Use Leverage to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, loan constant, actuary)
• One investor's 26-year career in apartments, Part II (John Toraason, Tacoma, Seattle, toxics, asbestos, lead paint, condo conversion, building inspector, litigation, permit)
• Better U.S. Code and federal regulations on line (William Bronchick, Cornell Law School, Legal Information Institute, due-on-sale clause, Internal Revenue Code, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997)
Real Estate Tax Ideas
• Now a Real Estate Caucus in Congress (Building Owners and Managers Association)
• Internet boosts small towns, but only if they are connected (high-speed Internet access, satellite dish)
• End of the farm (Steven C. Blank, Futurist Magazine)
• Due-on-sale decision (Friery v. Sutter Buttes Savings Bank, distressed property, subject to, assumable mortgage, foreclosure, junior lien)
• CA state law also on line
• Threaten with 1099? (Mr. Landlord, Jeffrey Taylor, debt forgiveness, discharge of indebtedness, insolvent, gift, bad-debt deduction, extortion, debt collection)
• Copyright yesterday (How to do a Delayed Exchange, Single-Family Lease Options, just-in-time inventory)
• Correction (John Schaub, property-wanted ad)


• Deals that make sense: $28,000 renovation profit (Mark O’Shaughnessy, HUD, wholesaler, classified ad, don’t wanter, full price, termites, water damage, chimneys, painting, do-it-yourself, carrying costs, Bob Vila, This Old House, Home Again, Nationwide Mortgage Services, inc.easy qualifier, line of credi, construction loan, owneroccupied, dealer, depreciation, installment sale, exchange, insurane, Greg Grouch)
• How to learn about real estate investment from books (How I Turned $1,000 into $500,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time, William Nickerson, Al Lowry, How To Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate, Robert Allen, Wade Cook, Simon & Schuster, Depression, Robert Allen Nothing Down Club, Tony Hoffman, How to Negotiate Successfully in Real Estate, Charles Givens, Dave Del Dotto, 101 Purchase Offers No One Can Resist, Bill Tycoon Greene, Two Years for Freedom, tax evasion, Robert Irwin, Peter G. Miller, Eric Tyson, Craig Hall, Institute of Real Estate Management, Society of Industrial Realtors®, Principles of War in the Information Age, Robert Leonhard, Common Sense Mortgage, Dow-Jones Guide to Real Estate Investing, guru, Bob Bruss, book review, on the curve, George Coats, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, Bill Tappan, exchange, Edward Kelley, Practical Apartment Management, Les Scher, Finding and Buying Your Place in the Country, Appraisal of Real Estate, professional books, J.K. Lasser, Your Income Tax, Almanac of American Politics, Readers Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Manual, profit formula, legal citations, case histories, Robert Warren Kent, Daniel J. DeBenedictis, George Bockl, John Peckham, J.D. Segel, Oliver Price, Gary DiGrazia, John Beck, Ron Starr, Lonnie Scruggs, typos )
• Rental-house builder numbers (vacation-home subdivision, city water, well, for-sale-by-owner, How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value, out-of-county land owners, permit, impact fee, Cape Cod house, subcontractors, pets, real estate license, commission, workers comp, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, payroll tax)
• McCorkle exposed (Chantel McCorkle, Dateline, guru, tesitmonial, Tom Vu, infomercial, bankruptcies)
Money writer's new home (Frank Lloyd Wright, leaky roof, Into Thin Air, Mount Everest, dvelopment, Harold W. Smith Co., construction loan, construction lender, Daniel Akst, architect, blueprints, general contractor, time-and-materials basis, fixed price, mechanic’s liens, materialmen’s liens)
• O.J. is not a casualty loss (Caan v. U.S., Michael Caan, Yvonne Caan, Rockingham, Bob Bruss)
• HUD foreclosure Web site
• Check out buyers/sellers (credit check, Tony Hoffman, Forbes, Antares Corp., William P. Barrett, Dana Bashor, Internet, patent,,, Dow-Jones Interactive, Nexis, Dialog,,,,


• Deals that make sense: Tax liens lead to bargain purchases (Rick Cohn, bargain purchase, John Beck, tenant in common, right of redemption, foreclosure)
• Save taxes by putting your minor kids on your payroll (mobilehome park, records, zero percent tax bracket, exemption, dependent, self-employment tax, FICA, sole proprietor, corporation, child-care credit, disability, invescment income, withhholding, W-4, Form 8615, Roth IRA, child labor, college, education IRA, Hope Credit, Lifetime learning credit, workers comp, pension, Keough, SEP)
• Book review:Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes (Belsky, Gilovich, mental accounting, loss aversion, sunk cost, status quo bias, endowment effect, decision paralysis, money illusion, inflation, probability, bigness bias, anchoring, confirmation bias, disconfirmation disinclination, planning fallacy, FSBO fallacy, stock market, leverage, scientific method)
• Alexander Graham Meucci? (Encarta Encyclopedia, Alexander Graham Bell)
Success magazine bankrupt
• E-commerce small, but still feared (Dell computer, E-trade, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, Alex Brown, middlemen)
• Find employees online (Internet, matchmaking, resumes, XML, FutureStep, Qwiztek, Peoplewise, headhunters, classified ads, auction, flipping, quizzes)
• Beware of the full credit bid (foreclosure)
Forbes wrong on 1031 (exchange, homeowner exemption, intent, safe harbor, changed circumstances)
• New HUD rules for age 55 or older tenants (Housing for Older Persons Act of 1995, Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, families with children, Mobilehome Parks Report, Tom Kerr)
• Real estate deal only up fifty times (Joe Kennedy, Palm Beach, Chicago Trade Mart,Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes)
• Politically-correct lumber (EcoTimber International, Berkeley)


• ‘I own part of your property. Do you want to buy me out?’ (Ed Lindsley, Virginia Beach, title insurance, owner unknown, James Lick, Domenica Ghirardelli, Albert Winnikoff, Santa Catalina, Dave Harris, homeowners association, escheat)
• Deathstyles of the rich and famous (John F. Kennedy, Jr., Walter Mitty, John Denver, Thurmon Munson, Bill Graham, Aristotle Onassis, Into Thin Air, Mount Everest, Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht Race, Fastnet, Charles Givens, Carleton Sheets, Paul Newman, C. Northcote Parkinson, Bill Nickerson)
• Deals that make sense: Foundation bargain (John Leuck, Bay Area Investors Information Services, Santa Cruz, Greg Crouch, improvements and betterments insurance, workers comp, property-wanted ad, John Beck)
• Hot-water heaters must be at 120 degrees (Rick Mystrom, Anchorage, dishwasher, Maintenance Warehouse, Hydroaguard)
• Feds cracking down on landlords who do not notify tenants of lead paint (Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992)
• Net hurting PI's (private investigators)
• Online real estate auctions (, Dutch auction, bid rigging, bid chilling)
• Proposal to slow exchange-then-convert-to-residence tactic (Forbes, capital gain, Ken Harney, safe harbor, Jennifer Dunn)
• Overseas employment would not count for $500,000 exclusion
• Book review: Innumeracy (John Allen Poulos, combinatorics, game theory, probability)


• Deals that make sense: $180K profit in fixer duplex (Bruce Norris, building inspector, deck, termite inspection, 80-10-10 financing, home improvement loan, architect, Proposition 13)
• Game theory and real estate investing (Co-opetition, Adam Brandenburger, Barry Malebuff, Moral Calculations, Laslo Merlo, Theory of Games and Economic Behavior, von Neumann, Morganstern, auctions, bid chilling, signaling, PacBell, pure strategy, mixed strategy, Robert Axelrod, Anatol Rappaport, tit-for-tat strategy, mediated negotiations, bluffing, waiting lists, coalitions)
• Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 (private mortgage insurance, FNMA, FHLMC)
• A/C breakers (air-conditioning, oomph principle)
• Priceline works (airfare, Internet, travelocity, expedia, smarterliving)
• Five-year depreciation for appliances, furniture (Form 4562, Publication 527, Alternative Minimum Tax, Form 1040X, Form 3115)
• Clinton’s creative finance (private mortgage insurance, private banking, Terry McAuliffe, Robert Allen, Nothing Down, bankruptcy)
• Bye to 15-year ACRS (Ronald Reagan, Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1091, Accelerated Cost Recovery System, exchange)
• Cost study? (Tax Reform Act of 1986, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, Hospital Corporation of America, Whiteco Industries, Inc.)
• Cisneros pleads guilty (Housing and Urban Development)
• Corrections (John Leuck, Bruce Norris, lease option, title insurance)


• Twenty-year plan (William Nickerson, Millionaire Next Door, Thomas J. Stanley, William R. Danko, College Majors Handbook, speculation, homeowner exclusion, bargain purchase, upgrade)
• Deals that make sense: $80,000 rehab profit (Matt Fletcher, probate, winterizing, property tax appeal)
• NAR president bought 15,000 shares of (Sharon Millett, Dennis Cronk, RealSelect,,,
• ‘No obligation’
• Pay off self-amortizing loans on schedule?
• U.S. Supreme Court rejects 'public use' argument against rent control (Fifth Amendment, taking)
• ‘Pawn’ in a ‘scheme’ (GMH Associates Inc. v. Prudential Realty Group, letter of interest)
• Clintons refinance (PNC Mortgage, Whitewater, Madison Guaranty, Castle Grande, Terry McAuliffe, Robert Allen, Carleton Sheets)
• Realtors® graying
• More legal research sites
• True lease or disguised sale? (lease option, Revenue Ruling 55-540, Revenue Procedure 75-21, Financial Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 13)


• William E. Nickerson 4/10/08-10/19/99 (Al Lowry, Mark Haroldson, Philpott Enterprises, Bob Allen, William McCorkle, Lucille Nickerson, Alamo, Howard Ruff, Gael Himmah, Ted Thomas, Dave Glubetich, Del Chase)
• Book review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki (Millionaire Next Door, Robert Allen)
• Serial home sellers (Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, depreciation, Ken Harney, principal residence, Bob Baldassari, Friedman, Evans, remainder interest)
• More Priceline
• One-person LLC now OK in CA (limited liability company, Gray Davis)
• Back-dating exchange ID penalty upheld (David and Naomi Dobrich)
• Make lease application lie a lease violation (Professional Apartment Management)
• Charities books now on the Web (Baseball Encyclopedia,
• Car dealer locates in boonies because of Net (Dave Smith Motors,
• Trump This (Donald Trump)
• Lying about family loans (Bob Bruss, gift letter, debt-coverage ratio, anti-deficiency judgment statute)


• Minorities and real estate (blockbusting, Realtors, M.A.I., Appraisal of Real Estate, Lyndon Johnson, discrimination, Milton Friedman, 42 USC 3603(b), West Point, Texas, Corsicana, DeSoto, Fort Worth, Jackie Robinson, affirmative action)
• Can you make a buck from good design? (architect, fashion, William Nickerson, Remodeling Old Houses Without Destroying Their Character,George Stephen, Sam Walton, Universal Studios, Forum Shops, Fanueil Hall, Broadway Plaza, Blackhawk Plaza, Fred Anhalt, John Portman, atrium)
• Do not buy accident life insurance
• New tax laws (estimated taxes, accrual-basis taxpayers, installment-sale treatment, farms)
• Book review: The Real Estate Game (William Poorvu, Harvard Business School, Sam Plimpton)
• NJ says Section 8 mandatory (source of the tenants income)
• Does eviction let the tenant off the hook? (Professional Apartment Management, James Bownas)
• North Vietnamese prefers bombs to rent control (Daniel Seligman, Nguyen Co Thach, Gunnar Myrdal)
Mall bans URLs (Web)
• Discrimination against unmarried couple legal (Thomas v. Anchorage Equal Rights Commission, Fifth Amendment, religion, free speech, Fair Housing Act, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, Truth in Lending)
• Good property managers? (waiting list, laundry concessionaire, kickback)


• Tax Relief Extension Act of 1999 (Clinton, brownfield deductions, DC home buyer credit, cancellation of debt, installment sale, accrual basis, cash basis, farm, residential lots, timeshares, inventory, C corporation, partnership, tax shelter, tax-exempt trust, personal-service corporations, timber, related taxpayers, change in accounting method, Rodney Ho, Bill Mencarow, Paper Source, Bob Baldassari, Osteopathic Medical Oncology and Hematology)
• Deals that make sense: Used timeshares (Ron Baker, Ebay, Palm Springs, Marriott, vacancy loss, diversification, second home, RCI International, Interval International)
• Deals that make sense: $5,100 Rental house (Ron Starr, delinquent tax sale, right of redemption, self insurance, Grady County, Oklahoma City)
• Internet directory for nonresidential building lobbies (inBuilding Systems Corp.)
• Presidents & real estate (Reagan, Nixon, Clinton, Truman, Johnson, Carter, Kennedy, Ford, Eisenhower, Bush, Gore, Bradley, McCain, Forbes, Keyes)
• Condos going up in value
• MacInTax (Kiplingers Tax Cut, Bill Gates)
• Comments about OSHA and home office (Charles Jefress, Peg Seminario)
• High home ownership = high unemployment (National Multi Housing Council)
• Garages not inherently dangerous after all (Sharon P. v. Arman Ltd., rape)
• Book review: Real Estate Investments and How To Make Them by Milt Tanzer
• Say Hey NIMBYs (Willie Mays, discrimination)
• Avoid machines that use non-Costco supplies (HP Laserjet, Office Depot)


• Deals that make sense: Title problem OREO rehab (Rich Braun, triplex, certificate of occupancy, out-of-area owner, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, lead-based paint)
• More helpful Web sites (cnet, PayMyBills, monster, PayPal, Homescout, homeadvisor, owners, eBay, priceline)
• Energy conservation revisited (heating oil, David Bloore, Institute of Real Estate Management,OPEC, electric heat, gas, dual fuel, heat pump, geothermal, solar, wood fuel, utility deregulation, underground tank, master meter, individual meter)
• Recovery period now carried over in exchange (IRC §1031, IRC §1033, involuntary conversion, change in accounting method, residential, nonresidential)
• Computer Fried Chicken (fast food, Yahoo, Sycamore Networks, General Motors, AOL, Microsoft, Ponzi Scheme, Amazon, "buzzinesses," loss leader, publicity stunt; The New, New Thing; Michael Lewis, Jim Clark, Silicon Graphics, Netscape, Healtheon, 60 Minutes II, Silicon Alley, Baby Boomer, IPO)
• Perform or die (Internet, Gateway Computer)
• Bankruptcy Reform Act (National Multi Housing Council,, eviction, unlawful detainer)
• How home mortgage lending has changed (California Association of Realtors®, down payment, credit flaw, adjustable-rate mortgage, foreclosure, unsecured loan, credit card, mortgage insurance)
• Stanford and Cal may own Reno streets (casinos, skyways, Charles Crocker, Collis Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Leland Stanford, Pacific Improvement Co., McKessonHBOC, doctrine of acquiescence)
• If you disturb two square feet of lead paint...
• Meter saves water? (National Multi Housing Council, Ratio Utility Billing System)
• Doorway protector (Office Moving Systems, Inc., Mat-A-Door™)
• Wife-beating insurance? (USAA, George Mitroff)
• Correction (Gunnar Myrdal, Assar Lindbeck, American Economic Association)


• The most cost-effective improvements (fixer, Saylor Publications, Residential Construction Costs, Jay DeCima, probates, Redding, moving buildings, vacant buildings, overhead, profit)
• Deals that make sense: Anchorage again (Jim Young, FHA, separate meters, John Beck, Research Triangle)
• Privacy and the Net (Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy, handles, screen names, Steve Cade, La Jolla Golf Club, Callawaf Golf Company, Yahoo, Whois, Internic, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Mark Skousen)
• Dryer vents, Standard Mechanical Code, Manley A. Biggers, exhaust hood, Steve Hillenband, Lint Extractors, National Fire Protection Association)
• Installment sales to be restored for accrual-basis taxpayers Kiplingers Tax Letter)
• Category killers weaker (Toys R Us, Home Depot, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Sams Club, Barnes and Noble, StaplesDell Computer)
• 'Wizard of Omaha' (efficient market hypothesis, Law of Averages, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway)
• Perfecting auctions (collusion, English auction, Duch auction, Priceline, sealed bid, shills, eBay)
• Miscellaneous (,, eBay, buy me button, Cybercash)


• Deals that make sense: OREO flip (Paul Thompson, foreclosure auction, lease option, long-term capital gain, boarded up, Beneficial Finance, sub-prime, bankruptcy, minimum bid, vandalism, hazard insurance, Greg Crouch, Tass Bumatay, line of credit, appraisal, nothing down, FHA, VA, FNMA, FHLMC, commission, cross-collateral, Ted Thomas)
• Those dot.coms are breaking up that old gang of ours (Corrie Anders, San Francisco Examiner,, San Jose Mercury News, Broderick Perkins, Brad Inman,, Wall Street Journal, classified help-wanted ads, venture capital, The New New Thing, stock options, USC School of Journalism, Conference Board, Web site,,,,, Internet, Gold Rush, Peter Gumbel, Microsoft, Bill Gates, XML)
• Lucille's drapes (William Nickerson, Lucille Nickerson, How I Turned $1,000 into $5,000,000 in Real Estate in my Spare Time, Bill Snipes, Bay Area Investors Educational Services, Bob Nickerson, Thornton Wilder, Our Town, Enough)
• Low-gpf toilet revolt (Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1994, NAFTA)
• Should landlords accept stock options, warrants? (Silicon Valley, fiber optics, coin-operated laundry)
• Online CPI calculator )William Nickerson, How I Turned $1,000 into $5,000,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time, cost-of-living escalators)
• Accountant charges for taxes (Bob Baldassari)
• Return of the TCMP? (Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors, George Guttman)
• Broadband tenants (GOFast, Internet service providers)
• Competent people (David A. Dunning, Paul Thompson, Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors, Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki)
• Half-price homes (Jackie Robinson Strategy, Woodmore Highlands)
• Corrections (Anchorage, dryer vent)


• Subprime (Michael Millken, Wharton, junk bonds, diversification, Paul Thompson, foreclosure auction, lease option, installment sale)
• College and grad school real-estate programs (Golden Gate University, University of California, Fisher Center, mentorship program, Stanford, Harvard Business School, M..I.T., Dwight Jaffe, development, REIT, pension fund, institutional real estate, executive education, extension programs, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, Bob Bruss, College of San Mateo, America's Best Colleges for 2000, Penn, Wisconsin, Ohio State, University of Georgia, Donald Trump, Ken Rosen, Bob Edelstein, The College Board Index of Majors and Graduate Degrees, M.B.A.)
• Lawns (electric mower, Home Depot, Ortho's All About Lawns, sprinklers, water)
• Economies of scale (Bill Bloomfield, Jr.; Web Service Co., Sears, coin-operated laundry, Speed Queen, embezzlement)
• McCorkle fighting with F. Lee Bailey (William J. McCorkle)
• 40% of all journalists admit pulling punches (Realtors®, Associated Press, Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, Columbia Journalism Review, San Francisco Examiner, Willie Brown, Hearst Corp., Los Angeles Times, Staples Arena)
• GPS to be more accurate (global positioning system, 800 numbers, Internet)
• Overbidding (shill)
• 6 die from carbon monoxide (Dr. Andrei Kranz, carbon monoxide detector,)
• Free court cases online (West Publishing co., Thompson Corp., Lexis,, CD-ROM)
• Police seminars for property managers (Chicago Creative Investors Association, Jane Garvey; Lexington, KY)
• Buying 'subject to' growing in popularity (Jane Garvey, assume, personally liable, foreclosure, FHA, VA, Fidelity Federal Savings v. de la Cuesta, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982 , due-on-sale clause, lease options, HUD)
• Cannot get cash early if exchange falls thourgh (IRS Letter Ruling, constructive receipt)
• Improve your Fair-Isaac credit score (FICO, judgments, liens, delinquencies, collection, incorporated, secretary of state, shopping)


• Deals that make sense: Over-55 fixers (newlyweds, condo, co-op, nursing home, pocket listings, rehab, commission, real estate license, FHA, VA, vacant property, buy very low sell low, membership fee, probate, conservators, guardian, flipping, for sale by owner, Bill Nickerson, litigation, title problem, life estate, remainder estate, pre-sale fixup, serial home seller, dealer)
• The Real Estate Millionaire Mind (Millionaire Next Door, Tom Stanley, William Danko, credit, Income Statement Affluent, Balance Sheet Affluent, medicine, law, status, talent, integrity, Bill Clinton, top producer, cream skimmers, obituaries, probate, buiilding lot)
• Fraudulent appraisal scam (Penny Orth, Robert Parrish, Success by Design, B.S. Artist detection checklist, confidence game, Angie Robinson, appraisal, David Rogers, foreclosure, bankruptcy, FNMA, FHLMC, Appraisal Institute, Consumers Union, nderwriters Laboratories, electronic appraisal, Homegain)
• New Special Report: How to Get Started in Real Estate Investment (Carleton Sheets, Internet, B.S. Artist detection checklist)
• Tired of Eastern and Midwestern Exchange attorneys (REIT, limited partnership, Brandt Nicholson)
• When police want access to an apartment (Professional Apartment Management, warrant, private investigators, repo men, police badge, photo identification, key)
• Own corp. tenant not passive income (Robert Kiyosaki, passive loss, Kiplinger Tax Letter)
• Will Internet break the 6%-commission cartel? (Sears, Help-U-Sell, ERealty, antitrust, boycott,
• Trying to repeal estate and gift taxes (Bill Clinton, stepped-up basis, heir, carryover basis)
• Computing power moving off desktop dumb terminals, main frame, credit card terminal)
• More on coin-laundry concessionaires (Web Service Co, &Mac245;ill Bloomfield, front money, property manager, renovation)
• Natural gas prices up heating oil, dual fuel)
• Don’t build ’em like they used to


• Get affluent slowly (Tom Kurkjian, VA, nothing down, Silicon Valley, renovation, fixer, rental house, Pacifica, rent control, negative cash flow, Texas, flood insurance, FHA, St. Francis Wood, John Toraason)
• Should you die broke? (Stephen Pollan, Mark Levine, reverse-annuity mortgage, annuity, charitable remainder trust, life estate, variable annuity, bankruptcy, Jane Bryant Quinn, A.M. Best, Duff & Phelps, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s,Weiss, indexed pension, social security, AARP, National Center for Home Equity Conversion, line of credit, inheritance, retirement, Otto von Bismarck, Franklin Roosevelt, unemployment, credit cards, Millionaire Next Door, hedging, declining-term life insurance, actuarial tables)
• Cost-effective maintenance (Bishop Ranch)
• Good numbers in Spokane (capitalization rate)
• E-signature law enacted
• Los Alamos—good schools in rural area (advanced placement courses, National Laboratory, Livermore)
• Priceline revisited (Amazon)
• Reverse exchange special report (embezzlement, to-be-constructed building)
• First-class mail to decline for first time (paperless economy)
• Group can divide in two tax free (Private Letter ruling 200012062, Section 1031)
• Home buyer study (National Association of Realtors®, unmarried couples, condo, co-op, Internet, computer illiterate, buyer’s agent, Nothing Down, Robert Allen, mortgage insurance, FNMA, FHLMC, ARM)
• Child-raising styles of the rich and famous (Robert Kiyosaki; Rich Dad, Poor Dad; Forbes)
• Al Gore, Landlord (Carthage, TN; property manager)
• Answering e-mail (form letters, How to Get Started in Real Estate Investment, e-mail answering program, , Customer relationship management)
• Undercooking the books (National Association of Realtors®, condo, co-op, Biloxi)


• The morality of lease options (creative finance, quack, Steve McQueen, laetrile, How to Get Started in Real Estate Investment, Single-family lease options, disclosure, inheritance, transaction costs, suitability, Know Your Customer Rule, NAtional Association of Securities Dealers, New York Stock Exchange, Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, limited partnership, REIT)
• Improved financing of rental property (Fair, Isaac Company; income property; ARM; Greene & Greene; AGF Mortgage; cash out; non-owner-occupied; unsecured; loan-to-value ratio; How to Use Leverage to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return; no income verification; Consolidated Mortgage; foreclosure; seasoning)
• Has Clinton been good for real estate? (Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, rent control, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, Tax Reform Art of 1986, Economy Recovery Tax Act of 1981, ACRS, American with Disabilities Act, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, PMI, NAFTA, GATT, welfare reform, James Carville, Richard Rubin, Alan Greenspan)
• Lease-option tax case (William & Cheryl Blythe, assumption, subject to, notice of default, foreclosure, depreciation, rent skimming, Schedule C, Schedule E, self-employment tax, excess loans over basis, dealer status, Cohan 39 F2d 540, mortgage interest, Single-family lease options, land contract, substance over form)
• Stock options? Heck, landlords won’t even take rent now (warrants,, letters of credit, Silicon Alley)
• My stock advice (Amazon, Jeff Bezos)
• ‘Professional management’ (National Multi Housing Council, socialism, Lucille Nickerson, vacancy rate, employees, environmental contamination, MPF Research, property managers, Consumer Price Index)
• IRS suspicious of laundry owners (coin-operated laundry, water consumption, separate meter, master meter)
• Estate-tax repeal (Clinton, death tax)
• Two new special reports (Real Estate Finance Techniques, Deals that Make Sense)
• Affordable housing requirement invalidated for being tantamount to rent control (National Multi Housing Council, Town of Telluride vs. Lot Thirty-Four Venture)
• Civil Asset Forfeiture Act of 2000 (Professional Apartment Management, innocent owner defense, eviction)
• Cancel PMI (Homeowners Protection Act of 1998, private mortgage insurance, Federal Trade Commission)
• IRS wins a family limited partnership case (Estate of Reichardt, substance over form, inheritance, asset protection)
• ‘White lies’ in employment actions may get you in trouble (Wage-Hour Bulletin, Harry Weisbrod, immigrants, disability, property manager)
• Internet effect on real estate (John McMahan, Real Estate Issues, inventories, bar-coding)
• Lead-based paint regulations


• ‘Can’t get good help’ (employees, parole officer, anger management class, property type, rental house, negligent hiring, sex discrimination, pay, out sourcing, labor-saving devices, FHA, VA, renovation)
• Financing rental houses today (neural-network computer, four mortgages per person limit, Fail Isaac, FHLMC, Allregs, credit report, liquid reserves, self-employed, credit bureau, long-term relationships, bad credit, refinance, deed in lieu of foreclosure, loan-to-value ratio, ARM, balloon, FHA, VA, cash out, PMI, non-owner occupied, second home, resident aliens, subprime lenders, single-premium credit insurance, lease option, due-on-sale clauses, extenuating circumstances, fixed rate, loan-to-purchase-price ratio, shared equity, rapid-amortization mortgage, prepayment penalty)
• Why use ARMs now? (fixed rate)
• Realtor® alleges ‘data piracy’ California Association of Realtors®, Dennis Johnson, datajacking, Collections of Information Antipiracy Act, DataQuick, discrimination)
• East Coast trips
• Subscriber reports easier investor financing (refinance, lendingtree, gomez, Internet, ARM, FNMA, FHLMC, LoansDirect, Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors, Innumeracy, Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes, Belsky, Gilovich)
• More mortgage money (Department of Labor, pension fund)
• Renting to yourself not passive income (passive loss limits, Thomas Kurkowski)
• Web-based programs for apartment owners (National Multi Housing Council, Steve Lefkovits, XML, classified ads)
• Property managers being sued (neglect, kickbacks, John Hancock Financial Services, Sheraton, Hines Interests, • California Public Employees Retirement System, Hyatt, William Wallace)
• Real Estate Investment Strategy back in stock (LightningSource)
• Miscellaneous (Priceline, fax, Internet)


• IRS approves reverse-delayed exchange ‘safe harbor’ (Revenue Procedure 2000-37, simultaneous exchange, delayed exchange, T.J. Starker, Crown Zellerbach, timberland, “growth factor,” Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Deficit Reduction Act of 1984, 455-day identification deadline, 180-day closing deadline, qualified exchange accommodation agreement, benefits and burdens of ownership, single-family ease option, land contract, substance over form, depreciation, “disqualified person,” IRC §267B, single-asset entity, limited liability company, Richard Goodman, five-day deadline, beneficial owner, qualified intermediary, indemnification, put, call, Murphy’s Laws)
• Large-scale attack in small claims court (Berkeley, Paul Thompson, Stockton, forelcosure, police calls, race, security guard, security gate, criminal background check, gang, drugs, publicity, appellate attorney, rehab, discovery)
• Wade Cook corporations agree to refund millions (bankrupt, Federal Trade Commission, Wade Cook Financial Corp., Wall Street Money Machine, Real Estate Money Machine)
• Book review: Secrets of A Real Estate Millionaire (Robert Shemin, lease option, Golden Rule, concealing a material fact, suitability, finders, auctioneer, bait and switch, weasel clauses, recording purchase agreement, property manager, motivated sellers, assigns, charitable organizations, contract, title insurance)
• FCC bars landlord telecom monopolies (unconstitutional taking, rent control)
125% mortgages leading to short sales (home equity mortgage, unsecured loan, FHA, VA, private mortgage insurance, short sale, release lien, foreclosure, nothing down, negative equity, nonrecourse, passive losses, capital gain tax)
• IRS advice contradicts procedure (Revenue Procedure 2000-37, Richard Goodman, Technical Advice Memorandum 200039005, reverse delayed exchange, “safe harbor”)


• Third party wins presidency…for Republicans (Bob Dole, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, balanced budget, Ralph Nader, Green Party, Pat Buchanan, Al Gore, George Bush, game theory, coalitions, Peter Peterson, Richard Nixon, Harvard MBA, Gospel According to Harvard Business School, Peter Cohen, West Point, Dwight Eisenhower, Hillary Clinton, William Roth, Kemp-Roth Tax Cut, Roth IRA, Ronald Reagan, Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, ACRS, Jesse Helms, Strom Thurmond, Joe Lieberman, electoral votes, Nebraska, Maine, probability and statistics)
• Wind (bent trees, windblown trash, uncovered swimming pools, fences, private nuisance, eddies, patio tables, permanent shutters, gutter covers, airlocks, windmills, wind erosion, landfill trash, roof shingles, outbuildings, gables, hip roofs, Hurricane Andrew, doors, Weather Handbook)
• Don’t rent to non-profits (Proposition K, Proposition L, San Francisco Chronicle, Bicycle Coalition, Human Rights • Commission of San Francisco, San Francisco Apartment Association)
• Windmills profitable for many landowners (Futurist)
• Credit scores to become available to credit seekers (Fair Isaac)
FHLMC offers zero-down loans (Alternative Stated Income Mortgage, Financed Permanent Buydown Mortgage)
• Testers (Professional Apartment Management, apartment availability log, guest cards)
• Year-end tax planning
• Skip tracing (Professional Apartment Management)
• FDIC says 13 cities at risk to be overbuilt
• No-pets clause outlawed in CA mobilehome parks
• Fraudulent transfer before bankruptcy (homestead exemption, Florida, Texas, Minnestoa, Arthur Sholdan, Chapter 7, In re Sholdan, 2000 WL 822112 )
• Easement by necessity (landlocked land, access, quiet title, land contract, equitable owner, Roemer v. Pappas)
• Subscriber coin-laundry concession deal (Web)
• Scrutinize your phone bill (Pac Bell)
• Book review: Buying and Building New Houses Special Report by John Schaub (EPIC, syndicators, materialmen’s lien, recent buyers of new homes, lease options)


• Profit by reducing the load factor inside residential units (lobby, hallway, elevator shaft, John Beck, FHA, multiple listing service, cathedral ceiling, load-bearing walls)
• Bill Gatten’s PACTrust (due-on-sale, nothing down, credit check, asset protection, wraparound, lease option, land contract, equity sharing, too-good-to-be-true rule, living trust, revocable, trust, beneficiary, trustee, co-beneficiary, property manager, sublease, subject to, sandwich lease, depreciation, eviction, judicial foreclosure, partition lawsuit, Hamlet, de la Cuesta, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Office of Thrift Supervision, probate, concealment of a material fact, racketeering, bankruptcy homestead exemption, OJ, pension, family limited partnerships, offshore trusts, Clintnon, going concern value, charging order, Bill Snipes, consumer law, substance over form, Illinois land trust)
• The innumerate USA (Florida presidential election, Votomatic Voting System, Bush, Gore, probability and statistics)
• eBay apartment auction (Silicon Valley, deposit)
• IRS crackdown on trusts (asset management trust, business trust, service trust, equipment trust, family residence trust, charitable trust, foreign trust, offstore trust, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Anhigua)
• Bill to limit consumer bankruptcies (Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978, Clinton, Bankruptcy Refor and Federal Judgeship Act of 1984, Buckleyand Brinig, Chapter 7)
• Landlord loses guarantor (sublease, lien, personal property, Unifor Commercial Code, bankrupt, perfect the lien, chattel paper, Shuclow v. Bonthius)
• $10,000 gifts for college (financial aid, donor, donee basis, stepped-up basis, scholarship, gift to minors)
• Income property finance unsound (Census Bureau, fixed-rate self-amortizing mortgage, balloon, ARM)
• Whirlpool dishwashers fire hazard possibility (Sears Kenmore, recall)
• Commute-school disclosure law defeated (Antioch, Silicon Valley, athi-growth movement)
‘No risk’ to owning a mobilehome park (Kenneth Baar, rent control, economist, Capitola, Treasury bonds, Fremont, Berkeley)
• Appraisal saves taxes in foreclosure (deed in lieu of foreclosure, discharge of indebtedness income, phantom gain, recourse, nonrecourse, insolvent, gains tax, Richard D. Frazier)


• Energy Crisis III (California, blackout, deregulation, generators, gas, electric, long-term contracts, pollution, three-year payback, spreadsheet, payback period, conservation, tiered rates, baseline rates, inflation)
• Doing more deals after you’ve made it (Enough, James Schwartz, Leigh Robinson, Landlording, motel, Pushbutton Landlording, mobilehome parks, Donald Trump, Art of the Deal, Paul Thompson, foreclosures, William Nickerson, How I Turned $1,000 ino $5,000,000 in Real Estate in my Spare Time, How to Make A Fortune Today Starting From Scratch, Sam Stark, retirement, Stephen Pollan, Mark Levine, Die Broke, James Rouse, Urban Land Institute)
• Leaving First Amendment Land (guru, mentoring, shingle theory, Stephen Roulac, Ethics in Real Estate, advertising, insurance, finder’s fee, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act)
• Ed Beckley sentenced to 15 months (The Millionaire Maker, wire fraud, Home Business Technologies, Steven Liddell Winn, bankruptcy, bank fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy)
• Installment sale reinstated for accrual-basis taxpayers (Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999, Installment Tax Correction Act of 2000)
• School ratings affect home values
• Higher social security taxes (self-employment tax, mileage deduction, first-year expensing)
• Another warning from FDIC (Risk Management Association, Donna Tanoue, Real Estate Stress Test, overbuilding)
• IRS fading away (restructuring act, Bob Baldassari, Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors)
• Options tax trap ( ordinary income tax rates, short-term capital gain, long-term capital gain, employee stock options)
• San Jose rent control change suspended (capital improvement)
• Slight exception to FL bankruptcy exemption (homestead, William Tabone, Chapter 13)
• Collect rent by Internet? (Professional Apartment Management, credit card, application service providers, debit card,,,
• Cannot request credit report on departed tenants (Professional Apartment Management, National Multi Housing Council, Federal Trade Commission, Fair Credit Reporting Act)
• Evict smokers (West Hollywood)


• Motels without sheets (John Naye, recreational vehicle park, RV, Grand Junction, Durango, Moab, Claude Ballard, vacation home, eviction, positive leverage, absentee owner, employee, motel, delinquency, bad-debt, hotel, mobilehome park, laundry, pool, vacancy, office building, store, cabin, tent, Trailer Life, Woodall’s, highway signs, miniwarehouse, pads, work campers, forest fire, Mesa Verde)
• Renting out your home while you still live in it (Bill Buerge, Topanga Canyon, Mermaid, photo shoot, motion picture, television, location services, Hollywood, Sylvia Park Country Club, Mickey Cohen, Rancho Topanga, Joni Mitchell, fixer, home inspector, Murphy’s Laws, restoration, deed in lieu of foreclosure, fixer, The Money Pit, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Diane Keaton, The Next Best Thing, Madonna, Man in the Moon, Jim Carrey, Danny DeVito, Speechless, Geena Davis, Michael Keaton, Eight heads in a duffle bag, Damon Wayans, Mrs. Doubtfire, Barbra Streisand, pride of ownership, How to get started in real estate investment)
• Doing, not teaching (John Beck, advanced degrees, scholar, University of California, Golden Gate University, Hastings College of Law, distress sales, tax auction, IRS auction, boot camp, tax lien certificates, due process, infomercials, “mentoring”)
• Generators (Califonia, blackout, double-male cord, automatic transfer switch)
• Sole proprietor hiring wife not deductible (family medical coverage, Haeder)
• Out of book stores (trade book, S.T.O.P. Order, discounting, Crown Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, branded product, commodity, price wars, distributor, consolidation, returns, inventory, Harcourt Brace, Apartment Investing Checklists, partner, Washington’s First Inaugural Address)
• IRS undecided on exchange of tenant-in-common interests [IRC §1031, partnership, TCMP audit, Revenue Procedure 2000-46, Revenue Ruling 73-476, Crichton, Starker, Chase, Regulation § 301.7701-3(a)]
• Subscriber lunch
• Fair Isaac preempts Congress (Equifax, credit score, E-loan, California, mortgage)
• No first right for WA mobilehome tenants (59.23 RCW, right of first refusal, Manufactured Housing Communities of Washington, taking, private use, Mobilehome Parks Report)
• Oregon referendum says taking of ANY value requires compensation (economically viable use, rent control, zoning, MA, NY, homeowners, property taxes, Proposition 13, California Multi Housing Association, Fifth Amendment)


• Special deals with friends or relatives (zero-sum game, win-win, FDIC, insider rules, ICR §267(b), exchange facilitator, market rent, ordinary income, depreciable property, installment sale, below-market interest rate, imputed interest, applicable federal rate, first-ear expensing, remainder intterst, long-term captial gain exculison, gift, basis, stepped-up basis, inheritance, involuntary conversion, fire, flood, eminent domain, similar use, replacement property, second hame, discharge of indebtedness, college financial aid, elder law, life estate, trust, Medicaid, nursing home, fraudulent transfer, bankruptcy, William Nickerson, charity, family limited partnership, divorce, Uniform Gift to Minors Act)
• Macho investing (William Nirckerson, developer, condo, machismo, growth stocks, risk, leverage, Robert Allen, Nothing Down, J.P. Vaughn, Creative Real Esatte Online, Ross Perot, Katy Couric, Jerry Springer Show, Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, calculated risks, Ponderosa complex, Ben Cartwright,)
• Tax law changes for 2000 returns (installment sales, accural basis taxpayers, real estate professional, long-term capital gain exclusion, vacation, bankruptcy, depreciation)
• Section 8 tip
Beware RIA (Tax Practice, Kiplinger’s Tax Letter, Real Estate Tax Ideas, Gerald Robinson, Federal Income Taxation of Real Estate)
• Solar revisited (pool heaters, passive solar, Frank Schiavo, payback period, solar panels, Palo Alto, San Jose, inflation)
• Lower leng-term capital gains tax rate starting in 2001 (depreciation)
• Supreme Court restricts definition of wetlands (Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, migratory birds, interstate commerce clause, Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County)
• Berserkley again (Berkeley, drug-sniffing dogs, owner/guardian, Boulder, West Hollywood)
• Net used for finding, but not buying, homes (Wall Street Journal, Internet, brokers, mortgages, Sears Roebuck, bait and switch, Moodys, Consumer Reports)
• Subscriber supper in AZ
• Subscriber lunch in NYC
• Unauthorized credit card use (gurus, mentoring services)


• Instructions for your heirs (balance sheet, will, trust, insurance, deposits, tax returns, accounts receivable, lawsuits, petty cash, environmental hazards, owners manual, vacation, advertising, sunset clauses, professional books, mailing lists, colletions, art, manuscripts)
• Real estate on eBay (safety, feedback forum, fraud protection program, safeharbor, SquareTrade, Tradenable, user agreement, arbitration, XML, bidding, electronic checks, Kodak PhotoNet, Adobe Photo Deluxe, deadline, category, foreign buyers, raw land, advertising medium)
• ‘Ballsy Bob’ (Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad, demagogue, Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, con men, sociopath)
• Deficiency judgment after trustee sale (1333 North California Boulevard, Nippon Credit Bank, bad-faith waste, milking the property)
• Revocable trust may foul up long-term capital gains exclusion (IRC § 678, Norman Dacey, How to Avoid Probate, Nolo Press, Revenue Ruling 67-24, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, Letter Ruling 200104005)
• FHLMC will use some Net appraisals (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, low-risk mortgage, online appraisal, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, physical inspection, Appraisal Institute, streamlined appraisaals, The Associates, flipping)
• Why Florida and Utah? (scam, Robert Allen, Wade Cook, Mark Haroldsen, Howard Ruff, Wright Thurston, bankrupt, Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mormon, missionary, John Schaub, Jimmy Napier, Tom Vu, William McCorkle, Charles Givens, Carelton Sheets, vacation destination, B.S. Artist Detection Checklist, bankruptcy)
• Seasoned notes only (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Bill Mencarow, PaperSource, Mortgage Bankers Association, Fraud Detection and Deterrence,, The Associates, seller mortgages, flipping, false documents, fraudulent appraisals, estappel letter, license)
• Home ownership not for everybody (maintenance,' property values, home improvements, scam, unemployment, default)
• Ricard Gardiner bankrupt, missing (lease option) Real Estate Option Techniques, Single-Family Lease Options, property management, option price, market value, cost of living, appreciation, welsh, renege, in the money, power of attorney, unrecorded deed, Chapter 7, order to apprehend)
• Correction (Section 8)


• Technological changes in real estate investing (John Beck, eBay, rural lot, urban sliver, timeshare, minimum commission, inflatyion, ore processing, slag heap, Interstate Land Sales Act, GPS, DeLorme Earthate, Palm, U.S. Geological Survey, topo map, Wide Word of Maps, digital camera,
• What if your home gain exceeds $500,000 ($250,000-per-person-capita-gains exclusion, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, death, divorce, conversion to rental, 1031, serial home seller, instalment sale, carveouts, lnd lease, Boesel, Hawaii, Maryland, life estate, remainder estate, relatives)
• The myth of the smart investment (Haloid Corporation, Xerox, passive return, saving, self-employment, personal check)
• The double-escrow, quick-flip business (Dan Franklin, The Associates, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Paul Thompson, Ted Thomas, pre-foreclosure, waiting list, partner, husbad-wife team, middleman, license, option, consumer rights, unconscionable act, Mortgage Foreclosure Consultants Act, nothing down)
• Greatly exaggerated (California, BusinessWeek)
• Top 10 Internet frauds (WebProNews, auctions, ISP, work at home, advance-fee loan, Nigerian money offers, eBay, offshore money)
• New IRS Web site for new small-business owners
• IRS letter ruling approves additional way to do reverse exchange (Revenue Procedure 2000-37, safe harbor, lease option, National Carbide Corp., tax-free exchange)
• Get-rich-quick in Australia, too (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki)
• More on letter ruling about revocable trusts and home-sale exclusion (Letter Ruling #200104005, $250,000-per-person exclusion, probate, elder-care planning, IRC §121, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, death, nursing home, IRC §678, Revenue Ruling 67-24, right to occupy, Bob Baldassari, Letter Ruling 200018021)
• Bush’s new tax law (National Multi Housing Council, alternative minimum tax, estate tax, stepped-up basis, debt over basis)
• No mortgage interest deduct for lease option (Andrew E. Blanch, Jr., lease option)
• The right tool (printer, print on demand, Hewlett Packard Laserjet 5MP, inventory, Laserjet 4100 DTN, spreadsheet)


• Unexpected interaction (pharmacist, lawyer, accountant, specialist, general practitioner, hybrid, lease option, equity share, exchange, usury, partnership, substance over form, option, benefits and burdens of ownership, nonrecourse, nothing down, corporation, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad, small claims court, eviction, minor children, payroll tax, self-employment tax, related parties, sole proprietor, environmental law, reassessment, Home Equity Act, FHA, equity skimming, Lexis, financial planner, computer)
• Real-estate investors are kidding themselves (Dupree + Scott, Apartment Advisor, transaction costs, overhead, salary, property manager, resident manager, GNMA, inflation, appreciation, leverage, floating-rate mortgage, fixed-rate mortgage, constant dollars, Mike Scott, cap rate, Seattle, condo conversion, operating expenses, reserves for replacement, renovation)
• Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (10% tax bracket, 15% tax bracket, personal exemption, itemized deduction, standard deduction, education IRA, phase-out, estate tax, generation-skipping tax, step up in basis, AMT, Baby Boomers, Barbara Bush, Bill Clinton)
• 17th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is out (print on demand, Bush tax law, book stores, libraries, born on date, Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad)
Associates PMO shutting down in 60 days (note, Paper Source, Citigroup, EPIC, U.S. Home)
• IRS revokes partnership home gain ruling (Letter Ruling 200004022, Letter Ruling 200119014)
CA Supreme Court rejects suit against landlord (Fedex, assault, apartment complex)
charged management fee does not offset non-passive income (Hillman, Southern Management Corp. S corporation, partnership)
• Feeling in droves (BusinessWeek,, Silicon Valley, market price, Harvard Business School, Dartmouth Business School, MBA, Fort Monmouth, Atherton, tear down)
• KS preempts rent control (National Multi Housing Council)
1/3 of mortgage apps fraudulent (Associated Press, refinancing, flipping, Richard Ward, Affinity Corp., paper, due-on-sale clause)


• Move to improve your financial situation (FHA, VA, NAtional Association of Home Builders, Lima, OH, San Francisco, FNMA, FHLMC, second mortgage, liquidity, sales tax, state income tax, bankruptcy, Texas, Florida, John Beck, tax lien certificates, distressed builder auctions, Socrates, Chamber of Commerce speech, absentee investing)
• Flipping in the real world (Ted Thomas, property-wanted ads, signs, direct mail, classified ads, Nothing Down, Robert Allen, Creating Wealth, multiple listing service, auction, for sale by owner, quick-sale value, bargain purchase, vacant property, carrying costs, hazard insurance, inheritance, real estate investors club, broadcast fax, group email, double escrow, refinance, Section 8, real estate license, commission, net listing, New Jersey, Dan Franklin, overhead, diversification, counter-cyclical business, foreclosure, fix up, 15-year mortgage, GNMA bond, property management)
• Book review: Owner will carry (Creative Real Estate, agent, seller financing, institutional mortgage, cash sale, installment payments, cash resale value, paper, suitability, How to Use Leverage to Maximize Your Real Estate Investment Return, know your customer rule, junk bonds, CD, default, California real estate law, Jimmy Napier, subprime)
• Exchangers lying about occupancy and getting caught (Brandt Nicholson, exchange accommodater, IRC §1031, fraud, Dick Gephardt, vacant lot, second home, bankruptcy, Resolution Trust Corporation, deficiency judgment)
• How to Buy Real Estate for Little or No Money Down (lease option, flipping, partners, notes, finders fee, advance-fee-loan scam, nothing down, boot camp, mentoring, high credit, assumption, seller financing, bargain purchase)
• Avoid transfer taxes in exchange (serial deed, direct deed, IRS Letter Ruling 200118023, limited liability company, delayed exchange intermediary, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, IRS Letter Ruling 9751012 and 9807013)
• Cannot expense all under $500 expenditures (de minimis, Tax Court, Alacare Home Health Service, IRC §179, first-year expensing, depreciation)
• Pittsburgh assessor puts records online (Allegheny County, Mario Lemieux, Tom Murphy, Pittsburgh Steelers, Bill Cowher, Miami-Dade, Hamilton Count, OH, Fairfax County, VA, privacy, trusts)
• Should you rent or buy? calculators (National Multi Housing Council, Internet, bias, Quicken, homesestore, homeadvisor, E-loan, tax savings, itemize. agent, home builders)
• Personal generators (Home Depot, California, emergency power generators, blackouts, weather)
• Court records on line (PACER, social security numbers, bad debts)
• Where smarts don’t matter (Harvard Business School, Clayton Christensen, Innovator’s Dilemma, Disruptive Growth Fund, Nasdaq)
• Correction (small claims court, corporation)


• Picking the right niche for you (Self Assessment and Career Development, major, West Point, Millionaire Mind, distinctive competence, self employment, William Nickerson, How I Turned $1,000 into $5,000,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time, How to Make a Fortune Today Starting from Scratch, renovation, fire-damaged building, subcontractor, How to Increase the Value of Real Estate, How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value, internship, shadowing, brokerage, How to Get Started in Real Estate Investments, Residential Property Acquisition Handbook, Office Building Acquisition Handbook, Millionaire Next Door, investors association)
• Deals that make sense: Off-campus fixer (students, co-signer, summer rental, renovation, swimming pool, separate meters, How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value, riding the headlines, Seattle)
• Prospectus education (syndication, Tax Reform Act of 1986, boilerplate, SEC, securities, family limited partnership, estate tax, IRS, group ownership, Empire State Building, operating statements, Bernard Baruch, savings and loan, 2 Park Avenue Associates, Internal Revenue Code, black crepe paper)
• Unexpected interaction follow-up (Randall van Reken, LLC, corporation, S corporation, payroll, personal expenses)
• Energy-conservation tax credits possible solar hot water heater, insulation)
• Thank you, Rudi (New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, CB Richard Ellis Investors, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, DC, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Portland, Detroit, rural area, Internet access)
• Deemed sale of your home (Roy Lewis, Motley Fool, capital gains exclusion, IRC § 121, Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, capital loss, net operating loss, Bob Baldassari)
Forbes: ‘What if home prices crash?” Elizabeth ad Alan Fletcher, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, tech stock, Houston, Boston, New York City, inflation)
• eBay buys HomesDirect (foreclosure auction)
• Up with the secondary market, down with thrifts (commercial banks, FNMA, FHLMC, private-mortgage conduits, FHA, single-family, interest rate, Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, long-term mortgage, fixed rate, bankruptcy, short-term, floating rate, grading on the curve)
• Machines that diagnose themselves (HP 4100 printer, OnStar, MIT, Technology Review, satellite, jet engine)
• Modoc County, CA tax auctions on the Net (bid4assets, property tax defaulted land, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, Alturas, liens, special assessments, GPS, title insurance, quiet title)


• Gentrification flipping (blockbusting, for sale by owner, slum, fixer, quick-sale value, vacant property, buyer list, nothing down)
• House fire (Bill Mencarow, Alison Mencarow, Paper Source, uninsured contractor, Kerrville, licensed contractor, workers compensation insurance, liability insurance, rural property, ranch, estate, fire department, assessor, brush fire, water, dry hydrant, private lake, sprinkler, electric pump, paop tarts, coffee maker, photographs, video ape, back-up disks, guaranteed replacement cost insurance, co-insurance penalty, capital gain, two-year rollover, $250,000-per-person capital gains exclusion)
• How war will affect real estate (Pearl Harbor, Japan, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein, World War II, Liberty Ships, 82nd Airborne Division, Fayetteville, NC, Fort Bragg, Dominican Republic, bargain purchase, Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, Soldiers and Sailors Civil Act, evictions, Vietnam, airlines, bankrupt, union, World Trade Center, airport, vacation home, cruise ships, terrorist, rent control, New York City, excess-profits tax, construction, Distressed Real Estate Times)
• Best-selling real-estate authors (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, William Nickerson, Al Lowry, How I Turned $1,000 into $5,000,000 in Real Estate in My Spare Time, How to Make a Fortune Today Starting From Scratch, How to ecome Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate, Robert Allen, Nothing Down, Bill “Tycoon” Greene, Craig Hall, Tony Hoffman, Wade Cook, Dave Glubetich, Dave Del Dotto, Charles Givens, Sonny Bloch, Ed Beckley, Mark Haroldsen, bankrupt, Millionaire Next Door, back list, Landlording, Leigh Robinson, Making the Most of Your Money, Jane Bryant Quinn, Finding and Buying Your Place in the Country, Les Scher, Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors)
• Landmark building dangers (foreign government tenants, demonstrations, terrorist, diplomatic immunity, war, riot, hazard insurance, liability insurance, Greg Crouch, World Trade Center, bankruptcy, public relations, contents, business interruption, life insurance, Timothy McVeigh, Pentagon, U.N., White House, Transamerica Pyrammid, Sears Tower, Tenerife, rappeling, parachute, Granada)
• Commando raids (Rangers, SEALs, Afghanistan, History Channel, Discovery Channel, West Point, Pointe du Hoc, Vietnam, ambush, Somalia, Granada, World War II, Stinger missile, Soviet Union, Britain, Rudyard Kipling, The Young Bitish Soldier)
• CA Coastal Commission unconstitutional (Mobilehome Parks Report, Sacramento, separation of powers, executive agency)
• IRS pamphlet about frivolous tax arguments, Flora v. U.S., voluntary)
• Court backs apartment developers (National Multi Housing Council, Orange, CT, zoning, affordable housing, injunction, Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.)
• Overly generous appraisals? (M.A.I., coercion, Wall Street Journal, appreciation, Reed’s Rules of Real Estate Finance, computer appraisals, savings and loan)
• Tax-free divesting of real estate by corporation (C corporation, Revenue Ruling 2001-29, REIT)
• Why Johnny can’t rent his office space (, Silhouettes, Holiday Inn)
• Collect rents by electronic deit (cash management, low-income tenant, automated clearing house)


• The real-estate front (Pentagon, leverage, CyTerra Corp., Visionics, drone, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon, Alliant Techsystems, gas mask, wind, crop duster, dispersion, as-Quaeda, videoconference, encryption, World Trade Center, insurance, IRA, skyscraper, Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump, Embarcadero Center, Vietnam, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Japan, Taliban, Napoleon, Hitler, Indiana Jones)
• Homeowner dues foreclosure (Ron Starr, Copperopolis, homeowners association, 60 Minutes, Milpitas, sheriff’s sale, negative equity, reconveyance, discount lien release, phantom lien, Dennis Fassuliotis)
• Bargains in the multiple listing service (speculation, Ronald Reagan, upgrading, subdivision, condo, uncooperative tenant, commercial property, raw land, probate, contingent sale, one-bedroom house, two house on one lot, out-of-area, computer search, physical inspection)
• Addresses
• Automated appraisals (FHLMC, Loan Prospector, FNMA, Property Inspection Waiver, American Banker)
• Harry Weisbrod, 1920-2001 (Wage-Hour and Employment Practices Manual for the MultiHousing Industry, IREM, EEOC, Weisbrod Wage-Hour News Bulletin)
• Berkeley and Iraq
• Guru murdered (Richard Wood, Ponzi Scheme, Paper Source)
• Intermediaries overcharging on reverse exchanges (Brandt Nicholson, IRS Revenue Procedure 2000-37, limited liability company, trust)
• Soldiers’ & Sailors’ Civil Relief Act (eviction)
• Commandos II (Ranger, Kandahar, Mullah Mohammed Omar, Vietnam, Green Berets, Newsweek, Montagnards, Afghanistan, Taliban, al-Quaeda)
• Sloppy exchange nixed (assignment, notice, TAM 200130001)
• Tax proposals (George Bush)
• Residential salaries (National MultiHousing Council, groundskeepers, leasing agents, maintenance managers, property manager)
• Bill Gatten’s PACTRUST (nothing down, William Bronchick)
• Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (health insurance, pension)
• Changes in book availability (How to Increase the Value of Real Estate, How to Buy Real Estate for at Least 20% Below Market Value)


• Paul F. Thompson, 1941-2001 (Bay Area Investors Information Services, Bill Snipes, Anne Thompson, LLNL, foreclosure auction, do-it-yourself, construction, duplex, roof, Stockton, CA, heart attack, Olympic team, living trusts, Vince Lombardi, early-retirement, West Point, entrepreneur, Todd Thompson)
• Exchanging into institutional tenancies in common (partnership, letter ruling 9609016, Crichton, Starker, equal-protection clause, substance over form, Revenue Ruling 2000-46, more likely than not, Regulation Section 301.7710-3(a), passive property, land, net lease, apartment building, light industrial building, IRS, liquidity, syndication, limited partnership, general partner, 45-day deadline, simultaneous exchange, rent control, equity sharing, Del Chase, TCMP audit)
• Falling interest rates and stock prices (Alan Greenspan, capital assets, 30-year treasuries, 401(k), doubling up, speculators, refinancing, GNMA bond)
• National Guard (New York City, World Trade Center, Detroit race riots, 82nd Airborne Division, Regular Army, Vietnam, Kent State, John F. Kennedy Airport, Oakland, Andy Griffith, Barney Fife)
• Avoid independent escrow companies (Brandt Nicholson, title insurance company, Fidelity, First American, Old Republic, Chicago Title, delayed exchange, intermediary, “and” account)
• The unmentionable guru (Russ Whitney™, Clinton, Monica, trademark, Creative Real Estate Online, lawsuit, publicity, news group, privacy, libel, impersonation, anonymous posting, handles, papersourceonline)
• WTC: 1 incident or 2? (deductible, policy limit, Fort Worth, DeSoto, TX, freeze, Swiss Reinsurance, Larry Silverstein, co-insurance)
• $4.8 million in tax credits for a $4 million building (rehab, Dustin Mills, Lyschurg, VA, National Register of Historic Places, historic rehab tax credit, low-income housing credit, SunTrust Bank, limited partner, conservation seaement, land donation, improvement of wildlife habitat, renewalble energy, recycling, energy-efficient improvements, incentive, loophole)
• Location trumps FICO (Fair, Isaac Company, mortgage, default, MGIC Investment Corporation, recession, regional economic downturn, FICO score, appraisal, equity percentnage, unemployment, divorce, interest rates)
• Border woes (Canada, delays)
• Afghan war (commandos, forwmard observers, Taliban, Rangers, combat engineers, Air Force, caves, Sadam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, terrorism, Libya, Iran)


• Miniwarehouse (Leigh Robinson, Landlording, mobilehome park, sewvage treatment, street, exchange, Downtown Self-Storage, security camera, alarm, sleep in miniwarehouse, carbon dioxide, roll-down door, evaporative cooler, freon, humidity, homeless, elevator, tydraulic, hoist, service contract, Dover, Vertrans, Otis, ThyssenKrupp, sump pump, trash, timer outlet, timer switch, rats, security deposit, credit card, grace period, evict, sign, countercyclical)
• Not more; instead of (Florida State University, Bobby Bowden, NCAA, Nothing Down, Enough, James Schwartz, point of diminishing returns, Fortune, budget, time budget, Jane Bryant Quinn, Newvweek, PBS, agent, John F. Kennedy, commission, Silas Marner, bachelor, Real Estate Intelligence Report, Marc Goodfriend, How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value, resident manager, property manager, Marshall McLuhan, loan-to-value ratio)
• Influence (Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, Arizona State University, psychology, Hare Krishna, Realtors®, consistency, Emerson, mob psychology, Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, best seller, John Beck, delinquent tax auction, Guinness Book of Records, used-car salesmen, Tupperware, Mark Holocek, infomercial, Al Lowry, Ph.D., Dave DelDotto, scarcity)
• Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2002 (Pricewaterhouse, hotel, retail, residential, industrial, office, overbuilding, Mortgage and Real Esatte Executives Report, vulture fund, Gulf War, commercial mortgage delinquencies, capitalzvation rate, Treasuries, appreciation, developer)
• XML (stolen property, skip tracing, Amazon)
• Incentive or loophole? (Forbes, Community ReinvestmenAct, deposits, Urban America, Inner City Public Interest Law Center)
• Refi boom (Dederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation)
• Banks can facilitate reverse exchanges (limited liability company, regulator)
Cayman Islands getting out of tax-haven business (IRS, business meetings)
Diferentt, not down (9/11, terrorists, airlines, security, interest rate, refinance)
• Realtor® changes (Wall Street Journal, XML, OpenMLS, Inc.,,, Austin, Congress, fee-for-service)
• Boom in private islands (Time, 9/11, safety, Bahamas, Abu Sayyaf, Muslim, Philippine, al Qaeda, Sipadan, Borneo, Jolo Island, Indonesia, Maylasia)


• Tax-free pension plans (asset protection, VA, TN, Entrust Group, IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE
Keough, 401(k), family limited partnerships, offshore trusts, bankruptcy, Texas, Florida, O.J. Simpson, homestead, retirement, self-employed, employees, profit, self-dealing, Unrelated Business Income Tax, IRC §121, IRC §1031, notes, corporation, LLC, self-directed pension plan)
Al Seastrand (Sacramento, foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, private investigator, red tag houses, board of health, condemned, uninhabitable, lease-option, renovation, fictitious deed of trust, short form, adhesion contract, game theory)
• Book review: Real Estate Riches by Dolf de Roos (Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Rich Dad Advisor™ New Zealand, 100:10:3:1 rule, Realtors®, blacklist)
‘Accredited investor’ (Robert Kiyosaki, SEC, suitability, options, seller take-back mortgage, lease option, paper)
• How ’bout them Green Berets? (commandos, Ranger, SEAL, Bin Laden)
• 360° photography (interiors, MacWorld, Web site, Surroundphoto)
• Window-cleaning standard (American National Standards Institute, Standard 1-14.1, safety, Plan of Service, Cal OSHA, tort liability)
• Tax changes (mileage allowance, interest rate, self-employed, health insurance)
• Tax preparer steals refund check (David Earl, forgery, Your Insurance Needs Agency, replacement check, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals)
• Jail for property manager in lead case (James T. Aneckstein, Manchester, NH, obstructing justice, false statements, lead-based paint notice, Sunday Abek, lead poisoning)
• John Beck’s ‘Free and clear’ infomercial (tax-lien certificates, Genesis Media, Ron Starr)
• Neural network airport screening (baggage)
• Enron (conflict of interest, Arthur Anderson, board, Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, Ralph Nader, GM, DuPont, securities analysts, T. Boone Pickens)
• Ramps for homes (Santa Monica, wheelchair)
• IRS publications (Selling home, installment sale, business use of home, business expenses)
• Guardsman shoots self in behind (National Guard, Kent State, Detroit, airport, San Francisco Airport, “Barney Fife,” Andy Griffith Show)


• Places Rated for Investment (Salt Lake City, David Savageau, San Francisco, Honolulu, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Jose, New York City, capitalization rate, income tax, property tax, sales tax, Al Lowry, West Lake Village, Incline Village, college towns, Athens, GA; Bangor, ME; Bloomington, IN; Champaign, IL; Charlottesville, VA; College Station, TX, Columbia, MO; Flagstaff, AZ; Gainesville, FL; Grenville, NC; Hattiesburg, MS; Iowa City, IA; Lafayette, IN; Lawrence, KS; Muncie, IN; Normal, IL; Pocatello, ID; Provo, UT; State College, PA, Tallahassee, FL; Brazoria, TX; Atlanta, Long Island, San Diego)
• Book review: How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings (Eugene Vollucci, John Wiley & Sons, consultants, internal rate of return, seller financiang, cap rate, tenant in common, family limited partnership, offshore trust, Cook Islands Trust, building size, subject to, due-on-sale clause, self-amortizing mortgage, HUD, operating expense ratio, Institute of Real Esate Management, Income/Expense Analysis, National Apartmentt Association, Mike Scott, Seattle, timing markets, IRS enrolled agent, property manager, kickback)
• Corrosion (Voorhees, NJ; “electrolysis,” sacrificial anode, hot water heater, water treatment, PVC, coated pipe, mobilehome park, National Association of Corrosion Engineers, Coating Inspector, Cathodic Protection, Generalist, George Nekoksa, Corrosion Failure Analysis & Control, copper pipe, galvanic reaction, slab)
• NMHC property management survey (renter’s insurance, on line rental application, credit bureau, yield management software, rent pricing software, vacancy rate)
• OSHA extended to landlords (Mortgage and Real Estate Executives Report, Standard Industry Classification, Real Estate Operator, Lessor, Land Subdividers and Developers, Tax Refform Act of 1986, OSHA Form 301, OSHA Form 300, injury, illness)
• ‘With Ruth’ (Frank Crosetti)
• Underground tanks deduction (depreciation, land improvement electrnoic circuitry)
• Amazon ‘profit’ (foreign currency, hedge, Enron)
• Print on demand (HP Laserjet 4100, Internet)
• Terrorism exclusions (McCreary’s Real Esatte Insurance Review, war, military action)
• 1031 exchange deadlines extended for 9/22 victims (IRS Notice 2001-68)
• ‘Deemed sale’ ruling (Revenue Ruling 2001-57)
• Almost a ‘real estate professional’ (Bailey)
• Enron refugees go to real estate? (BusinessWeek, trade-off, made as instructed, fraudulent loan appication, derivatives, synthetic leases, commercial paper)
Forbes and exchanges (accommodators, phantom gain, fees, delayed exchange, tenancies in common)
• A modest analysis (Osama Bin Laden, Ken Harney, Freddie Mac, gap ratio)
• Super Bowl (Kurt Warner, Rams, Patriots)
• Miscellaneous (Al SEastrand, lease option, Leonard Evelev, pension plan, Roth IRA, Philadelphia, Texas)


• Speed (Nathan Bedford Forest, multiple listing book, classified ad, Seattle, cap rate, retired military, agent, commission, due diligence, appraisal, property inspection, earthquake map, flood map, Paul Thompson, windshield appraisal, auction, auction fever, first not best)
• Book review: Building Wealth (Russ Whitney™, TV infomercial, dropout, college, rooming houses, zoning, Forbes, Abraham Lincoln, C.W. Gran, positive thinking, negativity, salesmanship, credit, biweekly mortgage, cash at closing, repair and redecorating allowance, positive cash flow, Negative cash flow, rent security deposits, property management, Institute of Real Estate Management, Certified Property Manager Code of Ethics)
• ‘Soup Nazi’ marketing (Al Yaganeh, Soup Kitchen International, Seinfeld, Durgin Park, capacity, triage, Strawbridge, waiting list, concession, delinquency, Corsicana, Antoine’s, Preservation Hall, Barney’s, Club 54 Mama Leone’s Restaurant)
• Corruption indicators (Futurist, Managing Global Issue, Peter Richardson, Transparency International, Bribe Payers Index, Sweden, Hon Kong, Big Mac Index, Argentina, property management, Section 8, title insurance, laundry concessionaires)
• 2nd edition of How to Increase the Value of Real Estate (print-on-demand, unrealized potential, renovation, zoning, William Nickerson, How I Turned $1,000 into $5,000,000 in Real Estate in my Spare Time, bargain purchase, upgrading, unchangeables, changeables, targets of opportunity)
• ‘The worst that can happen is that you get the property’ (second mortgage, PaperSource, Lorelei Stevens, Baxter, default, usury, guarantee)
• Upcoming reg on exchange of tenancies in common (Kiplinger Tax Letter, IRS, exchange, partition)
• Rent control mediation (Clovis, mobilehome)
• Bush criticizes FNMA/FHLMC (Bush, secondary lenders, subprime, guarantee)
• Number of new phone lines dropping (Pacific Bell, Verizon, Bell South, wireless, broadband, cell phone, Pueblo, CO, Blackhawvk Down, Mogadishu, Mount Everest)
• Rescuing the dead (Afghanistan, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Ranges, Blackhawk Down, We Were Soldiers, SEAL)
• Children in RRVs (empty nest, finished attic, Richard Nixon, Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Fear, Step by Step, camper trailer)
• Correction of correction (Leonard Evelev, Philadelphia, Roth IRA, exchange)
• Miscellaneous (John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Bush, tariff, steel, Depression, protectionism, recession, trade war, Ronald Reagan, Tax Reform Act of 1986, $500,000 long-term capital gains exclusion)


• Job Creation and Workers Assistance Act of 2002 (President Bush, 9/11, bonus depreciation, personal property, computer, vehicle, leasehold improvements, first-year expensing, Section 179, nonresidential property, motels, vacation rental, MACRS, alternative minimum tax, vehicle depreciation, electric car, 6,000 pounds, net operating loss, carryback, passive loss limits, Form 1045, Form 1040X, amended return)
• Revenue Procedure 2002-22: Tenant-in-common exchanges (Revenue Procedure 2000-46, Section 1031, entities, cororation, partnership, like-kind, deed, substance over form, contiguous, global power of attorney, recourse, option, percentage lease, group ownership)
• Empty strategies (wrap, lease option, mortgage, land contract, all-inclusivedeed of trust, junior lien, installment sale, capital gain, tax bracket, recapture, imputed interest, amortization, Stonecrest, Professional Equities, Internal Revenue Bulletin 1988-37, excess loans over basis, assumable, VA, FHA, fixed-rate, ARM)
• Energy again (Malthusian forecasts, Thomas Malthus, Principle of Population, Robert Stobaugh, Daniel Yergin, Esergy Future, Kenneth Deffeyes,oil reserves, Eric Sevareid, gas lines, Oil Embargo, batteries, solar, wind, hydrogen, inflation)
• Default rates (Standard & Poor’s Corp., investment grade, passbook savings account, junk bond, diversified portfolio)
• Regional exchange incidence (Randall van Reken, Nevada, Montana, ME, NH, VT, Philadelphia, Brandt Nicholson)
• Tourism’s loss is real estate’s gain (9/11, Las Vegas)
• Dog mauling and landlords (Marjorie Knoller, Robert Noel, second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter, lesbian, San Francisco)
• New Fixers book (How to Increase the Value of Real Estate)
• Realtors® adding fees (RE/MAX, Ken Harney)
• Realtors® gagged in ID and AZ (Ron Starr, appraisers)
• Middle-of-the-night calls (fire, Leigh Robinson, Landlording, roof leak, murder, property manager, sales agents, insurance)
Turbotak problems (MacInTax, itemizations, override, Form 4562, 1040 ES, California incomme tax, Internet, PC, Quicken, Kiplinger’s Tax Cut)
• Mitigation banking (Fortune, Steve Morgan, Wildlands, Inc., wetlands, Clean Water and Endangered Species Act, Antioch)
• Miscellaneous (Red Lobster, National Guard)


• Preserve existing financiang (transaction costs, interest rate, loan constant, loan-to-value ratio, liability, due-on-sale clause, Wellenkamp v. Bank of America, Fidelity v. de la Cuesta, Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, Reagan, savings and loan debacle, assumption, subject to, Comptroller of the Currency, National Credit Union Administration, FHA, VA, Robert Allen, Nothing Down, wrap, lease option, pre-foreclosure, Randall van Reken, name-change techniques, trust, laches, waiver, statute of limitations, breach of contract, concealment, hazard insurance, mail fraud, insurance fraud, under-insured, double-insured property, recording, qualifying, anti-deficiency judgment statute, credit, brokers, Nevada Real Estate Commission)
• Profits in conservation (mitigation banking, The New Economy of Nature, carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide, acid rain, oxygen, New York City, EPA, Chicago Board of Trade)
• Litigation (motions, petitions, preliminary injuncitons, motion pracitce, summary judgment, California Forms of Pleading and Practice, California Practice Guide, Continuing Education of the Bar Meeting Statutory Deadlies Action Guide, law library, check lists, Residential Property Acquisition Handbook, Office Building Acquisition Handbook, Owner’s Guide to Selling Investment Real Estate, Bob Bruss, Brokers, National Association of Realtors®, professional, summons, proof of service, due process, Constitution, personal service, court web site, substantive law, procedure, professional responsibility, evidence)
• Retroactive IRS form changes (Randall van Reken, Las Vegas, Form 4562 electronic filing, tenancy in common, partnership)
• Program to subsidize home buyers who make $100K+ (San Francisco, Fedeal Home Loan Bank, middle income, assistance program, Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco Workforce Housing Fund)
• LED lights (light-emitting diode, fluorescent, incandescent)
• Pit bull (Randall van Reken, Reaolter®, lockbox, homeowners insurance, bankrupt)
• 3:00 AM call (Randall van Reken, middle-of-the-night call, roof leak)
• Meaning of Revenue Procedure 2002-22 (advance ruling, exchange, tenant in common, Richard Goodman, 35-person limit, group ownership)
• Third-party assaults (ambulance chasers, Saelzer v. Advanced Group 400, security gate, gang, security guard)
• ‘We buy ’em and manage ’em. You get the profits.’ (Kenneth Bradford, Jo Ellen Bryant, Prime Plus Mortgage, fraudulent appraisals, cash out, skimming, drug dealers, prostitutes, foreclosure)
• 29% duy on Canadian lumber (Bush, Clinton, free trade, National Association of Home Builders, Milton Friedman, imported steel)
• Largest apartment owners (Apartment Investmentn and Management Company, National Multi Housing Council, Boston Capital, GE Capital, Lincoln Property, Prudential, Trammel Crow, economies of scale, diseconomies of scale, four ations, bureaucracy, CYA, drivers license)
• Mold (homeowners insurance, State Farm, California, Texas)
• RAM horror story (actuarial table, annuity, Ken Harney, Lacy Eckhardt, Transamerica Home First Corp., Lehman Brothers, Financial Fredom, nursing home, appreciation, appraisal, life estate, remainder estate, life insurance, hedge)
• Miscellaneous (Amazon, Jeff Bezos, liquidity, diversification)


• Incorporation (Robert Kiyosaki, limited liability, loan liability, close corporation, usury)
• Overly vacant nonresidential buildings (Tucson, El Con Mall, Cottonwoods, Corsicana TX, Cherry Hill NJ, Hoffman Associates, Portland OR, short-term tenant, Yorkhouse East, Moorestown NJ, Alfred Taubman, Sotheby's, Distressed Real Estate Times)
• Wireless means privacy (Prince Charles, Newt Gingrich)
• Strange law on mold (Toxic Mold Protection Act of 2001)
• 'Linguistic profiling' (fair housing advocates, Alan Dershowitz)
• Florida bankruptcy exemption has no fraud exception (homestead bankruptcy exemption, Haveco of America, Ltd. v. Hill)
• Why mold now? (amulance chaser, National Association of Realtors, Transfer Disclosure Statement)
• Terrorism in apartments (CYA, al Quaeda)
• Stock market refugees streaming into real estate (dot.coms, REIT, Realtor, 9/11)
• Prices "firm," "solid" (First Republic Bank, California)
• Arizona Wildcats (Tucson, Prudential, Claude Ballard)
• Beware fake IRS ID theft (exemption)
• Rev. Proc. 2002-33 (Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002)
• Slate overload (Slate, Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad)
• Miscellaneous (Navajo code talkers, cryptograms, World War II, Windtalkers)


• Effects of parent money on children (Horatio Alger, alcohol, roommates, West Point, exercise, cars, chores, inheritance, Menendez, annuity, Die Broke, charity)
• Common names (immigrants, rednecks, judgment investing)
• More incorporation
• Golf ball houses
• Let the buyer do it
• Trailer trash
• Radical reform of tax law
• More closing cost reform
• Too many buyers
• Lower yields for smaller apartment buildings


• Deliberate underpricing to create auction
• Russ Whitney vs. John T. Reed
• Real estate journalism, part II
• 'Unaffordable' sale prices
• 'I will invest in your deals' guru indicted
• Equity skimmers use trust
• Less print on demand
• Cheaper title insurance
• 'Asset protection is sleazy'
• 'Six-figure check to the EPA'
• Fewer phone lines
• Late mailing of this issue


• Conflict and conflict avoidance
• Are we in a real estate bubble?
• Property value insurance?
• Can't prohibit day care
• Microfinancial, Inc.
• IRS guidelines for unforeseen home sales
• SSAN: 25¢
• 'Not making any more of it'
• Blogs
• Inner city safer than suburbs
• Forbes 400 and real estate
• Real estate journalism
• Business with a friend


• Refinance lessons learned
• Insurance problems
• 'Housing boom's dark side'
• Credit score reasons
• Low-income problems
• Military spouses assisting Realtors®
• New roof deductible
• IRS mileage allowance going down
• Equitable right of redemption
• Settled for 60¢ on the dollar; tax on 100¢
• Median home prices
• Floods, not quakes
• Wingless 'pilot'
• Laptops
• Good Housekeeping?


• 'Upstate New York'
• 2002 election
• Contingent insurance consulting fees
• Credit rating interpretation guide
• Is LLC always suitable?
• Fool for an attorney
• Roof allowed to be expensed


• Unenforceable contracts and clauses
• Our special hazard
• Arbitration victory
• CA withholding on sales of rental property
• OK to deduct part of bedroom
• The New American Home
• Whitney is ex-con – robbery
• Aggregating generally needed for real estate professional treatment
• Transfer of mortgaged property to corporation
• Condo appreciation near that of detached homes
• Correction


• Property-improvement loans
• Foreclosures: East Coast perspective
• Rehab payback survey
• Record low interest rates raise property values
• No tax on certain home offices
• Shipping out
• One real estate bubble did burst
• Bush tax cuts
• Home office change retroactive
• Court says WTC was 'single occurence'
Improve the Value of Your Home Up to $100,000 by Robert Irwin
• Whitney paternity suit


• Trying to time markets
• Cosmetic renovation of common areas
• Book review: Value Investing in Real Estate
• Finally – secure shopping cart at my Web site
• Partition is not a taxable sale
• Other Bruce Norris wisdom
• Whitney sues me in state court
• Solar home-heating
• Family limited partnerships
• Self-employed can deduct 100% of health insurance
• Aging and home design
• More war


• Book review: Streetwise Investing in Rental Housing
• Growth
• Help for checking stuff out
• Michael Warren arrested
• Muddling through college costs
• No more cassettes
• Tax-lien securitization
• War vs. peace
• Whitney motion to strike the already stricken denied


• Mineral rights
• Book review: Flipping Properties
• Small claims court
• Second homes
• Dry cleaner tenants
• Increase in base rents
• Kiplinger's Tax Cut
• Your collection techniques
• IRS trying to get family limited partnership issue to Supreme Court
• Whitney files a third suit against me
• Iraq real estate values
• War coverage
• Wade Cook bankrupt – again


• Do newer building have lower operating costs?
• Collecting after you win a judgment
• Remove and don't replace
• Moneyball
• 'Subject-to' deals
• Net effect
• 'Soup-Nazi' marketing revisited
• Try capitalism and democracy
• Thumbprints for FL real estate deals
• Whitney dismisses one suit against me
• Ernie Kessler died


• Deflation
• Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003
• Book review: 266 Real Estate Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
• E-Trade portable mortgage
• FHLMC scandal
• Internet shills confirmed
• High-speed Internet connection
• Paperless mortgages
• Low credit score = high insurance claims
• U.S Supreme Court upholds rent control again
• And AMT taketh away
• Russ Whitney's 'wicked stepmother'


• Investing in land
• Asset protection: $160,000
• Lower interest rates = lower rents
• MBA not deductible
• Apartment mailbox standards
• California crumbling
• Real estaet and the do-not-call registry
• Bad dog breeds
• End Prop. 13 for nonresidential?
• Electronic appraisals advancing
• 'Affordability' index


• Distant early warning
• Residential notes — a dying niche
• 'The best book on investing ever written'
• Stolen house
• Want approval of peers
• 'Proposed amount you owe: $10,978'
• Shared driveway dispute
• GAO: 'Tax code ovely complex'
• Not retaliation
• 'Kaleeforneeyah'
• Risk aversion is risky
• Timeshare scam
• Advance fee mortgage
• Is this an urban legend?


• Break your analysis down into smaller pieces
• Are your properties really profitable?
• Books back in print
• Unsolicited faxes banned
• Freddie Mac order to fire execs
• Homeowners are happier
• Presidential candidate Wes Clark
• Whitney threatening Web site who links to mine
• Recall
• Another roof-is-deductible decision
• Texans allow themselves home equity loans
• Anti-student law illegal
• Record home sales in July


• Calculate your EXACT return
• Book review: The Unofficial Guide to Real Estate Investing, 2nd Edition
• McCorkles' request for sentence reduction
• California recall
• Drug labs in your apartments
• Other's mortgage interest not deductible
• Possible elimination of gain exclusion on homes acquired by exchange
• Blackmail threat by Third-World data processor
• $10,978 IRS bill reduced to $615
• 'Maintenance' and 'champetry' not allowed
• NO personal residence?
• 'Flipping' and 'wholesaling'
• Correction


• What's new in real estate
• Credit agencies sending files to Third-World countries
• WSJ: Higher rates may cause home prices to fall
• Making improvements on property already owned by an affiliate or party related to the exchanger
• Rent control defeated in Cambridge, MA
• Noteworthy owner dies
• Interest on overdue business federal income taxes not deductible unless corp.
• IRS interest rate lowest ever
• USA Patriot Act and real estate
• More 'bubble' analysis
• Property managers not need license in MD
• Roulac's book not out yet


• Investors ask the wrong questions
• Excellent real estate book
• 90th anniversary of income tax
• PDA feedback
Succeeding released
• We can't afford to pay for senior drugs
• End of steel tariffs
• More self-delusion by investors
• Caymans losing haven status


The use of auctions to sell real estate
• Using pensions and homesteads to protect assets
• Sick malls
• Commissions
• Income by Zips
Fortune doomsday article
• Higher fees for whites
• Don't do that
• 18th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors
• Donating cars to charity
• Rooftop antenna problems
• Credit for on-time rent payments


Real estate in Mexico
• Foreclosure
• Real estate appraisals being outsourced to India
• Distressed Real Estate Times back in print
• Bathroom increase value 24.1%?
• Referral fee to out-of-state broker
• Quicken WillMaker Plus 2004
• Tenant screening tips
• Office securitization
• Big city attorneys
• Candidate medals


Edward Novak's preforeclosure approach
• Nickel and dimed to death
• The rich don't play by the same rules
• Personal Real Estate Portfolio Magazine
• First American Registry
• Martha
• Miniwarehouse security
• Newsweek retirement story
• Better deal if you agree to offshoring
• Measure L
• prices angering agents
• Find the seams
• Lost another loan to DiTech
• No cash out loan if code violations


Book review: Dave Whisnant's Complete Real Estate Investor Program
• Bill or Kwame? Management lessons learned from The Apprentice
• Slate roofs
• Annualized income installment method
• John Beck
• Google creating on-line operating system
Forbes admits it was wrong, but still hoping
• 95% retire in poverty?
• Pat Tillman's death
• The AMT


The new how-to real estate TV shows
• Will it work in your area?
• Too much fixing
• Alter ego
• Volumes 2 and 3 of Real Estate Investment Strategy released
• Class action settlement from Poz-Lok sprinkler pipes
• Objection! lawyer training game
• Roulac's 255 Real Estate Investment Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them finally out
• Russ Whitney tries to shut down my Web site
• The compressor that wouldn't die and the men who keep it going
• U.C. Santa Barbara
• Can't change active income into passive by renting from self
• 'Thanks for your money, now shut up!'
• Harsh reality about real estate investing
• Iraqi prisoner abuse


Mobile office with a driver
• The invisible balloon payments
• Home improvement
• Rents peaked in 1969
• Pending IL anti-landlord bills
• Favorable family limited partnership decision
• Zero-down notes default
• 'We the people' leader convicted
• Rental house 'P/E' ratios
• Home office LOWERS value?
• Reagan
• Reducing spam
• Dilbert attacks feng shui
• Not nearby


Profiting from dumb real estate laws
• Real estate investment myths
• High vacancies mean fewer bankruptcies
• Commission rebates
• Million Realtors®
• Four more Roulac 'mistakes' books
• Rapid write-off personal property
• Hostile neighbors 'unforeseen circumstance' to IRS
• Ratio of existing home prices to new home prices
• Too much money


Financing real estate with 0% credit card loans
• Matching your strengths and weaknesses to a real estate investment strategy
• Lowered expectations
• Poletown Supreme Court decision
• Conservation easement deductions
• Paypal
• Median U.S. home price headed for $200,000
• To-be-constructed exchange invalidated
• Commissions vary
• eBay vigilantes
• Flipping as a scam
• Swift boats


Technological obsolescence and enhancement of real estate values
• Real, not fake, real estate experts
• Legal action against Stefanchik and American Cash Flow Institute teacher
• Wrap problems
• Mortgage fraud doubles
• Power of the Internet
• Condos up more than detached houses
• Cannot park previously owned property in delayed exchange
• Land trusts
• Gas station rent control unconstitutional
• Another Fortune cover story on a real estate crash
• Increase in student tenants offsets loss of others to homeownership
• Interest and cap rates not in lock step


Appreciation vs. inflation
• The virtue of ignorance
• Cincinnati considering anti-lease-option law
• Street fairs
• Send stuff to IRS by certified mail
• IRS volunteers incompetent and overly generous
• Free enterprise vs. government
• DiTech refund
• Will the presidential election affect you?
• Overdue taxes on underwater land
• Progress in online real estate selling
• Whitney files 4th suit


Delinquent tax sales
• When good contractors go bad
• Loopnet and Craigslist
• Permanent tax cuts
• Asset-protection guru turns clients into IRS
• Much ado about nothing
• Nothing-down program shut down
• Certified-mail tax returns
• Scots-Irish
WSJ gets lease-option story wrong
• CA law requiring license of real estate Web site unconstitutional
• Federal court strikes mobilehome rent control


Book review: Rental Houses for the Successful Small Investor
• Fly-in real estate
• Off-shoring adversely affecting office buildings
• More electronic payments than checks
• Builders giving concessions
• Reserve and guard obligations under leases and loans
• NV ends secret corporate ownership
• Steinberg acquitted
• Mortgage-elimination programs
• Property owners get housing inspector fired
• Short-term rentals get around passive-loss limits
• Tankless hot-water heaters
• Kelly or Jennifer?


Can money buy happiness?
Tsunamis and U.S. real estate
• Newcomer sticker shock
• Exterior shutters
• One way to reduce flood insurance premium
• Injunction against Stefanchik
• Leigh Robinson's new book: What's a Landlord to Do? Landlording Q&A's
• Deducting mortgage interest
• Boston rejects rent control
• When new edition?
• Offshore guru imprisoned
• More ARMs in CA
• Eminent domain abuse
• Shifting sands
• Why no Iraqi KATUSA program?


Extracting senior home equity
• Book review: John Schaub’s Building Wealth One House at a Time
• Change in exchange law
• Virtual neighborhood tours on line
• Class-action law
• Book review: Are you Missing the Real Estate Boom?


The ultimate fixers: builders
• Lessons learned from renovations
• Free-and-clear risk-reward
• Rental house limited partnership
• Dan Rather
• Preconstruction strategy
• The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004
• Rev. Procedure 2005-14
• Warren Buffett stays on the sideline
• Career move for Martha?
• New self-publishing book


No wires
• Homes are getting a bit too hot
• Decisions not results
• Supreme Court says IRAs creditor-proof
• Pension contributions at tax time
• Justice Department warning agents
• New bankruptcy law
• Revenue Procedure 2005-14 continued from March
• Kickbacks at closing
• Buy vs. rent = positive vs. negative cash flow
• Bring back the draft
• Loophole book


Are you a real estate mercenary?
• Book review: Maverick Real Estate Investing
• X-ray vision
• Replacing carpet as a value increaser
• Stocks better than real estate?
• Home equity interest not deductible for AMT
• B.S. Detection—you read it here first
• I have to appear at a hearing against Russ Whitney in Fort Myers
on June 15th
• ‘Prices are really high in my area’
• ‘Yellow flags’
• Too much home ownership?
• Money Laundering Control Act
• Broadband wireless to end metro area commo advantage
• Fortune cover story gets it right for a change


Implications of the 'froth' market
• Exchange into sponsored tenancy-in-common
• Supreme Court upholds gas station rent control in Hawaii
• High home prices reducing school children population in some neighborhoods
• Landlords sharing info on bad tenants
• Negative amortization interest only ARMs
• LLC manager liable for his acts
• Construction geniuses
• Whitney gets more delays
• Not enough recruits


Lessons learned from three years of litigation
• The Supreme Court may have gone too far
• Rental house numbers
• More 'froth' evidence
• Ethanol is a colossal waste of energy
• Book review: Freakonomics
• Changing mortgage mix
• Backlash against foreclosure 'rescue' scams
• Medicaid going after inherited real estate
• Karlgaard's advice
• eBay losing dominance
• Two products
• Good weather


Avoid most real estate institutions
• Thomas Kinkade homes
• More tax liens
• Long-term floodflights
• Greenspan says possible 'individual disaster' in riskier home mortgages
• Rental house rents drop
• Condos and Co-ops doing well
• Foreign purchases in Florida
• House-flipping TV shows
• Realtors® warn of risky mortgages
• Empty nester


• Book review: SHAM
• Rental house numbers
• CA makes title companies agree to stop paying bribes
• Under-reservoir timber
• Mortgages-are-illegal scam
• Exporting mortgage risk
• Boom lasted 13 years
• Foreclosure rate at near record lows
• Lying on mortgage applications up
• Can it get much worse


Flipping study
• Biggest 'house' in the country
• Tear-downs of expensive properties
• More mortgage fraud
• Discount broker war not going away
• Suing the U.S. Government for global warming
• Pre-construction speculators burned in Fort Myers
• Mini-dorms
Forbes 400 landlords
• Hurricane-caused value increases
Ayah Kaya Tidak Kaya


Church and fraternal group real estate
• Real estate inside public corporations
• Shantytown home owners versus squatters
• Home-price futures
• Moving out of a home office
• High energy costs
• Troy Titus disbarred
• IEDs


Obtaining value for your money when you spend a lot of it
• Wade Cook case teaches lessons about investment advice, asset protection
• House architecture
• Realtors® bullishness just bull
• New Jane Bryant Quinn book
• Regulators cracking down on overly easy home financing
• Update on biggest U.S. house
• Omission


• Quality of raw material
• Can you profit from giving good financing terms?
• ‘The World’s Greatest Real Estate Investor and what you can learn from him’
• CA continues crusade against title companies
• Tenancy by the entirety
• The Lost Liberty Hotel
• Clouding title scheme
• MA loves housing but hates home builders
• ‘Brokers’ ownership rights in their property listings’
• Cannot discriminate against goldfish
• Emotional investing
• Hurricane insurance
• Miscellaneous
• Correction


• Revisiting Nickerson’s advice in 2006
• Cap rate compression
• Latest Utah real estate scam
• eBay sued by Tiffany
• New home value Web site
• Buyers’ market myth again
• People not paper
• Quicken Rental Property Manager
• State MLS?
• Big screen


1929 Book review: Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur
1932 Rising adjustable mortgage interest rates
1934 Warren Buffett follows below-average with loss
1934 Fortune follow-up on flippers
1934 Overdue library books
1935 State income tax on exchanges
1935 $1 billion worth of empty trailers
1935 6.5 to 7.0% cap rates in apartments
1936 Size of foreclosure market
1936 The cockiness of the young


1937 A unified theory of real estate investment
1939 Predatory mortgage lending
1940 Slate roof follow-up
1942 They outsource that, too!?
1942 AAA cost of driving
1942 Entrepreneurship courses
1943 More on-line real estate listings
1943 Paying full asking price
1944 20-year hot spots history


1945 Book review: Fooled by Randomness
1948 Staging
1949 Outappraising the market
1950 TeleNav to direct you to cheapest gas
1950 Property management supply catalog
1950 IRS denies charity status to seller-funded down-payment gift companies
1950 Congressional hearings on title insurance
1951 Mortgage delinquencies
1951 Fixed-rate, interest-only mortgages
1951 Old contract clauses
1952 Chicago Board offers housing futures based on NAR median existing home prices
1952 Family limited partnerships take a hit
1952 Gas prices


1953 Over- and underestimating
1955 Learning from the stock market
1957 ‘Loser’s game’
1958 Brand new, old-time Main Streets
1958 Revamping of the FHA
1958 Tax deductions for certain energy saving devices in nonresidential buildings
1959 Increased homeowner mortgage debt
1959 Brain-damaged investors better
1959 Book review: Unique Ability
1960 Miscellaneous


1961 Investment principles
1964 Real estate investor philanthropy
1967 Boomers getting out of apartments
1967 Houseboat appreciation
1967 Registered sex offenders drop property values
1968 Adding space underneath the building
1968 More flood insurance problems
1968 Extreme makeover: Home Edition taxable income
1968 Self-employed health insurance may not be deducted on Schedule C


1969 Going against the crowd
1972 60
1974 Anchorage
1974 Auctions again
1974 More stigmatized properties
1975 Proposed IRS regs on exchange interest
1975 Need to appraise the closing costs, too
1975 Bankruptcy homestead exemptions
1976 Unsolicited bid service
1976 Miscellaneous


1977 Risk management
1983 ‘Bird dogging’ as a career
1983 Short sales
1984 Dying for an audience
1984 Miscellaneous follow-up


1985 Limits on mania
1987 Loral Langemeier’s approach
1988 Book reviews: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
1990 Pinnacle scam
1990 Wesley snipes Indicted
1991 Highest prices = highest foreclosures
1991 Realtors® say prices dropped 2.2%
1991 Democrats will tax Republicans
1985 First price decline since Depression
1985 Median home price high and low
1985 Buy downs are back


1995 Up strategies for down markets
1996 Richest racket
1998 Who is Carol Lloyd and how did she acquire immunity from persecution?
1998 Median new home price falls by largest amount in 35 years
1998 Number of real estate agents drops
1999 Position wanted: Steve Reed
1999 More developments


2003 Book review: Trump Strategies for Real Estate by George Ross
2007 10 rules for building wealth
2007 Warp-speed strategies
2007 Time Man of the Year
2008 First completely electronic closing in PA
2008 Retirement self-deception
2008 More developments


2012 The emotional cycle of real estate
2014 The other side of tax liens: cheap money
2014 Whitney news
2014 Risks of ‘exotic’ mortgages
2014 Apartment vacancies rising due to condo failures
2015 Tenant meth lab damage not covered by owner’s insurance
2015 Investors chasing appreciation that they themselves caused
2016 More developments


2017 The test
2019 Finding value by using a sharper pencil
2022 Three convicted in connection with trying to rig federal foreclosure auctions
2023 Do home inspectors really provide any protection?
2023 Rex Grossman
2023 Indiana positive cash flow
2023 Forino Report
2024 How much lower can Utah go?
2024 Michael Warren pleads guilty to fraud
2024 Zillow—it doesn’t work, but who cares?


2025 Profiting from zoning improvements
2028 People who need people
2030 Bruce Norris predictions revisited
2030 Jimmy Napier is alive and well, but retired
2030 Scooter Libby
2030 Carol Lloyd moved to the business section—or out the door
2031 Generic real estate-related financial market scandal story
2032 Wade cook convicted on seven counts of tax evasion
2032 Skinny dipping
2032 Insurance industry spasms


2033 Hedging real estate
2036 Size, collaboration, change
2038 First fall in NAR prices since Depression
2038 NAR blames media
2038 Blink questioned
2038 Democrats and money
2039 Correction
2039 Attack when they re-load or jam
2039 PMI deductible
2040 Improved books
2040 Warren Buffett’s expertise at stock picking
2040 Not claiming deductions does not avoid AMT
2040 Gann’s zoning book


2041 For your own account
2044 The nature of expertise Part II
2046 Short sales and taxes
2046 John T. Reed Publishing
2047 Failed retiree flippers
2048 Disabled visitors need not be accommodated
2048 Headline news blog


2049 Undue diligence
2051 The Wisdom of Crowds
2053 Backlash against vultures
2054 The Section
2054 Being a landlord is increasingly like a government job—only without the benefits
2054 ‘Alternative’ energy
2055 Abalos v. Bronchick
2056 Fear of the unfamiliar
2056 Sleep number bed


2057 Reducing transaction costs
2060 Profiting from innovation
2062 Martha Stewart homes
2062 Stefanchik ordered to refund $17.8 million
2062 Katrina cottages
2063 Mall curfews
2063 Selling future home appreciation


2065 Black Swans
2068 Lease options the right way: no interest
2069 Sub-prime meltdown
2070 IRS sends Wade Cook and wife to jail
2070 More transaction-cost avoidance
2071 ZIPS or people?
2071 Bronchick served
2071 IQ and success
2072 Bill Walsh, 1931-2007


2073 Scalability
2077 Texas lease option law
2078 FICO says nothing about loan-to-value ratio
2079 Foreclosure explosion
2080 Can’t exclude illegals from apartments
2080 Sprinkler leaks
2080 Real estate generated recession?


2081 Bob Bruss, 1940-2007
2083 Investing when values are “falling”
2086 Southern California Fires
2087 Foreclosures
2087 MA bans “Foreclosure rescue”
2087 Quants
2088 Home ownership percentage falls
2088 Fraud Pattern Recognition Software
2088 The old rules don’t apply to home buiilders—or do they?


2089 How the Forbes 400 got so rich
2093 ‘I’m a big success, but I cannot prove it to you for privacy reasons’
2094 NY suit against appraisers and lenders
2094 State subprime laws
2094 5-year waiting period on second home exclusion
2094 Commercial loan delinquency rate very low
2095 Realtors convention in Las Vegas, baby


2097 Use of group ownership to manage risk
2100 How you became a real estate investor
2103 Internal Whitney corporate investigation calls for him to step down as CEO
2103 Addition to last month’s issue
2103 Other Reed publications
2104 If the government really wants to help with foreclosures, how about lowering the assessments?
2104 Bush’s plan to help ‘homeowners’


2105 Stock market tools for real estate
2109 Leaving your bat in the dugout
2110 House rent-to-price ratio
2110 Lenders resisting or screwing up workouts
2111 Two guys make $4 billion on subprime in 18 months
2111 Recommended books on financial engineering
2112 Reverse annuity mortgages as salvation for older delinquents
2112 Bush signs Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act
2112 Senate passes FHA Modernization Act of 2007
2112 New Reed Publishing publications
2112 FDIC leaning on mortgage lenders


2113 Medieval peasants
2115 Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets
2116 ‘But real estate always goes up in the long term’
2117 Are foreclosures better now?
2118 MGIC tightening rules
2118 Non-recourse to recourse
2119 Agreeing to personal liability
2119 Withdrawing from Section 8 can be illegal discrimination
2120 Subprime is not the only thing going on in real estate investment
2120 New laws on discharge of indebtedness income and mortgage insurance premiums

2121 Inflation has been tamed, right?
2123 Magnum Opus
2125 Lessons from private equity
2126 Record foreclosures and low equity
2126 Medicare disaster
2127 SEC sues ‘Teach Me To Trade’ promoters
2128 Air-conditioner lives on
2128 How to get updated when a Web page you like is changed

2129 Unconventional Success
2132 If you’re not seeking extraordinary returns, get out of real estate
2133 Craigslist
2134 19th edition of Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors is now out
2134 Duct cleaning
2134 New version of How to Do a Delayed Exchange
2134 McCain: End nothing down
2135 Contacting the elusive OREO loan officers
2135 Vehicle traffic
2136 Derivative transaction costs
2136 Paying gains tax before Obama raises the rate
*Accidentally printed with "August 2008" instead of "April"

2137 Liquidity
2140 Better-than-passive returns
2142 2nd edition of Distressed Real Estate Times is out
2142 Email renewal notices
2142 High-priced home prices hardly falling
2142 Errors in last issue
2143 Falling prices and rising rents in LA
2143 Arbitration as a risk-management device
2144 Vacation home illiquidity
2144 Tax evasion by real estate investors growing sharply

2145 Your Money & Your Brain
2148 Politicians as entrepreneurs
2150 Arbitrate with AAA or JAMS
2150 Buy and Bail
2151 New housing derivative
2151 Fraud, deductible; lousy construction, not
2151 Audit only covers one year
2151 Realtors settle antitrust suit
2151 SEC sues foreclosure scheme promoters
2152 Defacto options
2152 Roommate match illegal
2152 London-to-US phone card free

2153 ‘Nobody knows de troubles I see’
2156 Lender failures
2158 eBay loses $63 million counterfeit suit
2158 Hidden crisis in real estate private equity funds
2159 Are the feds nationalizing the home mortgage market?
2160 FHA in CA
2160 Higher IRS mileage rate
2160 Bear Stearns borrowed short and invested long
2160 Misspelling debtor’s name voids lien
2160 Subprime hurting homeowners associations


2161 Buying a house in the current market
2164 The Logic of Life
2166 Weather insurance
2166 Big housing bill
2166 Georgia governor tried to stop subprime mess
2167 Newspaper real estate editors getting phased out
2167 Ups among the downs
2167 Another facilitator not returning investors’ money
2168 Two home price indexes
2168 Retail cap rates
2168 Overreaction
2168 Correction


2169 The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
2172 ‘Equity release’
2174 Financial firm bailouts and collapses
2175 Were Realtors® blind or just trying to talk sales and prices up?
2175 Consumer Reports experts?
2175 Populist solutions to financial troubles
2176 More reverse mortgages
2176 An old fashioned lender


2177 Meltdown


What have we done? What should we do?


2193 ‘Professionally’-managed bargains
2195 Foreclosure OREO purchase
2198 No more Mr. Nice Guy
2198 Keyboard
2199 Linkedin and Twitter
2199 Madoff teaching moment
2200 Commercial balloons
2200 Clarification regarding the 2009 law on renting out your principal residence before availing yourself of the $250,000 per spouse appreciation capital gains exclusion


2201 House poor, house risk
2204 The Gridlock Economy
2206 Fortune advice on investing in ‘The Housing Bust’
2206 Tariffs rising around the world
2207 Former NAR economist tells all
2207 ‘Stimulus’ package
2208 Auctioneer Steven Good suicide


2209 Reacting to the economic situation thus far
2211 10,000 hours
2214 Looking at the Great Depression
2214 International builder show
2216 Financial Times of London editor
2216 FNMA four-house limit raised to ten
2216 Community Reinvestment Act role in subprime crisis small


2217 Depression real estate investing (selling short, cap and trade, Mexican tariffs, capital gains tax increase, Tax Reform Act of 1986, political risk, cap rates, debt-coverage ratio,Distressed Real Estate Times, Fiscal Responsibility Summit, Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor, OREO)
2221 Obama’s tax law (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, vehicle sales tax deduction, first-time home buyer credit, Alternative Minimum Tax relief, college credit, energy conservation credit, 50% first-year depreciation, section 179 first year expensing, net operating loss carryback, lower estimated tax underpayment penalty, work opportunity tax credit, Aggressive Tax Avoidance for Real Estate Investors)
2222 Self-storage not much affected (Leigh Robinson, Landlording, Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor)
2222 Worst case scenarios (inflation, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, gold, Tax Reform Act of 1986)
2224 TIPs 5-year auction 4/23/09 (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities)
2224 OTC derivatives market not functioning (Myron Scholes, quants)
2224 Magnum opus at printers (Best Practices for the Intelligent Real Estate Investor)


2225 Lessons from the Great Depession for 2009
2229 Signs of life
2230 40 times monthly gross in [redacted] suburbs
2230 Private deal-based unemployment insurance
2230 Invest in European real estate?
2231 Opportunity within non-opportunity
2232 Adventures in landlordland
2232 Low mortgage interest rates
2232 False bottom?
2232 Trump project folds


2233 Inflation
2237 One apartment building market
2238 Short sale is not necessarily debt forgiveness
2238 More investing in Europe
2239 More echoes of New Deal
2240 Guru Joe Kaiser and associates ordered to pay $4.2 million in fines and restitution
2240 Obama policy toward secured creditors


2241 Who can you trust?
2244 Housing Boom and Bust
2246 Can't take your money because you are American
2246 Laffer's money supply graph
2246 Proposed law
2246 Fed Watchers Monthly?
2247 Peter Bernstein dies
2247 SmartZIP launches residential rental property site
2247 Deflation and debt


2249 'That's good with inflation, isn't it?'
2252 What's going to happen?
2253 More actions against gurus
2254 Another OREO niche
2254 Appraisal rules
2255 Economists defend Fed
2256 Ducking Obama's health care mandates
2256 Inflation red flags


2257 Bulk foreclosures
2259 Financial engineering risks
2262 Mortgage modification
2262 China demands, and gets, TIPs
2263 Fake radio shows
2263 'Seamless short sales'
2264 No more Whitney at Whitney Information Network
2264 Another 1031 facilitator goes bust
2264 Modified loans default


2265 Disorderly liquidation
2268 Cleaning up in real estate
2270 Good credit borrowers most likely to walk from underwater property
2271 Effect of deflation on taxes
2271 Has housing market turned around?
2272 Health care and real estate
2272 'Creepy Phil' of Antioch, CA


2273 Are distressed homes worth it?
2275 Ivy endowments get butts kicked in illiquid investments
2277 Cleaning up in real estate, Part II
2278 Vacancies up
2279 Hawaii hotels troubles
2279 Reports of foreclosure auction bargains
2279 FNMA increases number of mortgages per investor to 10
2280 Inflation expectations


2281 ‘Cash is very strategic’
2284 Good and bad in the current financial situation
2287 Short-term maturities
2287 Values up 70%; rents, 35%
2287 FDIC may be new RTC
2288 Excellent analysis of housing market
2288 Jack Miller died


2289 What real estate approach works best in this economy?
2291 Living through it
2295 More reports of foreclosure bargains
2295 ‘Saving homes’ = more subprime
2296 Fewer tenants in New York City
2296 China warned about its real estate bubble
2296 Limitations of TIPs


1197 The self-inflicted Ponzi Scheme real estate investment strategy
2300 Red-tag risk
2302 Moody’s REAL Commercial Property Price Indices
2302 Health care
2302 Double-digit cap rates
2302 ‘Alternative’ energy
2303 Northeastern property taxes crushing distressed owners
2303 Real estate outlook articles
2304 Barney Frank: replace FNMA/FHLMC
2304 Celebrity commodities
2304 11th District Cost of Funds Index


2305 Foreclosure market changes
2307 Predictable near-future events
2310 Cash
2311 Home appraisal mess
2312 Another foreclosure moratorium
2312 Realty ’flation issues


2313 Walk-way morality
2317 Real estate and current Congressional actions
2318 Lack of home building good for investors
2318 Fed threats regarding interest rates and inflation
2319 Will it go back to the way it was?
2319 Repoing expensive toys of real estate guys
2320 Average can mislead


2321 ‘How I made $6 billion in real estate in my spare time in three years without knowing anything about real estate’
2325 Squirrels do it
2326 School District Premium
2326 Not enough to call the bottom
2326 CalPERS ally of rent control
2327 SF home invaders take over duplex, police watch
2327 LA wants green energy but does not want to pay green money for it
2328 Apartment rents up


2329 Boiling-Frog Syndrome
2332 Systemic dumb stuff in real estate
2334 Homes are undervalued
2334 Follow-up on Big Short article
2335 Charitable remainder trusts and hyperinflation
2335 SAFE Act
2336 Will China be Number 1?
2336 How to burn up a clothes dryer
2336 No protection for refi


2337 Best time ever
2340 ‘Pretend and extend’
2342 Carried-interest tax law
2342 How to Protect your Life Savings from Hyperinflation & Depression is now out
2344 Exchange facilitators want to be regulated
2344 Russ Whitney and Scott Rothstein
2344 Lint trap revisited
2344 The compressor that refused to die


2345 ‘Necessity-based’ realty
2347 Why the last 4 years happened? What should we learn?
2351 Does CA anti-deficiency judgment statute apply to refinancing?
2351 Irrational refi reluctance
2351 Review of Strengths Finder 2.0
2352 More air conditioner lessons
2352 Equity skimming


2353 Liquidity trap
2355 Uncertainty
2357 SAFE Act
2358 Housing glut finally acknowledged
2358 Talk about a fast value drop
2359 You will have to issue many more 1099s
2359 Happily unemployed
2360 Worthless second error
2360 Think twice about Section 8 as a solution to weak market


2361 Pension accounts, real estate, and risk management
2365 Railroad rights of way and other unusual property types
2367 Paolo Pellegrini returns investor’s money
2367 Home market woes
2367 What if people no longer believe in home appreciation?
2368 Beware ‘sovereign citizens’
2368 It’s a girl


2369 Much ado about home mortgage documentation
2372 ‘The Buzzard of the Backcountry’
2374 Refinanced our house
2375 The ‘news’ is a distraction from what’s important
2376 OREOs 23% of the home market
2376 Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act vetoed
2376 Tax rate increases January 1st


2377 Quantitative Easing II
2379 More Money Than God
2382 ‘Head for the round house, Nellie. He can’t corner you
2382 White House Deficit Commission preliminary plan
2383 More OREOs than new homes
2383 Case history of the paralyzing effect of government-
created uncertainty
2384 2010 election results
2384 Foreclosure detectives


2385 Seller Finance in 2011
2387 More Money Than God II
2390 ‘There’s gold in them thar hills. Leave it there.’
2390 Rinnai tankless
2391 Worthless junior mortgages being used to
extort from senior mortgagees
2391 Sign of the times
2392 If you think there is a recession, try to get a plumber
2392 Upside-down world of underwater homes


2893 All the Devils Are Here
2397 New mortgage rules hurt resale values
2398 Fine grain rent adjustments
2398 Upticks but two overhangs
2399 Anti-flipping rule postponed again
2400 Heavy regulation of condos hurting financing and resale
2400 No more two-year subs


2401 Apartment building, home values and rents going up in many markets
2403 All the Devils are Here, II
2405 Chanos on China taking over the world
2406 Changes in how CPI is calculated
2406 Real estate welfare queens
2407 Novel, and perhaps superior, regulatory standard
2407 Private prosecutor career
2408 Computer password advice
2408 Aggressive Tax Avoidance… at printer


2409 Immobilier
2411 Book Review: When Money Dies
2414 NAR® stats questioned
2414 Tsunami risk revisited
2415 More China
2415 Minkow again
2416 Rethinking 'skin in the game'


2417 Reed's Rules of Real Estate Finance 5.0
2420 Life estates as a hyperinflation shelter
2422 When Money Dies, 2
2423 Liar loan borrower goes to prison
2423 BAIES refunds
2424 Impossible due diligence


2425 Is it time to resume investing in some markets?
2428 Don't store it, sell it
2430 When Money Dies
2431 Flopping scam
2431 Retail basics
2432 Condos have extra risk
2432 Lonnie Scruggs, vicitm


2433 ARMs revisited in this low-interest era
2434 Real estate's lost decade
2435 Confidence hits a wall
2437 Solar potential maps
2438 EquityLock protection against declining home values
2439 Term of the national debt, too
2439 Russ Dalbey, note guru, sued by FTC
2439 Not green shoots but cash flow opportunities
2439 Heat and air-conditioning
2440 Government-induced real estate booms


2441 Non-conforming hoae loans
2443 Waiting until he goes
2446 Federal prosecution of foreclosure bid chillers
2446 Higher apartment rents
2447 PIMCO won their bet against U.S. bonds
2447 St. Joe and real estate
2448 Lousy Investment article
2448 Soup Nazi marketing


2441 Yet another way to skin the real estate cat
2451 The debt-ceiling fight makes real estate's future clearer
2453 Home P/E ratio
2454 Internet travel rental firms
2454 Option ARM resets and slow foreclosures
2455 Federal government seeking investors' help with foreclosures
2456 JP Morgan Chase getting out of tax lien business
2456 When will it hit the fan?


2457 Traditional investment advice does not match the times
2460 Wipe out your property taxes by buying your property back at auction?
2462 Live aboards
2462 EU affect US real estate?
2463 Low-interest rates are propping up values
2464 Chicago says lenders, assignees, and agents of lenders are 'owners'
2464 Get rents up to market


2465 Low returns in all asset classes
2467 What happened to the Law of Supply and Demand?
2468 How rebalancing, margin calls, etc. drove down the prices of hard assets
2469 Lesser liquidity
2470 Loans best investment?
2470 Deleveraging
2470 Bad news overload
2471 Feds trying to re-privatize home mortgage market for 'the rich'
2472 Market 'cracks'


2473 Does Blackstone know something we don’t?
2475 What happens if interest rates go up?
2477 Do tankless hot water and LEDs save utilities?
2478 Kiyosaki and Whitney's old company sued
2478 3rd edition of Succeeding out in time for Christmas
2479 Appeal your property taxes—again
2479 Corzine
2479 Now FHA needs bailout
2480 Venezuela to consficate apartment buildings and sell cheap to tenants


2481 ‘It’s cheaper than a nursing home’
2484 Subprime crisis was YOUR fault
2485 'Slowing grind-it-out recovery'
2486 'Their' home if being foreclosed;
'lender's' home if not maintained
2487 Financial repression right on schedule
2487 More on LEDs
2488 Generation Y…24-hour environments…
2488 Last issue sent late


2489 Boomers did not save ounegh; trouble finding full-time work
2491 Positive cash flow because of value fears
2492 Leaving the 'ship'
2494 Mobile and intermittent retail
2495 Workampers
2496 Checklists for Buying Rental Houses and
Apartment Buildings back in stock
2496 Better Dickens quote
2496 Are 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages doomed?


2497 How low can rates go?
2499 Romney housing stance correct but unpopular
2500 High inflation may be different this time
2502 Low interest rates mean change approach
2503 Insurers required to use global warming assumptions
2503 Occupy [insert your town here]
2504 Municipal limits on the number of rental houses
2504 Net lease investment


2505 Wall Street wants rental houses
2507 Foreign real estate investing
2509 Retail that works
2510 Home prices stats
2510 Mac Lion operating system problems
2510 FHFA pilot program to sell REOs to Investors
2510 California's beloved Proposition 13 is under new attack
2511 Refinancing final details
2512 1099 question on Schedule E
2512 3.8% additional tax for some next year
2512 15 days in China


2513 Trump says real estate is a great inflation hedge
2515 Bargains through better research
2517 Do-it-yourself value adding
2518 Any profit play in today's financial situation?
2519 When non-recourse mortgages turn into recourse
2519 Thomas Kinkade '58-'12
2520 The importance of multi-fuel capability
2520 Widgets and your browser start page


2521 Avoid contributing to Social Security
2524 Excessive reluctance to withdraw IRAs
2526 What makes sense now?
2527 How New Zealand sells real estate
2527 REIT for rental houses
2528 DeRoos' co. bankrupt


2529 Real estate on international borders
2532 Foreign real estate buyers coming to America—again
2534 January 1st 'Fiscal Cliff'
2535 Privatization of apartments in Germany
2535 39% drop in wealth
2536 U.S. ranks 18th in property rights
2536 Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 sunsets 12/31/12


2537 Fixer misconceptions
2540 Loans to family members
2542 How they profited from hyperinflation
2542 On buying foreclosures in 'social justice' areas
2543 Investing lessons from insurance
2544 When there's no magnifying glass
2544 'Prius effect' for homes


2545 How real estate fared in past hyperinflations
2548 What I would require for a degree in real estate investing
2550 Multiple offers
2550 The ice is starting to break up in mortgage modifications
2551 Junior lien holder extortion
2551 Back to the dark ages?
2551 Near-Canada Costco
2552 Canadians also buying up U.S. real estate


2553 Investors emeritus
2555 Competence in real estate investing
2556 Safety when dealing with strangers in real estate
2558 The right way to get higher yield
2559 More adventures in home buying
2559 Real life Pacific Heights tenant in San Francisco
2560 Romney rental house investor
2560 Foreign currency


2561 Big picture trends
2562 Patterns real and illusionary
2565 Propane and natural gas
2566 More adventures in 2012 home buying
2567 Uncertainty = shortages
2568 Rich Dad Poor Dad-related LLC bankrupt
2568 Guru John Beck ordered to pay $113.3 million to fraud victims
2568 2nd edition of How to Protect Your Life Savings From Hyperinflation & Depression now shipping


2569 2012 election
2572 The Signal and the Noise
2574 Driverless vehicles
2574 Other automation
2574 Red tagged building gone
2575 As the home search turns
2575 More on CNG vehicles
2576 As expected, FHA collapsing under weight of having to carry mortgage market
2576 Bernanke backs off QE III
2576 Trust deeds better than mortgages


2012 Election Part II
2580 Minimize your dollar-denominated assets
2581 Be an all-cash investor
2582 Reverse mortgages costing FHA billions
2582 Speech about Hyperinflation/Depression book
2582 Foreclosure durations around the U.S.
2582 Prop 13 in California
2583 Short sale phantom gain tax looms
2583 Multi-flag mind-set
2584 Which party at fault? Who cares?


2585 American Taxpayer Relief Act
2587 Vacation home swapping
2588 Federal rent control of all property types
and sizes
2590 The range of tax levels
2591 Home values finally moving up
2591 Dollar values do not go back when
hyperinflation ends
2592 Rises is home values
2592 They’re coming after the seniors


2593 Not your fater’s cash xuyers
2595 Synthetic Real Estate
2598 Buying a home
2599 U.S. best for real estate
2600 Sharing housing


2601 Real estate opporunity in places like Detroit?
2603 Psychology of Buying Real Estate
2606 Records being set, but investors aren’t celebrating
2607 Down under mortgages
2607 It’s not your money
2608 Downside of low interest rates


2609 20 Best single-family rental markets
2611 Profit potential in places like Detroit, part 2
2613 We are repeating the subprime mistake already
2614 Mortgage servicers secretly buying expensive hazard insurance with your money
2614 The four sources of real estate investment return
2615 National Property Index
2616 Luxury 2nd-home buyers


2617 Mistakes experienced investors make
2620 ‘Home prices zip past peaks’
2621 Hard assets in self-directed IRAs
2623 Wider use of the seasonal retail shop
2623 Memphis reader invests in MS instead
2623 Is Houston hot stuff now?
2624 Possible bubble-again markets
2624 Airstream hotels


2625 Hard assets in a self-directed IRA, Part 2
2628 Refi finally closed
2630 Currency Wars by James Rickards
2631 Flipping again
2631 Moving buildings
2632 Bloomberg story about demolishing Detroit for profit
2632 U.S. towns on the Canadian border


2633 Is Fed watching all there is to finance, business, and investment, now?
2635 Long-term parking
2636 Koontz v St. John’s River Water Management decision
2637 REITs in IRAs; Roth IRAs
2638 Detroit declares Chapter 9 bankruptcy
2638 Foreign real estate
2639 The Free State Project
2640 Glamping


2641 The Great Deformation
2644 More on Roth IRAs
2645 Belle Isle
2646 Improving properties you
don’t own to raise your value
2647 REIT considerations
2648 Blackstone buying apartments


2649 Self-storage litigation with U-Haul
2651 Veteran vs. rookie agents
2652 More house swapping
2654 Today’s big picture
2655 Media misinterpreting interest rate increase
2655 Inhabited, padlocked units
2656 Portugal ending rent control
2656 ‘Sick’-state real estate
2656 Los Angeles seminar
2656 More developments


2657 Desperately seeking meltdown
2660 Book review: The Great Degeneration
2662 Mortgage up!
2663 Venezuela inflation drives buyers to real estate
2664 Walter Bagehot
2664 Chase bank capital controls?
2664 10-day mortgage approvals help compete with cash buyers?


2665 Fly under the radar
2667 Flood insurance changes adversely affect real estate
2668 Bargains and value-adding opportunities from corporations
2670 New NAR designations
2670 H.E.C.M. restriction
2670 Increased internationalization
2671 Hyperinflation and the estate tax exemptions
2671 Second-home exchange
2671 Converting a home to your residence after an exchange
2672 New homes ‘built with renters in mind’


2673 Heads I win; tails you lose
2676 Billionaires’ bunkers
2677 Forbes’ 365 ways to get rich
2678 Foreign cash buyers to Miami
2679 Tax breaks expiring
2679 RV sales approach 2007 level
2679 Greenspan’s book
2680 Waters now opposes Biggert-Waters
2680 IRS and CA say no tax on CA short sales even if laws not extended
2680 Advice from ‘experts’ on inflation protection


2681 Aggressive Obama Misbehavior Avoidance for Real Estate Investors
2684 The Map and the Territory by Alan Greenspan, Part 2
2686 ‘Living in a screen saver’
2686 Northwest Passage
2687 Techie rent increases trigger rock-throwing
2688 Investors piling into downtown Detroit
2688 Back in stock


2689 Do ages of population segments let us predict the economic future?
2691 Bad weather
2693 Insurance mine fields
2694 Money in old gas stations
2695 Buffett going into residential brokerage
2696 4 Wisconsin towns limit renting houses
2696 Small is beautiful, and maybe not cheap
2696 Good customers


2697 ARMs are back—should you get one?
2699 U.S. real estate generally still the best
2700 House better than pension or education?
2702 Tax on valuables found on your real estate
2703 Abandoned RR rights of way belong to adjacent private owners
2704 Fewer restrictions mean smoother prices
2704 MN rental house laws
2704 Airbnb sublessors getting evicted


2705 What drives asset values
2707 Should you only get 30-year mortgages?
2709 Mud slides
2710 Anti-gentrification groups
2711 U.S. foreclosures on Mexican border being bought by Mexican criminals
2711 I’m speaking in Las Vegas in July
2711 Real estate ‘crowdfunding’
2712 Bitcoin gains to be taxed at capital gains rates
2712 Don’t overlook your amortization deductions


2713 Does Dodd-Frank kill Seller finance?
2715 Obama returns to subprime mortgages
2717 The ‘world’s reserve currency’
2718 Sears, Penney, and malls
2719 Houston residents get $1.2 million due to lack of zoning
2719 Still 10 million underwater
2720 Big rental house investors slowing
2720 A dogleg?


2721 The perennial rent-versus-buy-decision article
2723 Death of suburbs may be greatly exaggerated
2725 Silicon Valley, Canada
2726 Suspicious flip gross profit margins
2727 High inflation driving money into real estate in Venezuela
2727 Whistler, Canada mess
2728 Flip This House’s Montelongo filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy
2728 Productivity increases and land use


2729 The best investment advice from Forbes
2732 First, buy a principal residence
2733 Inevitably, Airbnb meets ‘Pacific Heights’
2734 Smaller Faster Lighter Denser Cheaper
2735 Bid chilling
2735 Foreign cash buyers in Miami


2737 Are we at a new normal?
2739 The new industrial revolution and real estate
2740 Missing a deadline can be a disaster, or a windfall
2741 Indentured servant to real estate billionaire
2742 Fiber optic/copper wires are real estate
2742 84% premium for the penthouse
2743 Dogs in your buildings
2743 More Airbnb defects
2744 Mild-climate utility costs


2745 Which state is best for real estate investment?
2747 What’s going to happen to retail?
2748 ‘The New World of Property Investing’
2750 Millennial and boomer migration
2750 Assembly holdouts
2751 Atlantic City
2752 Corporate housing


2756 ‘Wealth Building Home Loans’
2757 Loan standards based on election polls
2758 Huge landlord exit fees unconstitutional
2758 So near yet so crime- and Marxist-ridden
2759 Forex relativity is a dangerous combination
2759 China real estate bust
2760 Evictions in less than two months in Ohio
2760 No more fax
2760 Aggressive Tax Avoidance… at printer
2760 Hoard supplies


2761 Real estate investment strategies based on economic statistics
2763 Stigmatized properties
2764 Non-recourse, nothing-down deal
2766 Election results
2767 The Wizard of Fed
2767 Stigmatized properties in Tokyo
2768 ‘Disparate impact’ rejected—again
2768 9th District, not 11th
2768 Anti-‘speculation’ referendum defeated
2768 Et tu, Fortune?
2768 Mall to data center


2769 Risk after you turn 65
2772 Geography and real estate
2774 Duplicate article last month
2774 Sears and J.Crew retail deterioration
2774 Renew in very late December
2774 Fed Watcher’s Hourly?
2775 Robbins ‘All-Weather’ portfolio
2776 Common mistakes entrepreneurs make


2777 Developed-world population bombs
2780 Catchment—collecting rainwater
2782 The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier
2783 Expertise does not matter?
2784 Chinese tourists #1, U.S. # 2 with them
2784 HECM interest deductible?


2785 It looks like you have to file Form 3115
2786 Properties with unique amenities
2788 H.E.C.M. revisited
2790 Detecting water leaks
2790 Five-year payback on replacements
2791 Drones getting into real estate
2791 Check out all associates
2792 Smart phone face and voice recognition
2792 FreedomFest talk
2792 Corte Madera, CA talk
2792 Feit light bulbs


2793 Switch to free services
2795 Driverless = lots-of-things-less
2796 Fixers vary by location?
2797 Leverage without loans
2798 Silk Road reopened
2798 More ‘freeware’
2798 ‘Cargotecture’
2799 S&P pays $1.4 billion for downgrading US credit rating
2799 Household formations have recovered


2801 Rents without equity, leverage without borrowing, and disappearing liens
2803 IRA rehab deal
2804 Adding value with architects’ skills
2806 My epic battle to lower my phone bill
2806 Electronic tax filing
2807 Bad gurus now selling ancillary services
2808 Airbnb for boats
2808 Property tax exemption
2808 Mortgage fraud


2809 Underwater revisited
2812 Metro area down payment variations
2814 Cheapest gas stations?
2814 Bargain purchases via currency imbalances
2815 Makers and real estate
2816 Phone battle not over
2816 Cable bill knockdown


2817 Time to reconsider solar?
2820 Are three estimates enough?
2822 Deeding home to a living trust may end title insurance
2823 Assembly within Florida condos
2824 More FEIT bulbs
2824 Driverless ≠ accidentless
2824 Phone ‘surcharges’
2824 Speaking at FreedomFest July 8-11
2824 Gas guru again


2825 A nuclear 9/11 and your real estate
2828 Busing for homeowners
2829 Which is the best state for you?
2831 Trust deed or mortgage
2831 Underwater second mortgage
may not be voided in bankruptcy
2831 Net speed affects home value
2832 LED light bulbs
2832 Rolling over IRAs into REITs


2833 If you had your investing career to do over
2837 Wall Street now doing sleazy lease-options
2838 Unmarried home owners can each deduct interest on $1.1 million
2839 Grout
2839 Office space asset bubble coming?
2840 Millennials belatedly have kids, buy homes


2841 The grandaddy of all tax breaks
2843 How about auctioning off rental apartments?
2844 Commuting and real estate values
2846 Best days of the year to buy or sell
2846 Rental home buyers
2847 New web site
2848 Luxury lease options
2848 Home buyer demographics


2849 Too many eggs in the annuities basket?
2851 The End of Doom
2853 Corporate real estate split-offs
2854 Opportunities in long-term contracts and  CC&Rs
2855 The money laundering market segment
2856 A rebate that actually arrived
2856 So deposit more than $10,000 in cash


2857 Guess What. Airbnb makes more people vote like landlords.
2858 A parallel real estate universe: Real Estate Investment Trusts
2861 Crowdfunding and real estate
2863 ‘Every challenge is an opportunity?’—TRID
2863 Alameda boom or politics
2864 San Francisco rejects housing moratorium
2864 Correction


2865 REIT versus fee simple
2867 ‘Medium’ short in real estate
2868 Higher FHLMC/FNMA limits in costly areas
2869 Homes without kitchens or bathrooms
2870 FIRPTA relaxed
2870 The U.S. Exit Tax
2870 Percentage of renters going up
2871 The clicks are killing the bricks
2872 Correction


2873 Falling oil prices and real estate
2875 There’s somethin’ happenin’ here
2877 North Dakota shows the dangers of investing in markets with narrow economies
2878 My Big Short subscriber
2878 Walmart lose to Amazon?
2879 Mastercard Census Block retail stats
2879 Home equity less important in US than other countries
2880 Foreclosures with equity


2881 Guru John Beck disappeared
2884 Waterfront gentrification
2885 Hyperinflation still a threat
2887 Big data and real estate
2887 A lot of shopping centers need to be demolished
2888 Cost of delayed exchange facilitator has fallen, but not enough


2889 Negative interest rates
2892 Your real estate control panel
2893 Best and worst cities to be real estate agent
2894 Non-FHA 3% down mortgages
2894 U-Haul rental premiums show migration patterns
2895 Concord, CA is the #1 place to retire in the U.S. and #7 in the world
2896 Does any ‘sustainable’ stuff affect resale value?
2896 Lower home ownership rates


2898 Homeowners deductions gone for most
2899 47% of Boomers plan to downsize after retirement
2900 14 days of tax-free rent
2901 On this one, I side with the tenant
2902 Mortgages sell at 25% discount to trust deeds
2902 Getting ‘tiny homes’ OK’d
2903 $15/hour minimum-wage & real estate
2903 Against the law to discriminate against law breakers
2904 PSA test results
2904 I am speaking at FreedomFest in July


2905 Home Affordable Refinance Program
2906 OpenDoor Labs business model
2907 Airbnb hosts probably can discriminate
2909 De minimis safe-harbor tangible-property rules
2910 Net lease pluses and minuses
2911 Student loans and real estate
2911 FHA vs. Private Mortgage Insurance
2912 Roof decks
2912 National Apartment Association convention in San Francisco


2913 Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk
2915 Places to live at multiple stages of life
2917 New apartment products and services
2919 Wider Panama Canal locks and U.S. real estate
2919 ARMs + interest rate increases = foreclosures
2920 RV parks often exempt from mobile-home-park regulations
2920 65% of home buyers childless
2920 414,000 fewer home sales because of higher student loan debt


2921 Landlodig author Leigh Robinson 1940-2016
2924 Poor neighborhood investment economics
2926 Geographic variations in closing costs
2926 The air-conditioner that wouldn’t die
2927 Trade war = Great Depression


2932 On investing in a high-rise
2933 Higher education bubble and real estate
2934 My novel The Unelected President is at the printer
2935 Macy’s and others closing many stores
2935 British Columbia taxing foreign real estate buyers 15%
2935 Crowdfunded start-up goes Chapter 7
2935 Another way to skin the real estate cat
2936 ‘Cargotecture’ for homes
2936 Leigh Robinson obit


2937 Six times the rent
2938 ‘All the gold in California…’
2939 More profiting from reading rent control rules
2940 Online shopping replacing supermarket?
2941 Affairs in order—annually
2942 Ten most affordable home markets
2943 Hillary wants to end stepped-up basis
2943 Unincorporated areas
2944 Airbnb burglar scheme
2944 Keeps on ticking10/16


2945 Death of a real estate investor
2950 Cutting down trees
2950 Subtracting additions
2951 How to Manage Residential Property for Maximum Cash Flow and Resale Value back in print
2951 Which candidate is best for real estate?
2952 Tower owners appealing assessments


2953 What does a real estate developer president mean for real estate?
2956 Real estate treasure hunting
2958 More death of a real estate investor: cash crunch
2959 Trump election hurting real estate sales in deep blue states
2960 Gifts to minors, 529s?
2960 Sunlight causes mushrooms?
2960 ‘Return to sender’
2960 Tis the season


2961 Death of a real estate investor Part II
2965 Real estate treasure hunting Part II
2966 Waterfront values in danger
2966 Howard Ruff died last month
2967 Plenty of parking at the mall
2967 Creative people are exempt
2968 HOA dues superior to mortgages in 21 states
2968 Homes back to record high, but not after adjustment for inflation


2969 This will be the last yea r of this newsletter
2970 Use of inheritance to jump-start kids’ homeownership
2971 High tech affecting real estate investment
2972 More lessons learned from estates with realty
2974 FNMA/FHLMC backing mortgages on rental house securities
2974 Mall owners walking away
2974 It’s not pop-ups; it’s desperation
2975 Trump’s tax reform
2976 Depression risk management
2976 Date error on last month’s cover


2977 Excellent basic overview of commercial real estate
2981 If I had just stopped doing transactions…
2982 Estate lessons Part IV
2983 Can you sell malls short?
2983 Oroville Dam real estate lessons
2984 Duffield house for sale: $39 million
2984 LED pain in the neck


2985 Middle son home-buying adventure
2987 The Intelligent REIT Investor Part II
2990 Interest refund on refi
2990 Scary insurance stories
2991 Keeping the seller on the insurance policy
2992 Accurate appraisals are now illegal
2992 Already deregulated: the one-man shop
2992 Tree amputation
2992 Republican attack on 1031 exchanges


2993 Buying a condo
2996 Piling on the malls
2997 Irrationality and value in REITs
2998 Highest-and-best-use profit opportunities
2998 Detroit redux
2998 Reneging on rent-control exemption?
2999 Tax cost of lack of estate authority
3000 St. sales tax exemptions
3000 Overpaying for renewals
3000 Make your house look bigger
3000 Air filter market strange


3001 Mortgage paydown
3003 Future of retail
3005 You trust small escrow companies too much
3006 Closing—finally
3007 Construction worker shortage good for owners of existing buildings
3007 College towns
3007 Is the internet a way around regulation?
3008 Where do real estate experts live?
3008 Higher education bubble


3009 Accepted
3011 What real estate investors can learn from car fixers
3012 What a difference a decade makes
3013 All-cash deals
3014 Secure spaces for private-party sales
3015 Sloppy thinking on real estate investment
3016 Escrow company choice
3016 Small loans cost more
3016 Big damage from little hose bib


3017 More expensive principal residence versus owning rental property
3019 Institutional rental house operations
3020 Jared Kushner—Somerville triplex owner
3021 Turning apartments into temporary hotel rooms
3022 Tortured hunt for a $75,000 mortgage
3023 Solar/wind changing the economics of energy conservation
3023 First multistory warehouse in the U.S.?
3023 Catering to first-time home buyers
3024 More on paying down mortgage
3024 Insurance mystery solved


3017 More expensive principal residence versus owning rental property
3019 Institutional rental house operations
3020 Jared Kushner—Somerville triplex owner
3021 Turning apartments into temporary hotel rooms
3022 Tortured hunt for a $75,000 mortgage
3023 Solar/wind changing the economics of energy conservation
3023 First multistory warehouse in the U.S.?
3023 Catering to first-time home buyers
3024 More on paying down mortgage
3024 Insurance mystery solved


3017 More expensive principal residence versus owning rental property
3019 Institutional rental house operations
3020 Jared Kushner—Somerville triplex owner
3021 Turning apartments into temporary hotel rooms
3022 Tortured hunt for a $75,000 mortgage
3023 Solar/wind changing the economics of energy conservation
3023 First multistory warehouse in the U.S.?
3023 Catering to first-time home buyers
3024 More on paying down mortgage
3024 Insurance mystery solved


3041 Reflections
3045 Bad people
3046 New rent control threat in California
3047 Bad foundation profit
3047 Digitization of real estate records


3049 High appreciation: low number of sales
3050 The new Republican tax plan
3052 More career reflections
3054 22% loan-to-value ratio, 800 FICO scores, rejected
3054 End of stepped-up basis?
3054 Late-breaking Senate tax details
3055 Retail not doing so bad
3055 ‘Consumer Reports’ for apartment buildings
3055 A little love for nonresidential
3055 Tom O’Dea and ‘the rest of the story’
3056 Republicans over-confident on tax bill


3057 Biggest mistakes revisited
3060 Hurricane and wildfire stigma bargains
3061 California wild fires
3063 The final tax law
3064 The galloping ‘ations’


3065 Extreme cold temperatures
3068 ‘What’s it all about?’
3071 Winning-bid techniques
3071 Reality
3072 My final newsletter